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Zachary Richard Papers

Collection 311

Richard, Zachary (1950 - ). Papers, 1997-2010, n.d.

1 foot, 7½ inches

Zachary Richard was born September 8, 1950 in Scott, Louisiana. At the age of eight, he began taking piano lessons, but he credits his singing in the Bishop’s Boys Choir with a great deal of his early musical education. His teenage bands included his cousin Michael Doucet, who continued to play with him into the 1970s.

Richard enrolled at Tulane University, where he was a gifted student, graduating summa cum laude in history in 1971. His heart, however, belonged to music. After college, he moved to New York City and recorded an album. In 1976, he moved to Montreal, where his musical career blossomed. He recorded seven albums in French and received two gold albums. In 1981, he returned to Louisiana where he began recording songs written in English. In 1995, he returned to French language recording while continuing to write English as well. He has received numerous awards.

In addition to his musical works, Richard’s published works include three volumes of poetry and three children’s books. In 1996, he founded Action Cadienne, a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of the French language and the Cadien/Cajun culture of Louisiana. His contributions to the arts and French culture were recognized by the government of France in March 1997.

Richard produced and narrated numerous television documentaries. In collaboration with Louisiana Public Broadcasting, he produced, narrated, and scored “Against the Tide”, the story of the Cajun people of Louisiana, which was awarded Best Historical Documentary by the National Educational Television Association (NETA) in 2000. A French version, “Contre vents, contre marées”, received the Prix Historia from the L’institut d’Histoire de l’Amérique Française in 2003.

This collection contains mostly production and research from “Against the Tide” documentary. There are other production materials as well.

This collection was donated by Zachary Richard.

Note: Folder 1-24 is RESTRICTED


I. Against the Tide/Contre vents, contre marées materials
A. Production 1-01 through 1-38
B. Research 1-39 through 2-13
II. Other
A. Cajun Heritage Groups 2-14 through 2-19
B. Other Productions 2-20 through 2-23
C. Miscellaneous 3-01 through 3-07


I. Against the Tide/Contre vents, contre marées Materials
A. Production
1-01 NEH grant application; 49 pp.
1-02 “Survival: Feasibility Treatment Study for a One-Hour Documentary,” Glen Pitre for Action Cadienne (draft) 11 Dec. 1997; 30 pp.
1-03 Project description, n.d., 1 p. English and French
1-04 “Against All Odds: A Documentary on the Acadian/Cajun Experience,” Ancelet, Barry; Brasseaux, Carl; Richard, Zachary. n.d., 31 pp.
1-05 story (fiction) of Cosme Brasseux, 1755-1768, no author, n.d. 48 pp.
1-06 Scripts: English
1-07 Scripts: French includes 3 ¼ disk; version by Erik Charpentier
1-08 Script: treatments outline English and French
1-09 Outline: handwritten, 3 pp.; typed, 4 pp.
1-10 Sound roll narratives
1-11 Richard narration; list of images; notes [handwritten, n.d., 3 pp.]
1-12 Screen treatments, Erik Charpentier: critique; letter
1-13 Budget materials: includes letters, Sept., 1999 (4 items); preliminary budget, n.d.
1-14 Financial assessment of available footage housed at National Park Service, May, 1998
1-15 Contracts: Lions Club de France, 1996-1997 (3 items)
1-16 Lettre d’intent between Action Cadienne and Espace Francophone, 18 Oct 2000
1-17 Contract: Action Cadienne and Amérimage Spectre, Inc., 15 Jan. 2002; letter d’intent, 12 Nov. 1998 [fax]; budget
1-18 National Film Board Canada/L’Office National du Film du Canada: distribution agreement; contract de compensation musicale; letter d’entente; Contrat de cession intervenue; letter from lawyers, 26 juillet 1998; letters from film board, 1998 (2 items)
1-19 Louisiana Public Broadcasting: production contract with Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Inc., 11 June 1999, addendum 8 Jan. 2001; Louisiana Education Television Authority permission for video usage, 4 March 2002; distribution agreement (2003); Standard Talent Releases signed Aug., 1999
1-20 National Park Service: license agreement and research assistance; document search results, n.d.; correspondence, 2001 (2 items)
1-21 Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism: Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, 1 Nov. 1998; proposal to Peter A. Mayer Advertising & Partners, (1997); production agreement, 21 May 1998
1-22 Agreement with Pat Mire, 28 Jan. 1999 and addendum,15 March 2000
1-23 Action Cadienne: participant release forms
1-24 Action Cadienne: Contract for Services forms [RESTRICTED: CONTAINS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS]
1-25 Agreements for use of images and some music
1-26 Other agreements: TV 5; Daniel Hirshelm, Kőln, Germany
1-27 Action Cadienne resolutions regarding documentary: 6 Jan 1998; 9 March 1998, 25 Nov. 1998
1-28 Images: clip art list, (Nov., 1998); Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court photo list, Oct., [1998]
1-29 Production notes; project schedules
1-30 Material on images in production; music cue sheets
1-31 Critiques of production
1-32 Photographs of filming: contact sheet (1)
1-33 Insurance: policies; expenses
1-34 Sound roll
1-35 Sound roll commentary
1-36 Correspondence (2 items)
1-37 Publicity
1-38 Other: list of credits; interview questions: Nova Scotia/New Brunswick; list of people invited to premier (?)
I. Against the Tide/Contre vents, contre marées materials
B. Research
1-39 Overviews of Acadian/Cajun history, 1607 – WW II, no author(s); 4 items: no pagination;
Richard, Zachary, “La volontė de combattre,” 4 pp.
1-40 Time line, 1715-1755; in French
1-41 “Proud as a Canadien, Stubborn as an Acadien: The Emergence of a New Peoples,” chapter 6 of unidentified work, no author 43 pp.
1-42 “The Acadians in Louisiana – Episode II, “ [heading, “Conte”], n,d, 11 pp.;
overview of Acadian/Cajun history, 1605 – 1921, no author, no source, 25 pp., photocopy/photostat
1-43 Coulombe, Marie-Eve; D’Andrė, Marie-Hélèn; Foreget, France-Nadine;
Latour, Vicky. “La Louisiane,” 10 Nov. 1998;
paper written at Collége Édouard-Montpetit, 33 pp. in French;
letter to Zachary Richard from one of students, p. 1 only
1-44 Brasseaux, Carl A. “Cajuns: An Historical Overview 1877 – 1940.” n.d.; 2 versions: 17 pp, 120 pp
1-45 Bernard, Shane A. “The Americanization of the Cajuns, 1941 – Present: A Synopsis Prepared for the Documentary ‘Contre Vents et Marées’”, Dec., 1998 31 pp (2 copies); 3 ½ disk; letters (2)
2-01 18th century information
Cormier, Yves. “Nos Aboiteaux.,” Les cahiers de le societé historique acadienne, v. 19, # 1-2 (1988): 5-17 photocopy
Le Grand Dérangeant: Le pays confisque: 49-53 photocopy
2-02 short definitions and identifications of people, places and things, 18th century Acadian history, no source
2-03 Segura, Pearl Mary. “Jean Mouton: Pioneer, Patriot.” [Attakapas Gazette Spring 1987]: 3-7
2-04 Barry Jean Ancelet articles:
“A Perspective on Teaching the ‘Problem Language’ in Louisiana.” 19 pp. (2 copies)
“Rednecks, Roughnecks and the Bosic Stomp: The Arrival of Oil Industry in the Marais Bouleur.” Attakapas Gazette Spring 1987: 29-33
“Negotiating the Mainstream,” no source, 7 pp., French and English
[See also: 2-05]
2-05 Music
Ancelet, Barry Jean. Cajun Music: Its Origins and Development. Lafayette, LA: Center for Louisiana Studies, 1989
Ancelet, Barry Jean. “Introduction,” no source, ix-xxi, photocopy (2 copies)
“Music and Musical Instruments,” no source: 141-163, photocopy
“Cajun Music,” 5 pp.
“La Musique de la maison: Women and Home Music in South Louisiana,” citations of musicians, song titles, and length in collections of Ancelet, Blanchet, Brandon, Oster, Rinzer, and Spitzer [probably located in Archives of Cajun and Creole Music, Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette]
2-06 Cajun songs
pages from publications of Irene Whitfield and Robert and Jeanne Gilmore, photocopies
“Cantique Acadiens de 1755.” Les cahiers de société historique acadienne, v. 8, # 1 (March, 1977): 35-41
2-07 18th century
Martin, Ernest, Les Exiles Acadiens en France au XVIIIe Siècle. title page, 171-173, 269-312, photocopy
Bienville, Sieur de. Relation du voyage de Port Royal de l”Acadie. Paris, 1708: 94-95 [computer search result]
Akins, Thomas B., ed. Acadia and Nova Scotia: Documents Relating to Acadian French and the First British Colonization of the Province, 1718-1758: title page, 268-269, 274-276 poor photocopy
Time line on settlement of Acadia; excerpts of British and colonial anti-Acadian statements
2-08 19th and 20th centuries
excerpts from Louisiana Constitution regarding languages: 1812 – 1921
1916 Act No. 27: Compulsory School Attendance
CODOFIL Plan Stratégic 1998-2003
2-09 genealogy
Élizabeth (Isabelle) Thibodeau Brasseur (Brasseux, Brasseaux); and Olivier Terriot (Theriot) [computer printouts, no source]
2-10 illustrations
Davis, E. A. Heritage of Valor: photocopies of some images
also list of potential images from book
list of illustrations in Harpers Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated
list of images from Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court photograph collection
2-11 lists
Acadie documents 1713-1755
Carl A. Brasseaux to Zachary Richard: status report on document list Richard compiled
Shane A. Bernard: listing Cajun related movie footage at National Archives, email
[See also: 2-17]
2-12 correspondence
Bernard to Richard: database of archival film available online, 21 May [1999]
Brasseaux email correspondence with:
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, 4 May 1999
British Public Records Office, 3 May 1999
University of Monckton, 4 May 1999
2-13 Miscellaneous
Acadian Memorial press release, 4 June 1995
Talk by Gregory Woods on Acadians in Maryland
II. Other
A. Cajun Heritage Groups and Activities
2-14 Acadian Heritage Week, 2004 – 2006
proclamations, correspondence, implementation suggestions, curriculum guides, photos of unidentified couple, photo of committee [including Brasseaux, Richard, Dee Stanley, Warren Perrin, etc.]
2-14.1 Action Cadienne
Entente de Contribution entre Le Gouvernement du Noveau-Brunswick et Action Cadienne, 12 March 2010
contract; letter
2-15 Solidarité Acadie-Louisiane, 2005-2006
budget materials, correspondence, agreements, publicity, documents
2-16 SOS Musicians, 2005-2006
constitution, agreements, resolution, correspondence, publicity, budget materials
2-17 Perrin, Warren A. “Recent Developments: The Petition to Obtain an Apology for the Acadian Deportation,” 8 May 2001 English and French
2-18 Publications
Les Amités Acadiennes: # 99 (1st trimester, 2002); # 100 (2nd trimester, 2002)
2-19 Miscellaneous
L’Hymn National de l’Acadie: text and history, 1 p.
Material nécessaire à l’amélioation de l’enseignement du François-classes d’immersion, 16 April 2003 fax
II. Other
B. Other Productions
La Valse du Pont D’Amour
2-20 Amérimage Spectra material: correspondence (2 items); contract de compensation et de production de bande musicale with Zachary Richard
2-21 narratives; narrative with images
2-22 document de transcription
2-23 Richard, C. E., “A Promise from the Sun.” rough draft of documentary project
II. Other
C. Miscellaneous
3-01 Music
list of song titles from collections of Harry Oster and Ralph Rinzler; 2 cassette tapes
3-02 Correspondence, 1997, 2006 (2 items), n.d.
wine tasting
Acadian Museum payment
money from Action Cadienne to Delcambre, LA for twinning with Caraquet, New Brunswick and agreement
publicity for Best of Zachary Richard tape release
3-03 Drawings by French speaking children (8-9 years old); no place or date
3-04 mailing labels (photocopy)
3-05 publications
Guidry, Richard J. Le Pont du Néz Piqué. Lafayette: Consortium des Écoles d’immersion, 1999
3-06 publications
La Societe Historique de la Vallée de Memramcook, Inc., Guide Touristique Écomusée de La Vallée de Memramcook… (1997)
3-07 Visitor Guide, Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada, 2002 [English and French]