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St. James Parish Civil Records

Collection 357

St. James Civil Records, 1782-1819

Microfilm: 5 reels (35mm)

This collection contains civil records from St. James Parish from the 18th and 19th centuries. Series include Original Acts, 1782-1787 and 1810-1819, and Conveyance Records, 1808-1810. There are two copies of reels 1 and 2. Reel 3 also contains Ascension Parish Original Acts Book A: Inventories and Sales (Judice Records), 1770-1787, and Book B. Inventories and Sales (Judice Records), 1788- ?, pp. 1-500.

The records were filmed by the Center for Louisiana Studies in1971, as an extension of the Colonial Louisiana Records Collection. That collection was transferred to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection in 2013.


1. Original Acts
Reel 1 Spanish Grants, 1782-1785
Spanish Grants, 1786-1787
Acts, 1808
2. Conveyance Records
Reel 1 Conveyance Records 1, 1809
Conveyance Records 2, 1810: pp.1-328
Reel 2 Conveyance Records 2, 1810: pp.329 to end
Conveyance Records 3, 1811
Conveyance Records 4, 1812-1815
Conveyance Records 5, 1816-1817: to Act 194
Reel 3 Conveyance Records 5, 1816-1817: Act 195 to end
Conveyance Records 6, 1818-1819
3. Miscellaneous
Reel 3 Some Successions from St. James Parish