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Margaret Stephens Jochem Papers

Collection 297

Jochem, Margaret Stephens (1912-2007). Papers, 1884-1999

1 foot, 8 inches

Margaret Stephens Jochem was born to Edwin Lewis and Beverly Randolph Stephens on August 26, 1912 in Lafayette, LA. Her father served as the first President of the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She was raised in the President’s residence on campus, and graduated from SLI in 1932. She went on to receive a Master’s degree from George Peabody College in Nashville, TN in 1937. After a brief time as an English instructor at Louisiana State University, she married Frederick Jochem in 1940. She gave birth to a son in 1946 before her husband was relocated to Rangoon, Burma, where they lived until 1948. After moving to Alexandria, Virginia, she taught in various capacities until her retirement in 1977.

The Margaret Stephens Jochem Papers reflect the life of the first President’s daughter. The collection includes photographs, newspaper articles, and works of the Stephens’, such as numerous writings of President Stephens and Mrs. Jochem’s thesis on SLI and her “Life Story of Edwin Lewis Stephens”. The collection also includes President Stephens’s alphabetized personal correspondence during his last year in office. Finally, the collection documents the Live Oak Society through newspaper articles and Live Oak Society papers.

The collection is organized into series pertaining to key subjects: Margaret Stephens Jochem, Edwin Lewis Stephens, Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana, and the Live Oak Society.

Molly Jochem, the granddaughter of Margaret Stephens Jochem, donated the collection.

See also:Collection 56 - Live Oak Society Records


I. Margaret Stephens Jochem
A. Personal / Biographical 1-01 through 1-07
B. Correspondence 1-08 through 1-09
C. Newspaper Articles and Photographs 1-10 through 1-12
D. Publications and Books 1-13; Box 2
II. Edwin Lewis Stephens
A. Personal / Biographical 3-01 through 3-03
B. Correspondence 3-04 through 4-01
C. Newspaper Articles and Photographs 4-02
D. Publications 4-03
III. Southwestern Louisiana Institute / University of Southwestern Louisiana
A. Newspaper Articles and Photographs 4-04 through 4-05
B. Miscellaneous 4-06
IV. Live Oaks
A. Newspaper Articles and Photographs 4-07
B. Live Oak Society 4-08


I. Margaret Stephens Jochem
A. Personal / Biographical
1-01 1916 - 1921
Better Babies Certificate of Examination, Oct. 9, 1916
Marjorie Stephens Composition Book Nov. 1919
Mt. Carmel Academy language book 1920
Mt. Carmel Academy book 1921
Mt. Carmel Academy book 1923 or 1924
Mt. Carmel Academy Certificate of Promotion June 15, 1921
1-02 1927 - 1932
Charcoal portrait, Dec. 1927
Poem by Mrs. J.C. Pearce
Southern Louisiana Institute commencement invitation May 1932
SLI diploma May 30, 1932
1-03 1937
Nashville Kiwanis Club speech “Talks of the State Presidents of the Student Body at Peabody College,” Aug 6, 1937
George Peabody College Commencement program Aug. 20, 1937
Peabody College diploma, August 20, 1937
1-04 Articles on Edwin Lewis Stephens
“Life Story of ELS” 1937
Memo with correction notes for “Life Story” from ELS
Rough copies of “Life Story” (4?) (some partial copies)
Incomplete later copy of “Life Story of ELS” (with note from MLS), 1 Aug 1955
“The Life Story of Edwin Lewis Stephens” as Told to Margaret Stephens.
1-05 1940 - 1951
2 Wedding invitations for Marjorie’s wedding, April 22, 1940
Pamphlet by Joel L. Fletcher May 8, 1947
Phi Kappa Phi certificate May 23, 1951
1-06 1982
Recognition speech of class of 1932 given at USL 1982 commencement
Class of 1932 roster and updates (2 copies)
1982 commencement program
USL Golden Anniversary Diploma presented May 16, 1982
1-06.1 Honorary Alum diploma, New School of Design Sept. 4, 1991
1-07 1999
Folder with planning emails and arrangements for Centennial Celebration, 1999
I. Margaret Stephens Jochem
B. Correspondence
1-08 Margaret Stephens Jochem: May 26, 1932- September 20, 2004
1-09 Mrs. Frederick Hard (Beverly Stephens Hard): January 24, 1945- April 3, 1975
I. Margaret Stephens Jochem
C. Newspaper Articles and Photographs
1-10 Newspaper Articles
The Nashville Tennessean Aug 21, 1937: photograph, Margaret Stephens recipient of Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award at Peabody College
Daily Advertiser May 7, 1940: Marriage announcement to Frederick Jochem
The Vermilion July 28, 1961: “Stephens Heir Plans History,” writing History of Southwestern 1937-1961
Daily Advertiser May 14, 1991: article and photo of Robert Gilmore, friend
Lafayette Advertiser Dec. 9, 1995: photo, early 1920s Mt. Carmel Convent class
Lafayette Advertiser Dec. 11, 1995: photo, early 1920s Mt Carmel Convent certificate winners, Margaret in photo
The Times Sept. 15, 1999: “The 3rd Degree,” photo and interview of 86 year-old Margaret
1-11 Photographs
4 unidentified photos
8x10 Class of ’32,1982
3 5x7s of Marjorie in Lafayette Centennial Costume 1923; 1 clipping of photo
2 photos of flowers; display in President’s home, gardens
Queen of Camellia and Crown Bearer Stephanie & Elizabeth Durand Jan. 17, 1936
Photo Album from Majorie’s childhood and teens
3 photos of Marjorie with Richard Kirk, author of Short Measures
1-12 Photographs
2 4x6s recent pictures of the Old Guaranty Bank
Lafayette postcard photos
I. Margaret Stephens Jochem
D. Publications and Books
1-13 SLI Alumni News Sept. 1946-photo of Marjorie’s son p. 26-27
SLI: A Self Study 1958-1959—much marginalia, notes; history of SLI
La Louisiane Fall 1992—article on Caro Stephens Harris (sister)
Box 2 The Caduceus of Kappa Sigma. April 1938. includes article “Dr. Stephens Built a College”
The Caduceus of Kappa Sigma. December 1938. includes article “In Memoriam” honoring Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens
Heartwood: Meditations on Southern Oaks, Poetry by Rumi, Photographs by William Guion, 1998
Short Measures. Richard Kirk, 1943 (See also: photographs)
A History of Southwestern Louisiana Institute 1900-1936. Margaret Stephens
A History of the University of Southwestern Louisiana: 1937-1961. Margaret Stephens Jochem, Summer 1961. (draft of the book, includes typed list of “Addenda & Corrigenda” which are the corrections put in the manuscript)
Siamese White. Maurice Collis, 1936
Burmese Family. Mi Mi Khaing, November 1946. (3 copies)
Grandfather Longlegs. Ian Morrison, 1947
The Burmese Scene. Maurice Collis
Trek From Burma. George Tidey (Pamphlet)
Box of 13 paperback pamphlets on Burma
Diplomatic List from Foreign Office, August 1948 (most not in English)
German Iron Cross and Serbian medal; property of Edwin Lewis Stephens
The Life Story of Edwin Lewis Stephens: As told by Margaret Stephens, 2 copies 1937
II. Edwin Lewis Stephens
A. Personal / Biographical
3-01 Works by Edwin Lewis Stephens: Writings
Memo Book, 1893
Notebook Dec. 8, 1894-Jan. 24, 1896
Diary, some 1933 dates but mostly 1934
3-01.1 Letters to Edith Garland Dupré about Edwin Lewis Stephens
[Nov. 1938] from Clevie McNeese
Nov. 23, 1938 from Munger T. Ball
[May 1940] from Sara [Landau]
3-02 Works by Edwin Lewis Stephens: Articles
“The Story of Acadian Education in Louisiana” Nov. 28, 1933 (2 different copies)
“I Saw a Louisiana Live Oak Growing” April 1934 (3 copies)
“How Old Are the Live Oaks”
“Snapshots and a Few Time Exposures” (printed and rough copy)
“How Southwestern Louisiana Institute Became a College” reprinted from Southern Historical Association Quarterly Nov. 1937 (2 copies)
“Live Oak Society” handwritten, 1938
“Reflections of a Louisiana College President” April 1938
“Tribute to Elizabeth Carter McVoy” April 30, 1938
Published Letter of Resignation, Jan. 3, 1938
“The Live Oak Goes to Town” Address to Round Table Club March 24, 1938 (2 copies)
3-03 Miscellaneous
Program of organ performance by William Haden in New Orleans, 1905
Brief summary of ELS by his sister Mrs. J.L. Barrett, n.d.
Chronology of ELS’ life to 1929
Tribute to ELS by Frederick Hard for Joel Fletcher (2 copies), n.d.
“My Most Unforgettable Character” by Danella Primeaux, n.d.
“The Life and Work of ELS” by Frank J. Patti Aug. 1966
List of ELS papers on microfilm from LSU
Book plate; Holy Bible unbound front cover
Resolutions on the Death of Dr. Stephens Adopted by a Committee & the Faculty
II. Edwin Lewis Stephens
B. Correspondence
3-04 ELS: August 26, 1912- June 29, 1938
*The following is from his file box containing alphabetized correspondence, clippings, etc. during 1937 and 1938.
3-05 "A"
3-06 "B"
3-07 "C"
3-08 "D"
3-09 "E-F"
3-10 "G"
3-11 "H"
3-12 "I-K"
3-13 "L"
3-14 "M"
3-15 "N-O"
3-16 "P-Q"
3-17 "R"
3-18 "S"
3-19 "T-V"
4-01 "W"
II. Edwin Lewis Stephens
C. Newspaper Articles and Photographs
4-02 Newspaper Articles
The Vermilion May 1936: photo and letter to student body from ELS
Unknown June 4, 1937: “Dr. Stephens Recalls Old “Forum” Here”
Unknown: “Stephens Sees Change for Better in Area Parishes Classed ‘Illiterate’”
Daily Advertiser Jan 3, 1938: “Dr. Stephens Retires from S.L.I.”
Times Picayune Jan 5: “Dr. Stephens Retires”
Times Picayune: “Comment Made on Retirement of Dr. Stephens”
Unknown Jan 3, 1938: “…Alumnus is Named President of SLI”
Unknown Jan 3, 1938: “Historic Epoch Closes”
Advertiser: “Edwin Lewis Stephens”
Times Picayune: “Dr. E.L. Stephens”
Unknown: E.L. Stephens’ obituary
Unknown: “Faculty Adopts Resolution on Death of Dr. E.L. Stephens”
Advertiser Nov. 7: “Tribute Paid…Dis’t Meet P.T.A”
Unknown Nov. 5, 1938: “Taken By Death”
Unknown: Resolution
Unknown May 18, 1940: dedication of Stephens Memorial Library
Daily World Dec. 1946 (2 copies): brief summary of Dr. Stephens and live oaks
The Vermilion Sept. 26, 1947: “The Most Unforgettable Character,” on ELS
Lafayette Advertiser Jan. 30, 1959: photo of ELS and other prominent Lafayette men; extensive “history of Lafayette” article
Lafayette Advertiser March 9, 1969: photo and memorial to first USL student killed in WWI
The Times May 5, 1999: “A University Without Walls”
The Advertiser Oct. 15, 1999: photo from 1908; ELS and Lafayette men
The Advertiser Dec. 30, 2000: “Stephens to Thank for Campus Oaks”
II. Edwin Lewis Stephens
D. Publications
4-03 The Louisiana School Review Nov. 1905
SLI Alumni News Dec. 1938-memorial article on ELS
"What Is Education Doing for Women?" By Edwin L. Stephens, 1916
III. Southwestern Louisiana Institute / University of Southwestern Louisiana
A. Newspaper Articles and Photographs
4-04 Newspaper Articles
Daily Advertiser Jan. 7, 1938: “Dr. E.L. Stephens Presents New President of Southwestern At College’s Annual Honors Night”
Times Picayune Jan 7: “Frazar Program Held by College”
Unknown: 2 articles on university under Fletcher, photos
Daily Advertiser June 3, 1949: “Brilliant SLI Building Program Continues College’s Success Story”
Daily Advertiser 1949: “49 Years See Southwestern Grow From Single Industrial School”
Daily Advertiser Sept. 18, 1950: “Southwestern, Our Biggest Asset”
Unknown: “Mid-Centennial Ceremonies At Southwestern Begin with Founder’s Day Program”
The Advertiser May 1, 1960: “SLI---Springboard for Teachers” Part 2
The Advertiser May 10, 1960: “SLI---Developer of Leaders” Part 4
The Vermilion July 29, 1960: “Southwestern University Status Recognized,” official name change
Unknown Jan. 1963: Dean Doucet’s obituary
Unknown 1965: article on Harry L. Griffin and wife, photo
Lafayette Advertiser Oct. 19, 1975: photo Dr. Authement and Caro Stephens (Mrs. Harris)
Lafayette Advertiser (Sunday) Oct. 19, 1980: article on Roy Residence as Historic landmark
Sunday Advertiser (same?) June 6, 1982: “USL has long history of summer sessions”
The Advertiser: USL name change (3 articles)
Daily Advertiser Sept. 11, 1999: Centennial Spectacular photo and article
The Times Sept. 22, 1999: name change celebration, photos
4-05 Photos
17 8x10 photos; Cypress Grove, landscaping, campus buildings
III. Southwestern Louisiana Institute / University of Southwestern Louisiana
B. Miscellaneous
4-06 Speeches and Addresses:
“The Ideals of a University” Frederick Hard for Alumni Homecoming 1960
“The Acadians in Louisiana Today” Joel Fletcher Oct. 30, 1947
“Industrial Growth through Higher Education” Joel Fletcher Nov. 9, 1960
Address to Lafayette Parish Parent-Teacher Association Feb. 22, 1961
“Gulf South” Joel Fletcher May 1961
Release: University of Southwestern Louisiana admitted to Southern University Conference
4-06.1 University of Southwestern Louisiana/University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lafayette Live Oaks
Planting of Second Century Oaks Program
Century Oaks Maturing to 100 article
IV. Live Oaks
A. Newspaper Articles and Photographs
4-07 Newspaper Articles
Times-Picayune October 6, 1935: “Patriarchs of Louisiana’s Forests Become Members of Unique ‘Tree Society’”
New Orleans Tribune Nov. 22, 1936: “Meet the President”
American Magazine March 1937: “Druid”
Louisiana Conservation Review 1939: “Great Oaks”
Chicago Daily News April 4, 1942: “Land of the Tree”
*another copy from Memphis newspaper
Lafayette Advertiser Feb. 19, 1944: “Cathedral Oak Flourishes After Tree Surgery Work”
Times-Picayune April 2, 1944 (3 copies): “From Tiny Acorns…” with photos
Unknown Jan 21, 1945: “Useful Society”
Times-Picayune Jan 21, 1945 (4 copies): “Most Peaceful Club Revived in Bloodiest War”
Unknown (2 copies): “State’s Live Oak Society Reborn”
Milwaukee _____ Spring 1946: “A Club for Centenarians”
Coronet April 1946: “Trees that got Clubby”
Unknown Dec. 8, 1947: “Oak-ay”
New Orleans _____ Nov. 26, 1951: “Two Officials of Live Oak Society in Audubon”
Unknown 1960: “As Others See it…” on Live Oak Society
Times-Picayune July 8, 1964: “Appeal is Made to Preserve ‘Largest’ Oak Tree”
Times-Picayune July 12, 1964: “Landmarks Society Blasts Decision to Destroy Tree” (attached to unknown article: “Threat to Fell Historic Oak Termed Hoax”)
Times-Picayune July 14, 1964: “No Intention of Destroying Tree, Says Firm’s Officer”
Times-Picayune July 23, 1964: “Live Oak Society: Origin and Aims”
Times-Picayune Jan. 19, 1965: “Massive Tree Becomes Live Oak Society Member”
Lafayette Advertiser March 25, 1966: “English Grandson of USL’s First President Admires Campus Live Oaks”
Times-Picayune September 6, 1967: “Famous Old Oak is Dead, But Will Remain Standing”
St. Tammany Farmer May 10, 1968: “Doby Oak to be Honored by State Society”
Mandeville Bantam May 10, 1968: “Dedicate Tree Here Saturday”
Unknown (Mandeville Proclamation) May 1968: Live Oak Society Month
Mandeville Bantam May 17, 1968: commentary on Seven Sisters Oak dedication
Mandeville Bantam May 17, 1968 (different article) “Doby Seven Sisters Oak is Dedicated”
Lafayette Advertiser Aug. 29, 1968: “Louisiana Boasts of Only Group for Tree Members”
Times-Picayune Nov. 28, 1968: “Famous Old Oak Defies Destruction After Death”
Dixie Aug. 10, 1969: “Naming a President”
Los Angeles Times April 14, 1970: “Live Oak Society—No Bite but Lots of Bark”
Times-Picayune Oct. 1, 1971: “USL Oak Loses Remaining Top Half”
Lafayette Advertiser July 14, 1996: commentary and information on ELS and Live Oaks
Roots Dec. 28, 2000: “Stephens Oaks Spread Into Their 2nd Century”
4-08 Photo
4x6 photo of The LaBelle, Franklin, Louisiana (live oak) 6 unidentified people at base
4-08.1 Stephens’ Photo Book of Trees, 1938
IV. Live Oaks
B. Live Oak Society
4-09 Records
Live Oak Society bulletins and reports June 15, 1935-Jan. 25, 1938
Live Oak Society New Series Bulletin #1 May 1, 1945
The National Gardener “Ancient Trees Have There Own Society” Nov.-Dec. 1964
Registered Live Oak list 1964
Préservation article for Louisiana Landmark Society Fall 1964
Live Oak Society report 1965-Aug. 23, 1965
Live Oak Society report 1965
Live Oak Society invitation to tree dedication May 1968
Live Oak Society tree dedication program May 11, 1968 (2 copies)
The Oaks of Office” Southern Living March 1969
Louisiana Tourist Commission report on Live Oak Society
New York Times June 3, 1973
“History of the Live Oak Society, 1934-1968” Louisiana Garden Club Federation Newsletter Nov.-Dec. 1973
Live Oak Society Constitution and By-Laws July 1981
History of the Live Oak revised July 1981
Live Oak Society registry application
3 Live Oak membership certificates (1 blank, 1 for Locke Breaux Oak, 1 for Dr. Edwin L. Stephens Oak)