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Edith Garland Dupré Papers

Collection 43

Dupré, Edith Garland (1881-1970). Papers, 1886-1972, n.d.

8 feet, 2.5 inches

Edith Garland Dupré was born in Opelousas into a prominent family. After graduating from Newcomb College in New Orleans, she joined the faculty at the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (later the Southwestern Louisiana Institute, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) before the opening of its first session. She remained at SLII for her entire professional career, retiring in 1944. Miss Dupré is best known as an English professor, but she also served in many other capacities including registrar and librarian. She was also chair of the Library Committee for many years. After retirement she managed the Sans Souci Bookstore in Lafayette.

This collection reflects Miss Dupré’s life and the high regard in which she was held by the community. Family, church, and the education of youth were very important to her. The collection contains personal and family papers including correspondence, organizational material, photographs, and financial records. There is much correspondence with William M. Fulham when he was working on a biography and edition of letters of Miss Dupré’s brother, Congressman Henry Garland Dupré (1873-1924).

Most of the material in this collection was donated by Edith Garland Dupré, with later additions donated by Leonder Labbe and Camille Claibourne.

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A. Personal 1-01 through 2-05; Map Case 26-03
B. Family and Friends 2-06 through 2-10
C. Correspondence and Documents 2-11 through 3-26; Map Case 26-03
D. Organizations 3-27 through 4-07
E. Photographs 4-08 through 4-12
F. Miscellaneous 4-13 through 5-04
G. Medals Box 6
H. Handwritten Notebooks/Journals Box 7
I. Personal Books Box 8
J. Artifacts Boxes 9 through 12
K. Minute Book Box 13


A. Personal
1-01 Autobiographical material, 1919-1961, n.d.
Mainly handwritten items; many incomplete documents
Includes: “My Life from 1885 to June, 1919,” typescript
Letter to “Lelle”, 12 June 1919, Morgat, near Brest, France 9 pp; autobiographical
“Residence in Lafayette” 2 pp.
Notes about events in 1920s and 1930s
Schedule of salary during her years of services at Southwestern
Lists of honors received
Notes about family
Notes about history of SLII, SLI, including possible speech material
Notecards: The History of Debating at SLII
1-02 Biographical material, 1919-1970
Publications, clippings, etc. [many clippings photocopied]
[See also: 2-15]
1-03 Biographical material, n.d.
Unpublished: includes article by Pearl Mary Segura, 10 May 1940, 9 pp.
1-04 Speeches, 1919-1944
Published: includes:Institute Bulletin, v. 27, # 1 (Dec., 1929): speech at rededication of Martin Hall, 25 Nov. 1929; Selected Addresses of Edith Garland Dupré. Lafayette, 1944
1-05 Speeches, n.d.
Unpublished: typed and handwritten
“Christine Rosetti,” 11 pp, typescript
"Debate: Resolved That Man is Vainer than Woman,”4 pp, typescript
”Impressions of Dr. Mary Dichmann by Miss Edith Garland Dupré as Related to Pearl Mary Segura in two interviews in January 1960,” pp. 4-7 of AAUW tribute to Dr. Dichmann
“Radio Speech to the Alumni,” 27 April 1939, typescript [3 copies]
“Southwestern Alumni,”2 pp, typescript
“The Spiritual Side of Education for Common Defense,” 3 pp, typescript
“The Teaching Profession,” 5 pp, typescript; handwritten, 14 pp
Many untitled both typed and handwritten
1-06 Honors and awards, 1915, 1955-1970
Certificates; newspaper clippings; letter
Map Case 26-03 Certificate: Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, 17 July 1943
Certificate: Honorary member of Beta Sigma Phi, 11 Nov. 1956
Certificate: Professor-Emeritus of Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 1944
[See also: 3-02]
1-07 M.A. Thesis, “Browning’s Attitude Toward Christianity”, Cornell University, 1908 (photocopy)
1-08 Funeral registration book, 19 October 1970
A. Personal: Legal and Financial Records
1-09 Legal papers and correspondence, 1910-1965
Donations to Lafayette Museum, 1955 (3 forms); list of EGD furniture at various locations, n.d.
1-10 Legal papers: EGD last will and testament, 1964 several versions [handwritten]; instructions for funeral, 1959; notes about disposition of property, n.d.; letters after Dupré’s death by R. L. Pavy and H. Garland Pavy
2-01 Teacher’s Retirement System of Louisiana material, 1936-1937, 1970-1973, n.d.
Rate of compensation form (1936?), forms; correspondence regarding death
2-02 Insurance material, 1935-1971
2-03 Financial records: receipts, miscellaneous expenses, 1956 – 1965
2-04 Financial records: bank books, 1962 – 1971; list of institutions with which EGD has deposits, 1959
2-05 Financial Records: receipts, medical and funeral expenses, 1970 - 1971
B. Family and Friends
2-06 Dupré Family
Genealogy material for Dupré, Fontenot, and Jean Mouton families; military records for Jean Jacques Rousseau [War of 1812], Jacques Dupré [Civil War], and Lucius J. Dupré [Civil War], Henry L. Garland [Civil War] (copies or typescripts); abstract of land title in Virge, Texas for Belle Dupré; Address of Gilbert L. Dupré Delivered at the Commencement Exercises held at Breaux Bridge and St. Martinville on May 20th and 21st, respectively, n.d.; clippings, 1950s-1960s [mostly photocopies]
[See also: 1-01 for EGD notes about family]
2-07 Dupré Family: Cleveland Genevieve (Mrs. Oswald W. McNeese)
Biographical notes by EGD, n.d. (handwritten, several versions)
Letter from Marie (niece), 25 May 1966
2-08 Family: clippings, miscellaneous dates
EGD, Clevie McNeese, Hugh D. McLaurin
2-09 Legal papers: friends - McLaurin family
Sorintha McLaurin will, 1955; donation to Lafayette Museum, 1955; judgment in succession of Hugh D. McLaurin, 1960
2-10 Financial records: McLaurin, Sorintha
Check stubs; canceled checks
C. Correspondence and Documents: EGD
2-11 1904 (2 items)
Letters to H. Garland Dupré while EGD and Hugh McLauin in England
2-12 1919: January – March
Letters to family while member of Newcomb College Relief Unit
2-13 1919: April – July
Letters to family while member of Newcomb College Relief Unit
2-14 General, 1901-1948
Correspondents include: Jefferson Caffery, John E. Coxe, Cardinal Gibbons, Harry L. Griffin
2-15 General, 1950-1966
Correspondents include: V. L. Bedsole, Essae Martha Culver, Jules Jeanmard, Pat Rickels
2-16 General, n.d.
3-01 Cherry Street: concerning live oaks, c.1934; financial items
Specifications for additions and alterations – residence of Misses Dupré & McLaurin, G. B. Knapp, Architect n.d.
Map Case 26-03 Blueprints - plans for addition and alterations to 128 Cherry St., n.d.
3-02 Papal Honors, 1943, n.d.
Includes biographical material; list of Lafayette Parish Papal Honor recipients, 1966
[see Map Case 26-03 for certificate]
3-03 Fulham, William M., 1958-1959: EGD and Clevie McNeese
In reference to book about H. Garland Dupré
3-04 Fulham, William M., 1960
In reference to book about H. Garland Dupré
3-05 Fulham, William M., 1961: Jan. - June
In reference to book about H. Garland Dupré; clippings; copy of letter to and clippings about Martha Gilmore Robinson
3-06 Fulham, William M., 1961: July – December
3-07 Fulham, William M., 1962
3-08 Fulham, William M., 1963
3-09 Exposition Press, Inc., 1962
Re: Publication of H. Garland Dupré volume
[see 2-15 for letter to Claitor Press]
3-10 Fulham book: Drafts of chapters in book, some incomplete
3-11 Fulham book: Introduction by Hale Boggs
3-12 Fulham book: Fragments, notes
3-13 Fulham book: Chapter ideas; list of H. Garland Dupré letters by date
3-14 Fulham, William M., poetry
3-15 Pavy, H. Garland, 1951-1964
[See also: 1-10: Pavy was an executor of EGD’s estate]
C. Correspondence and Documents: Family
3-16 Buller, Lilly Dupré, 1956 [1 item]
Legal notice
3-17 Dupré, Laurent, 1862, 1865-1866, n.d.
Many in French [description of letters which were lent to Southern Historical Collection for microfilming]
3-18 Robertson, Pamela, n.d. [3 letters]; photographs [2]
C. Correspondence and Documents: Friends
3-19 Cline, Rodney, 1962-1965
Includes article about EGD in The Boardman, Oct., 1962
3-20 Dalferes, A. Wilmot, 1966
Includes speeches, 1960s:
National Conference of State Trial Judges, 6 Aug. 1961
Dedication of Markers on the Grounds of St. John Cathedral…and Pinhook Bridge, 28 April 1963
Veterans’ Day, n.d. [also clipping]
Commencement, n.d., n.p.
3-21 Hudspeth, Lea, 1932-1961
Patient at East Louisiana State Hospital, Jackson, LA: correspondence with Hudspeth; correspondence with doctors; statements; clippings about Masonic Lodge in Opelousas
3-22 Ives, C. A., 1962-1965
Includes poems written in 1942 and 1959 and “Force As a Factor in Social Advance,” 1965
Map Case 26-03 McLaurin, Sorintha Mills, 1887, 1889, 1906
Diploma from East Mississippi Female College, 16 June 1887
Diploma from State Normal School of Louisiana, 30 April 1889
Certificate from Monteagle Summer Normal School of Physical Education, 3 Aug. 1906
3-23 McLaurin, Sorintha, 1939-1945
Letters concerning employment [photostats]
Map Case 26-03 McLaurin, Hugh Duncan 1908
Diploma from The Posse Gymnasium, 16 May 1908
3-24 McLaurin, Sorintha and McLaurin, Hugh D., 1938 1955-1960
Correspondence with Louisiana Department of Public Welfare re: old age pension and housing; EGD notes; financial documents
3-25 Rougeou, Clyde L., 1966-1967 [2 items]
Includes letter from Bernice Webb, Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Beta Kappa about state of the University, 29 June 1967 [sent out as newsletter]
3-26 Stephens, Edwin Lewis, 1901-1947. 1950, 1960
Letters to and about EGD; copies and originals; [See also: A 01, University Archives]
Articles and speeches about ELS, 1938, 1947, 1950
Hard, Frederick. “The Ideals of a University,” USL Homecoming address, 29 Oct. 1960
D. Organizations
3-27 Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, 1967
Mimeographed letter from headquarters
3-28 La Société Historique Acadienne, 1963-1964, n.d.
Minutes, 5 Oct. 1963, n.d. (mimeographed); journal, 1964, 4th quarter
3-29 Newcomb College/Tulane University Alumnae/Alumni Association, 1923-1964
Miscellaneous materials including Mercier, A. T. “The Need for Human Understanding,” Tulane Commencement Address, 14 October 1945 12 pp.
3-30 Newman Club, 1942, 1952, n.d.
Letters, 1942; notes about club at SLII/SLI, life of John Henry Newman; clipping; constitution of National Newman Club Federation, n.d.
4-01 Opelousas High School, 1966
Program for reunion, Class of 1926
4-02 SLII/ SLI, 1902-1960
Invitation to 1902 closing exercises; clippings [photocopies]; “Recommendations Submitted by the English Department of Southwestern to the English-Foreign Language Committee of the Four State Colleges,” 1939: EGD assigned to respond to four points
Munger T. Ball, Aug., 1959
4-03 SLI, 1943-1950
Scribbler’s Script, Oct., 1943 [dedicated to EGD]; Spring, 1943 [dedicated to Mary Dichmann]; S.L.I. Alumni News, Dec., 1947 [article about E.L. Stephens]; Program for Semi-Centenary, Sept., 1950; Founders’ Day Program for Semi-Centenary (includes handwritten notations and list of first faculty), Sept., 1950
4-04 SLII/SLI, Faculty
Clippings [photocopies]: several about Gertrude Mayfield Brown; Resolutions on the death of Mr. [F. M.] Hamilton adopted by a committee of the Faculty on July 25, 1940 [EGD chaired committee]
[See 4-09 for photographs]
4-05 SLI/USL, Fletcher, Joel L., 1959-1962
Clippings [photocopies] [3 items]; wedding announcement for Lorraine Ruth and Roy Elliott, Jr., 1962
4-06 USL, 1960s
Clippings [photocopies]; Blue Key, 1962-1963, some EGD notations
4-07 USL, Dupré Library, 1962-1967
Clippings [photocopies]; invitations to open house, 1962, 1967; guest book for open house, 10 June 1962
E. Photographs
4-08 Edith Garland Dupré, individual
4-09 EGD with others [many unidentified]
Includes: Dupré family; SLII faculty and first faculty taken at reunion in 1928; McLaurin family; with Agnes Edwards during WW II; in Sans Souci Bookstore;giving a lecture
4-10 Family [many unidentified]
4-11 Photographs: Places
Garland Plantation, Opelousas; 128 Cherry Street, Lafayette; Sans Souci Bookstore (drawing)
4-12 Photographs: others
Stephens family: E.L. and Beverly, 1925; Frederick and Beverly Hard and children, 1954; Richard and Caro Harris and children, n.d.
Tom Callahan
McLaurin family
F. Miscellaneous
4-13 Address Lists
SLII alumni, 1914-1915; Cornell University, class of 1908; English Department, n.d.
4-14 Louisiana - clippings, miscellaneous dates; article on Judah P. Benjamin; material on E. D. White; resolution about public school scheduling in Louisiana, n.d.
4-15 Catholic materials
Publications; National Constitution of Theta Kappa Phi Fraternity, 1 Oct. 1919; Signed cards from Pastor Louis Jagnard (2 different cards, both include photographs of pastor)
5-01 Framed print, “Apostolic Benediction, 21 August 1950”
5-02 Publications, 1908
Hubbard, Elbert. “Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Teachers: Erasmus” Little Journeys, 1908. v. 23, # 3: 51 – 79
Hubbard, Elbert. “Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Teachers: St. Benedict,” Little Journeys, 1908, v. 23, # 5: 103 - 130
5-03 Writings, n.d.
Mainly poems; includes “Lovely Louisiana,”, Emma Wilson Emery, Poet Laureate of Louisiana, signed
5-04 Miscellaneous materials
Note pads, forms, handwritten notes, etc., n.d.
Notes mainly on literature: bound: LSU Commencement program, 1924; Tulane Medical, 1921 and 1923 [both contain only literary notes and nothing about commencements]
Postcards: Hotel Chamberlin; Daniels and Fisher Tower (2 copies)
Map: Hotel Chamberlin and surrounding area
Clippings booklet
Verses and Prayers booklet
Obituary: Elmo John Laborde Jr.
5-05 Publications
The Acadians in Louisiana Today, an address delivered by President Joel L. Fletcher of Southwestern to the Cambridge Historical Society; Selected Addresses of Edith Garland Dupré; Louisiana Educaiton Since Colonial Days, by Joel L. Fletcher, Presient, SLI; In the Land of Sugar Cane Louisiana’s Garden of Eden
G. Medals
Box 6 Medals and Pins
H. Handwritten Notebooks/Journals
Box 7 Diaries, clippings, lists, class notes, quotations, some postcards and notecards
I. Personal Books
Box 8 Virginibus Puerisque
Fables Choisies
L’Histoire de France
A Christmas Carol
Rhymes of a Red Cross Man (missing cover)
"Looking Through the Post Office Window", by Louise H. Edwards
J. Artifacts
Box 9 Cap and Gown
Box 10 Gowns
Box 11 Hand Mirror
Framed illustrations (2)
Box 12 Wooden Binder - given to Edith G. Dupré by one of her students
Photo: Black/White: Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana
K. Minute Book
Box 13 Lafayette Lodge #37 Minute Book, 1886-1895. In possession of Edith Garland Dupré
Remove Material:
Material related to H. Garland Dupré was transferred to Collection 21. Correspondence includes both original letters and typescripts. These were gathered for William M. Fulham who was working on a book about Dupré. There were also folders of speeches, legislation and congressional action, and financial records.
A letter from Harry L. Griffin to Edwin Lewis Stephens, 28 Feb. 1938, was transferred to Collection 30, Folder 1-12
Report by the Committee of Standards – Academic Regulations, 1939 transferred to University Archives, J 01 a: 1-33
Resolutions passed by Masons on death of M.E. Saucier, n.d. [handwritten] transferred to Collection 250: 1-01