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Alphabetical List of Collections: N

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

National Interfraternity Conference. Records, 1929-[1969] 1973

Collection 53

15 feet 10 inches
Papers of President Zeke L. Loflin. Also included are minutes of the meetings of the executive committee, scholarship reports, news and notes of the organization, committee reports, policy matters and correspondence.

National Landscape Nurserymen’s Association. Program, 1951

Manuscript 208

1 folder
This collection consists of the National Landscape Nurserymen’s Association Program. The Conference began on Sunday, July 15, 1951 and continued until Tuesday, July 17, 1951.

National League of American Pen Women; Crescent City Branch Collection, 1951-1967

Collection 400

1 foot
The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) was founded in 1897 in Washington, D.C. The organization was formed to promote women in the arts. The NLAPW offers a place for women artists, writers, composers and choreographers to enrich their professional lives through networking, professional development, exhibits, concerts, publications and service to the community. This collection consists of records from the Crescent City Branch members. It includes rosters, financial records, correspondence and publications from 1951-1967.

National Organization for Women. Acadiana Chapter, 1976-1983

Collection 433

2 ½ inches
The National Organization for Women is dedicated to its multi-issue and multi-strategy approach to women’s rights; it is the largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States. This collection consists of the Acadiana Chapter which has newsletters from 1970s-1980s.

National Waterways Council. Collection

Collection 383

90 feet

National Women’s Relief Corps (Jennings, Louisiana). Records, 1915-1959, n.d.

Collection 107

10 inches
The Jennings Women’s Relief Corps was a branch of the Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic. This organization aided and assisted the Grand Army of the Republic and to perpetuate the memory of their heroic dead. This collection contains correspondence, financial records, constitution, and publications.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Nehrbass Architecture. Collection, 1920-1995, n.d.

Collection 529

8 feet, 9 inches; oversize
Neil Martin and Frederick J. Nehrbass were architects based in southwest Louisiana. They both designed many different buildings in Lafayette, the southwest Louisiana region, and New Orleans. This collection contains working files and original architectural drawings from both architects. Also included are correspondence, lectures, publicities, brochures, and photographs. The grandchildren of Frederick Nehrbass—Kim Nehrbass, Heidi Nehrbass Alpha, Tanya Nehrbass Schulze, and Seth Nehrbass—donated the collection with assistance from UL Lafayette’s School of Architecture and Design.

Neitzel, Robert S. (1911-1980). Collection, 1954-1983, n.d.

Collection 147

2.5 feet
Robert Stuart Neitzel, born in Falls City, Neb., contributed to archaeology in the Lower Mississippi Valley and the southeastern United States for 30 productive years. He made major contributions to archaeological work in Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. He is best known for his work with Indian sites, especially those connected with Marksville culture, and the Tunica and Natchez tribes.
The collection dates almost entirely from the 1970s. One major exception is a series of photocopied correspondence from the 1950s involving the Prehistoric Indian Museum Neitzel founded and directed in Marksville. The collection contains maps, notes, correspondence, work papers and newsletters; publications and writings, both draft and published material.
This collection was donated by Mrs. Robert S. Neitzel and the children, Sarah and Stuart.

Nelson, Barbara F. (1913-2010). Papers, 1935-1982, n.d.

Collection 298

2 feet
Barbara Furnas Nelson, wife of Ira S. Nelson, worked for the Horticulture Department at University of Southwestern Louisiana(now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as a librarian and instructor. She was a member of the Society for Louisiana Irises, the Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research and other horticultural societies. This collection consists of information on nurseries and assorted flowers, fruits and vegetables, plants, etc. Also included is material on organizations of which she was a member.

Nelson, Ira S. (1912-1965). Papers, 1929-1979, n.d.

Collection 29

15.5 feet
Ira Schreiber Nelson was a horticulturist and long-time member of the Horticulture Department at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). He was extremely active in various horticulture societies on the state and national level.
The collection reflects his varied interests and wide-spread activities. Barbara Nelson, his wife, was the long-time secretary of the Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research, and some of her records in this office are in the collection. Barbara Nelson donated this collection.

Nelson, J.M. ( - ). Document, 1856

Manuscript 12

1 folder
This collection contains a document from State of Louisiana for the sale of an enslaved person from J. M. Nelson to Edmond Leblanc and Louis Baptiste Bonin, 24 January 1856.

Nelson, Lewis ( - ). Collection, 1948

Manuscript 119

1 item
First day cover for inaugural day of airmail from Lafayette, 3 August 1948. Donated by Lewis Nelson.

New Iberia (Louisiana). City Records, 1868-1979, n.d.

Collection 177

31 volumes
Fines [double entry ledgers]; City Ordinances; City Assessment Rolls; and Minute Books.

New Iberia Industrial School Association. Minute Book, 1899-1900

Manuscript 85

1 volume
Minutes of the New Iberia group trying to promote the location of the newly authorized industrial institution in their community. Donated by Clarence Pierson.

New Iberia (Louisiana) Road Paving Project. Collection, 1950s, n.d.

Collection 224

1 foot 3 inches
During the 1950s the City of New Iberia initiated a major project to pave city streets. This collection consists mainly of photographs taken during this project. The photographs show buildings, parks, and vehicles as well as the streets. There are also general records, financial records, correspondence, and maps of New Iberia and some subdivisions.
This collection was donated by Glenn Conrad of New Iberia.

New Lafayette Steam Laundry, Inc. Flyer, n.d.

Manuscript 176

1 folder
Flyer: The New Lafayette Steam Laundry, Inc. Southwest Louisiana’s Most Modern Dry Cleaning Plant. Blotting paper on reverse.

New Orleans Botanical Garden. Records, 1924-1967, n.d.

Collection 35

5 inches
The New Orleans Botanical Garden was established in City Park, New Orleans, to develop a living collection of woody plants, both native and exotic. This collection contains correspondence, minutes of the Arboretum Committee, reports, constitution and by-laws. It also contains the plans for organizing the New Orleans Botanical Garden and other miscellaneous materials.

New York Times Front Pages, The. Presidential Elections of the 20th Century, 1968

Manuscript 300

The New York Times published a collection of the front pages of editions announcing the results of the presidential election each year from 1900 to 1968. This collection includes copies of these front pages on multiuse paper instead of newspaper, with a book and copies of the Declaration of Independence. Norris Ceaser donated this collection.

Nineteenth Century Louisiana. Collection, 1801-1900

Collection 84

2.5 inches
An open-end collection to receive miscellaneous materials dating from 19th-century Louisiana. Contains original documents and photocopies.

Nixon, Louisa ( - ). Photographs, 1912-1950

Collection 264

1 ft.
Jeannette (Mrs. John W.) Lundy, Louisa Nixon’s grandmother, purchased a house in the 1940s. These items were found in the attic. Except for the Hadacol tokens, all are photographs.

Noel Family. Papers,1879-1967, n.d.

Collection 348

2 feet, 4 inches
Letters written between Mr. and Mrs. L.H. (Louis Henry) Noel of Abbeville, La., and their children, family and friends. Most of the letters were written during World War II, when several of their children were serving in the armed forces.

Nolan, Paul T. (1919-1995). Papers, 1942-1995, n.d.

Collection 321

3 feet, 3 inches
Paul Thomas Nolan taught English at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1955 to 1988. He was also a prolific author and playwright who founded local theater groups, including the Eavesdrop Theatre and the Louisiana Playwrights' Theatre. This collection contains plays, articles, and books authored by Dr. Nolan. There is also some personal material, including correspondence and playbills. Dr. Nolan’s widow and son, Peggy and John Nolan respectively, donated the collections.

Nottoway Plantation. Collection, 1848-1889, 1981

Manuscript 136

1 folder
Copies of legal documents probably assembled by Patricia Link in preparations of a research paper for History 497b, 1981. Papers mainly relate to sales and purchases by John Hampden Randolph.

Nuber, John R. ( - ). Papers, 1933-1966, n.d.

Collection 294

2.5 inches
These papers consist of some of the papers that John R. Nuber saved over the years of his lifelong association with the Rice Millers Association. This collection consists of correspondence, programs, photographs, news clippings, etc. This collection was donated by Mr. Jack Nuber, son of John R. Nuber.