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Alphabetical List of Collections: H

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

Hadacol. Testimonials, 1948

Manuscript 289

Hadacol was a patent medicine that was marketed as a vitamin supplement. It contained 12% alcohol making it quite popular in the South. This collections contains a 1948 recording of Hadacol testimonials on vinyl and CD. Jeanette Parker donated the collection.

Hadnott, Frances “Fran” (1930-2014). Scrapbooks, 1940s-1980s

Collection 306

Frances Hadnott worked as a substitute teacher in Iberia Parish and provided private piano lessons for nearly three decades. She also participated in a wide variety of voluntary services to community organizations, initiatives, and public service. This collection consists of digital images of her scrapbooks.

Hait, Kenneth B. (1900-1980). Collection, 1928-1965

Collection 62

22 feet
Dr. Kenneth B. Hait joined the psychology department of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1938 as the assistant head and became the head of the department the next year. He served as department head until May of 1968. This collection consists of material from classes he taught, test results, patients and experiment results, correspondence, pamphlets, and other miscellaneous materials as well.

Hamilton and Associates. Collection, 1989-1995, n.d.

Collection 281

3 feet; Oversize
Hamilton and Associates is a professional architectural Corporation in Opelousas, Louisiana. The firm constructed the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve (Acadian Culture Center) in New Orleans. This collection reflects on the Acadiana area, which consists of the Acadian Cultural Center in Lafayette, the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center in Eunice, and the Wetlands Acadian Culture Center in Thibodeaux. This collection consists mostly of original and research material for the publication “Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve”. There are blueprints of the area as well.

Hamilton, Rodney C. (1932-2020). Collection, 1951-2017, n.d.

Collection 498

5 inches
Rodney Hamilton was a Korean War veteran who had been very active in veterans organizations, including the Marine Corps League Acadiana Detachment and the Veteran’s Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana. Under his leadership, the coalition helped establish the Lafayette Community Based Outpatient Clinic, which offers primary care, physical therapy, and laboratory services for veterans. This collection contains materials related to Hamilton’s military and political careers. These include photographs, articles, programs, a scrapbook, and recognitions. Much of the collection also highlights his work with the Marine Corps League and Veteran’s Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana. Rodney Hamilton donated the collection.

Hamilton, Ruth (1892-1973). Biographical Materials, 1964

Manuscript 100

1 folder
Material from 1964 Dairy Festival honoring Ruth Mouton (Mrs. C. E.) Hamilton. Includes a photograph and speech by Sam H. Jones.

Hamsa, Charles F. “Chuck” (1938-2016). Collection, 1915-2000, n.d.

Collection 180

17 feet, 9 inches; oversize
This collection contains political memorabilia collected by Chuck Hamsa from local, state and national election campaigns, including buttons, bumper stickers and other materials. Hamsa was particularly interested in third-party and fringe group candidates.

Handbills. Collection, 1814-1987

Manuscript 55

1 folder
Contains political handbills. Donated by Mrs. L. O. Broussard.

Hannemann, Louis (1870-1935). Photograph Collection, 1895-1910

Collection 113

65 items
Photographs of New Orleans area at the turn of the last century taken by a Tulane University medical student. These are photographs of unidentified people, houses, street scenes, etc. There are also pictures of a military camp at the Fairgrounds during the Spanish-American War.
Donated by Louis Hanneman in 1981.

Hanks, Amanda S. (1913-2003). Collection, 1977-1988, n.d.

Collection 218

2.5 inches
Amanda Hanks was a dedicated teacher and librarian in Vermilion Parish for 43 years. This collection consists of writings, clippings, photographs, biographical information, etc.

Hannie Family. Collection, 1902-1985, n.d.

Collection 162

2.5 in.
These are materials collected by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in the preparation of her book, The Hannie-Saloom-Reslan Family Book (Lafayette, n.d.). The collection contains some family documents and photographs. Donated by Evelyn Theresa Hannie in 1986.

Hansen, Barbara (1922-2011). Legal Papers, 1971-1980

Collection 92

5 inches
Correspondence and documents relating to an income tax court fight which helped to overturn Louisiana's Head and Master Clause, Barbara Hansen v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (c.a. 5-no. 77-2974).
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Harper, Walter H. (1925?-2010). Memoirs, n.d.

Manuscript 151

1 folder
The Legacy of “Shangri La”.Memoirs of Walter H. Harper, Gunner’s Mate 2/c.

Harris, Thomas H. (1869-1942). Papers, 1891-1968, n.d.

Collection 52

4 feet, 2 inches
Thomas H. Harris was the Louisiana State Superintendent of Public Schools from 1908 to 1940. This collection contains correspondence, speeches, his autobiography and memoirs, photographs, financial documents, and materials (telegrams, newspaper clippings) concerning his death. Sadie Harris Baskin donated the collection.

Hart, I.T. (1901-1981). Photographs of 1927 Flood

Collection 333

34 images
Photographs of 1927 flood in Acadiana area, especially Arnaudville and Breaux Bridge. Hart was an insurance agent in Lafayette at the time. Later he moved to Lake Charles.
The photographs were donated by Adley Cormier on behalf of Paul Hart Miller.

Hawkins, Mabel Roy (1904-1988) and Thibodeaux, Clare Roy (1907-2001). Genealogical Records, n.d.

Manuscript 74

1 item
Compiled genealogy on the Roy, St. Julien, Bailey, Queen, and Clark families. Bound for publication. Donated by Mabel Roy Hawkins and Clare Roy (Mrs. Ben) Thibodeaux.

Hawkins, William W. (1890-1987). Papers, 1931-1960, n.d.

Collection 341

33 feet; oversize
William Winford "Win" Hawkins was a major business man in the oil industry. He also owned and/or managed camps in Cameron Parish for duck hunting. This collection contains Win Hawkins’s personal and work papers. These include materials on oil companies, finances, lease agreements, and his hunting clubs. The collection is contained in 33 boxes and 1 oversize folder.

Hayes, Elijah Cabot (1893-1990). Autobiography, 1980

Manuscript 39

1 folder
Typescript of autobiography of Acadia Parish educator and farmer, Elijah Cabot Hayes; handwritten original in Acadia Parish Library; transcription by Mary Alice Fontenot. Donated by Mary Alice Fontenot.

Haynes, J.K. ( - ). Interview, 1976

Manuscript 47

65 pages
Typescript of interview of J.K. Haynes, Executive Secretary of the Louisiana Education Association by Doris White, USL graduate student.

Health Exhibit Train, Louisiana State Board of Health. Flyer, n.d.

Manuscript 194

1 item, oversize
Health Exhibit Train, oversize flyer. New Orleans, Louisiana, n.d.

Heard, J. Norman (1922-2013). Papers, 1944-1987, n.d.

Collection 149

5 feet, 9 inches; oversize
J. Norman Heard was an author and librarian at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). This collection contains material gathered for his book Handbook of the American Frontier. Also included are handwritten notes for the books he authored and information on the organizations for which he volunteered his time. Dr. Norman Heard donated the collection.

Hebert Family. Genealogical Records, n.d.

Manuscript 45

1 folder
Photocopies of material gathered and written by Adam Hebert, Sr. Includes family trees, vital records, maps and some correspondence. Donated by Adam Hebert (Thibodeaux, Louisiana) and Gertie Hebert (Lafayette, Louisiana).

Hebert and Related Families. Genealogy

Manuscript 137

1 volume, bound
Genealogy which contains information on Hebert, Ramsey, Meyers, Broussard, Landry,Istre, Dugat, and other related families. Compiled by Zilda M. Hebert.

Hebert, A. Otis, Jr. (1930-1976). Collection, 1960-1976, n.d.

Collection 277

10 inches
A. Otis Hebert, Jr. was a director of the Acadian Folklore Center at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). He also worked as a director of the archives and records service for the State of Louisiana, and was a professor at Nicholls State University and LSU in Baton Rouge. This collection consists of folklore materials, correspondence, and photographs pertaining to folklore in Louisiana.

Hebert, Louis Wilfred, III ( - ). Collection, 1600s-2016

Collection 432

1 volume
Louis Wilfred Hebert, III is the son of Louis Wilfred Hebert, Jr. and Beaula “Jenny” LaBauve. This collection consists of a binder of family history material dating back from the 1600s to 2016. It includes families of Hebert, LaBauve, Guidry, Bourg, Simoneaux, and other related families. These families mainly resided in the New Iberia, Louisiana area.

Hebert, Marie ( - ). Land Grant, 1882

Manuscript 171

Homestead land grant assigned to Marie Hebert, widow of Jean Jacques Hebert from New Orleans land office dated 20 May 1882. Grant is for 80 and 38/100 acres in T 11 S, R 4 E, north half of Southeast quarter of Section 27 in Vermilion Parish.

Hebert, W. Roy (1925-2014). Collection, 1950s

Collection 226

1 foot 3½ inches
W. Roy Hebert was from Sulphur, Louisiana. He attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute in Lafayette. Hebert, a reporter with a combination news-sports background, is well known throughout southwestern Louisiana for his play-by-play coverage of the conference football, basketball, and track events. This collection consists of copybook of Hebert and tapes from programs that he did.
This collection was donated by W. Roy Hebert.

Hebert, Willard (1918-2008). World War II Letters, 1942-1943, 1948

Manuscript 147

1 folder
World War II letters from Willard Hebert to his parents. An index of letters is also included. The letters are photocopied. No donor card.

Henderson, Bob (1930-1996). Papers, 1913-1986, n.d.

Collection 240

15 feet, 0.5 inches
Bob Henderson joined the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Athletic Department on 1 July 1960 as the first Sports Information Director. This collection consists of personal and working files, including material on athletics and horse racing, photographs, and publications.

Hennessy, Jefferson T. (1929-2015). Papers, 1958-1985, n.d.

Collection 155

3 feet
Jefferson Hennessy served as a member of the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Health and Physical Education Department from 1959 until 1985. During that time, he coached the USL gymnastics and trampoline teams. This collection reflects Hennessy's coaching career and his efforts to promote the sport of trampoline. Jeff Hennessy donated the collection.

Henry, Alcee (1869-1950). Collection, 1903-1965, n.d.

Collection 221

2 feet, 1 inch
Alcee Henry was a farmer based out of Morse, La. This collection consists of mostly family photographs of the Henry family. Also included are newspaper clippings, correspondence, and personal information.

Hernandez, James E. ( - ). Rezoning Application, 1975-1983

Manuscript 205

1 folder
This collection includes a list of documents pertaining to rezoning the James E. Hernandez area of Lafayette Parish. This includes correspondence, traffic data, testimony of individuals who live in that area, reports, minutes of Lafayette City Zoning Commission and preliminary evaluation of the consideration of the zone.

Heywood Oil Company. Collection, 1889-1966

Collection 81

2 feet 6 inches
Contains newspapers, some dating from early 1900s through 1960s relating to the oil industry and the Heywood family; picture of first oil well in Louisiana; poem about Scott Heywood, his obituary; pictures of people and oilfields; old map of Jennings Oil Field in 1920; memo book, circa 1888; correspondence dating 1905-1938; programs, certificates and reports of the Louisiana Tax Reform Commission.

History of Lafayette, Louisiana. Writing, 1923

Manuscript 270

1 folder
History of Lafayette, Louisiana. Spring 1923. No author listed. 9 pages. Handwritten, original.

History of the Cajuns and Their Family Life in Louisiana. Article, n.d.

Manuscript 250

1 folder
Article: Much of this history is taken from an article on Cajun Country by R.G. Washington. No other information given.

Hoch, I. Stewart (1935-1993). Papers, 1974-1993, n.d.

Collection 266

2.5 feet
Ivan Stewart Hoch was an associate professor of theater at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) and served as Chairman of the Department of Performing Arts. This collection includes production files from about 1974 to 1993 include scene plans, script analyses, cast rosters, sound and lighting cue sheets, prop lists, costume plans, rehearsal schedules, correspondence, notes, clippings, press releases, publicity photographs, music scores, and performances captured on VHS. The collection also includes teaching materials, including lecture notes and an acting workbook, and theater history research materials. Nancy Hoch donated this collection.

Holmes, Irene Whitfield (1900-1993). Papers, 1919-1978

Collection 104

5 inches
Articles and awards from a leading educator and authority on Acadian folk music. This collection contains a small amount of correspondence, writings (many of which are autobiographical and were published), awards, certificates, and other materials.
A Women in Louisiana Collection.

Holmes, Walter C. (1944- ). Collection, 2018-2019

Collection 500

1 foot, 4 inches
Dr. Walter Holmes is a retired botanist and professor of biology. He has taught at Northwestern State University and Baylor University. A native of St. John the Baptist Parish, he has written much on Louisiana plants. This collection contains two unpublished manuscripts he wrote on Louisiana plants and animals. Dr. Holmes and his wife Nan Holmes donated the collection.

Hubbell, Gerald J. (1936-2021). Collection, 1977-2000, n.d.

Collection 379

7.5 feet
Dr. Gerald Hubbell and his wife Geraldine Cormier Hubble had been patrons of Acadiana arts and music since the early 1970s and founded or co-founded several groups, including Chorale Acadienne and Acadiana Symphony Orchestra’s Conservatory of Music and Youth Orchestra. Dr. Hubbell served as sound archivist for live performances by the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Chorale Acadienne, and the Vermilion Chamber Orchestra. This collection contains mostly choral and instrumental music performed by local, regional, and university ensembles and recorded by Dr. Hubble primarily on open reel tape between 1977 and 1997, with some recordings preserved on Digital Audio Tape (DAT) from about 1994 to 2000. Gerald Hubbell donated this collection.

Humphrey, Nora ( - ). Note, n.d.

Manuscript 51

1 folder
Note to Nora Humphrey from a school friend, Flora E. Decorated with ribbon and lock of hair. Donated by Alvin Y. Bethard.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Collection, 2003-2007

Collection 454

5 feet
Early in the morning on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States. Hurricane Rita was the seventeenth named storm, tenth hurricane, and fifth major hurricane of the 2005 season. In Louisiana, Rita's storm surge inundated low-lying communities along the entire coast, worsening effects caused by Hurricane Katrina less than a month prior, such as topping the hurriedly-repaired Katrina-damaged levees at New Orleans. This collection consists of newspaper and magazine articles, travel guides, maps, and a Scrapbook titled “A Season to Remember - Katrina and Rita.” James Peterson of Broussard, Louisiana, and Sam Childers of Dallas, Texas donated the materials in this collection.