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Alphabetical List of Collections: D

Note: Larger holdings are labeled "Collection"; smaller holdings (less than 2½ inches) are labeled "Manuscript".

D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1. Minute Book, 1914-1916

Collection 362

1 CD
The D.P. & C. Fire Company No. 1, known as Delhomme Patin and Chaisson, was organized on July 9, 1914. The Citizens of the Village of Scott met on that day at the Felix Foreman Hall to organize a fire company. They held meetings to form the company, appointed officers, and created the Constitution and Bylaws of the D.P. & C. Fire Company No.1.This collection consists of minutes of meetings from July 9, 1914 - July 27, 1916. Hope Jefcoat and Annadine Credeur, both of Scott, LA., digitized this minute book. They donated a digital copy to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection.

Daigle, Jules O. (1900-1998). Papers, 1981-1994, n.d.

Collection 197

1 foot 8 inches; Microfilm: 1 reel [35mm]
Jules O. Daigle was born in Lafayette. He made his studies for the priesthood at St. Joseph Seminary in St. Benedict, La., St. Mary’s in Baltimore, Maryland, and the North American College in Rome, where he was ordained in 1925. After retirement, he launched a writing career and wrote several books on the Cajun heritage, receiving international recognition for his work. This collection contains correspondence.

Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, Louisiana). Photograph Collection, 1976-1993

Collection 141

8.5 feet
This collection contains files of many photographic prints which appeared in The Daily Advertiser dealing with local subjects. The Daily Advertiser donated much of this collection through the efforts of Chuck Hamsa.

Dalferes, A. Wilmot (1897-1981). Appointment Certificate, 1932

Manuscript 32

1 item
Appointment of A. Wilmot Dalferes as Notary Public in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, signed by Alice Lee Grojean, Acting Governor. Oversized. Donated by A. Wilmot Dalferes.

Darby, Huey P. ( - ). Papers, 1958-1965

Manuscript 143

1 folder
Contains the diary of Huey P. Darby, a swamp pop musician with the bands Randy & The Rockets and Rod Bernard & The Twisters from September 1961 to March 1965. There are also additional notes on performances from May 1968 to September 1961. Photocopied. Donated by Shane K. Bernard, courtesy of Huey P. Darby.

Darby, Jean Francois (1813-1877). Family Papers, 1780-1972, n.d.

Collection 451

This collection consists of miscellaneous family papers mostly dealing with land owned by members of the Darby family. There are also some records relating to purchases of enslaved people and 20th century tax receipts. Other records include receipts from the Iberia Sugar Cooperative, miscellaneous receipts, and a letter regarding a claim on a portion of the estate of the Very Rev. Giovanni Gradenigo, Bishop of Venice, possibly a scam. The collection was donated by Nelwyn Hebert, great-great-granddaughter of Jean Francois Darby.

Dardenne, John L. "Jay" (1954- ). Collection, 1914-1984

Collection 411

5 inches; Oversize
Jay Dardenne is a Louisiana politician, having served as state senator, secretary of state, and lieutenant governor. This collection contains correspondence, diplomas, news clippings, and a wide array of programs such as the Lafayette Centennial celebration and a Commencement program from 1935. The collection also contains phone directories, framed photographs, a Monopoly-like game, a medal and a Southwestern Louisiana Institute hat (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). Jay Dardenne donated the collection.

Daughters of the American Revolution National Society, Attakapas Chapter. Yearbook, 1983-1984

Manuscript 260

1 folder
The Attakapas Chapter organized on April 20, 1929. The Organizing Regent was Mrs. Henry palfrey. This yearbook consists of chapter officers, Chapter Chairman of the National Committees, etc.

Debaillon, Charles Joseph, Sr. (1879-1968). Papers, 1929-1967, n.d.

Collection 39

2.5 in.
Charles Joseph Debaillon, Sr. was born April 19, 1879 in Lafayette. In 1914, he married Mary "May" L. Bowden. They had two children. He worked in a printing office, general merchandise store, lumber yard, Lafayette Building Association and then became Director of the First National Bank. This collection consists of biographical information on Debaillon family, correspondence, clippings and many family photographs.

Debaillon, Paul (1890-1948). Collection, 1852-1957, n.d.

Collection 7

2.5 feet
This collection reflects Paul Debaillon's interest in genealogy, especially the family of Jean Mouton, the founder of Vermilionville, now Lafayette, Louisiana. The collection contains extensive notes and charts compiled by the genealogist and much correspondence written in his attempt to gather information. There is also material on co-lateral families such as Debaillon, Dupré, and others.; papers of Mary Swords Debaillon, who was actively engaged in gathering, cataloging, and preserving Louisiana flowering plants; and scattered correspondence, political and judicial records of Charles Homère Mouton. There is even a very small collection of Paul Debaillon personal papers, almost all of which date from the 1930s. Charles Debaillon and Mrs. C.E. Hamilton donated this collection in 1956.

DeClouet Family. Papers, 1811-1930

Collection 22

1.5 feet
Planter, politician, delegate to the secession convention in Montgomery, Alabama, and member of the Confederate Congress, of St. Martinville, La. Chiefly correspondence (1850-1865) of DeClouet in the Civil War era. Includes correspondence with his son, Paul, a student at the University of Virginia and a Confederate officer.

Deep South Writers/Artists Conference. Records, 1961-1990s

Collection 41

4 feet
Records of an organization which conducts annual conferences for the purpose of promoting Louisiana talent and encouraging writers from other sections to explore and use literary materials available to Louisiana.
Donated by the Deep South Writers and Artists Conference.

DeGeneres, Ellen (1958- ). Entertainment Weekly Magazine, 1996

Manuscript 304

1 folder
Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana. She has had successful careers in stand-up comedy, film, and television. She starred in the 1990s sitcom Ellen, in which she played one of the first main characters to come out as lesbian, mirroring her own life. This collection includes an Entertainment Weekly issue containing an article about DeGeneres coming out as lesbian and the reactions to her character on the show. DeGeneres is featured on the cover.

de Jean, Madeleine. Play, The General and the Reverend Mother, n.d.

Manuscript 168

1 folder
Play about Reverend Mother Amelie (Aloysia) Jouve of Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau, Louisiana, and General Nathaniel P. Banks during the Civil War.

deKerlegand, Vivian (1917-2010). Scrapbooks, 1935-2017

Collection 441

2 DVDs
These scrapbooks were compiled by Sister deKerlegand's long-time friend and Marianite Associate Anna Jane Marks. They include photographs, cards, articles, correspondence and programs. Many of these items reflect Sister Vivian’s jubilees, mainly her 50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th anniversaries in the Marianite order. Ms. Marks lent the scrapbooks to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection to digitize. The Archives holds DVDs containing the digitized versions of the scrapbooks.

Del Sesto, Steven L. ( - ) and Gibson, Jon L. ( - ). Book, 1974

Manuscript 29

1 item
Draft of The Culture of Acadiana: Tradition and Change in South Louisiana (1974), some sections heavily corrected. Photocopy.

Delerno, Stella B. ( - ). Copybook, 1870s-1880s

Manuscript 135

1 volume
Copybook by Stella B. Delerno, a student at Nazerene Academy in Kentucky. Volume contains both original compositions and poems and copied material. Donated by Allison "Sonny" Launey, 1983.

Delery Family. Genealogical Material, 1949-1950

Manuscript 111

1 folder
Family genealogy compiled by Frank B. Delery from 1785 to 1950; also raw information, questionnaires, etc. gathered by Delery, 1949-1950.

Delgado Community College (New Orleans, LA). Miscellaneous Records, 1990-1991

Manuscript 280

3 folders
Founded in 1921, Delgado Community College is Greater New Orleans’s largest higher education institution and Louisiana’s oldest and largest community college. This collection contains publicity, publications, and cost projects relating to Delgado Community College and Dr. James A. Caillier.

Delta Zeta New Orleans Alumnae Chapter. Yearbook and Directory, 1956-1957

Manuscript 227

1 folder
Delta Zeta sorority, May 1956 - April 1957. List of Officers, Delegates and Committee Chairmen of the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter.

Demarais, Azema ( - ). Collection, 1786, n.d.

Collection 521

1 foot, 8 inches; oversize
This collection contains a portrait and land grant, both in frames. Azema Demarais, a Frenchwoman whose family settled in Louisiana during colonial days, is the subject of the portrait. Her great granddaughter Azema Demarais Rountree Smith, owned the portrait and land grant. Louis LoConte and his daughters, Paula Frazier and Amanda Michanczyk, donated these items. Dr. Manuel Morales of the UL Lafayette History Department and Dr. Leslie Bary of the UL Lafayette Modern Languages Department translated and transcribed the land grant from Spanish to English.

Demarest, Donald (1919-1999). Correspondence, 1950-1955, n.d.

Manuscript 122

7 feet
Donald Demarest was born in 1919 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He wrote “Fabulous Ancestor” in 1953, “Dark Virgin” in 1957, “The First Californian” in 1964, and “Marriage Encounter” in 1976. Demarest passed away in October of 1999. This collection contains correspondence during his writing of “Fabulous Ancestors”.

Denison’s Select Plays, 1925

Manuscript 198

1 folder
This publication is from Denison & Company out of Chicago, IL. Plays by Lillian Mortimer.

Dessens, Mildred L. ( - ). Scrapbooks, 1920s, 1930

Collection 259

Microfilm: 1 reel [35 mm]
Two scrapbooks: one entitled “My Trip to Novia Scotia”. Mrs. Dessens was part of a group from Acadiana who left on August 13, 1930 to visit Novia Scotia. The group was going to attend the “Celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Acadians Exile.” They returned to Acadiana on August 29, 1930.Mrs. Dessens loaned the scrapbooks to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection with permission to microfilm for the collection.

Dethloff, Henry C. (1934-2019). Papers, 1968-1991, n.d.

Collection 185

1 foot, 8 inches
Henry C. Dethloff was on the faculty at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1965 to 1968. He was in the History Department and was the director of the Southwestern Archives and Manuscripts Collection (now the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection). Dethloff's major academic interest was agricultural history, especially rice growing and milling. His publication, A History of the American Rice Industry, 1685-1985, is the definitive monograph on this subject. This collection contains mainly research material and writings on the rice industry.

Deuxième concile œcuménique du Vatican. Book, 1963

Manuscript 288

1 folder
The second Ecumenical Vatican Council was convened by the Pope. It was an assembly of all the bishops of the Catholic Church who, in union with the Pope and all his authority, treated questions of faith, morality, discipline, and government ecclesiastical organization, defined dogmas, fixed laws, and drew up guidelines for Christian life and apostles across the world. Vatican II was held from 1962-1965. This book is the solemn ceremony opening the second session of the council.

Devillier, Clifton J. (1919- ). Collection, 1943-45, 1968

Manuscript 200

3 folders
Papers from Clifton Devillier when he was in the military.

Dichmann, Mary E. (1913-1995). Papers, 1920s-1994, n.d.

Collection 187

13 feet; Oversize
Dr. Mary E. Dichmann was the Department Head of English at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1956 to 1974. She then served as Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences from 1974 until her retirement in 1983. This collection consists of her personal and professional papers, as well as some records of organizations in which she was active, such as AAUW and Phi Beta Kappa.

Dodd, William E. ( - ). Letters, 1921-1932

Manuscript 267

1 folder
William E. Dodd was the author of “Woodrow Wilson and His Works”. This small manuscript consists of letters pertaining to the book he was writing.

Dominique, Edmonia (1885-1968). Collection of Postcards, 1909-1918

Collection 474

2.5 inches
Mrs. Edmonia Dominique of Opelousas, Louisiana collected postcards from 1909 through 1918. There are about 25 cards that are in a scrapbook. Harold Prejean of Broussard, Louisiana donated this collection.

Donato Family. Papers, 1796-1895

Manuscript 276

3 folders
This collection consists of photocopies of baptismal and marriage certificates, and funeral records ranging from 1796-1895 of the Donato family. These are certificates and records from St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Alvin Donato donated this collection.

Dormon, Caroline (1888-1971). Collection, 1930s

Collection 499

3 feet
Caroline Dormon was a botanist and horticulture who worked closely with the U.S. Forest Service to establish parks and forestlands. She consulted on multiple projects for such parks as the Hodges Gardens State Park in Sabine Parish and the 301-acre Louisiana State Arboretum in Evangeline Parish. This collection consists of framed sketches of different flowers. The sketches are oversized and are organized into three boxes. The Louisiana Society for Horticultural Research Board of Directors donated the collection.

Dossmann, Rene L. ( - ). Notary Book, 1920-1924

Collection 319

1 volume
Notary record book of Rene L. Dossmann, Notary Public in Evangeline Parish. 55 pp. Donated by Drouet and Jacqueline Vidrine.

Dozier, Gilbert L. “Gil” (1934-2013). Collection, 1955

Collection 428

6 inches
Gil Dozier was an attorney, businessman, farmer, and rancher who served from 1976 to 1980 as the Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry. This collection consists of “Southwestern Sings” a phonograph album of SLI songs from the early 1950s. Mr. Dozier’s son, also named Gil Dozier, donated the collection.

Drake, W. Magruder (1914-2011). Papers, 1860-1982, n.d.

Collection 519

1 foot, 3.5 inches
Dr. Winbourne Magruder Drake was a Professor of History at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) specializing in American history, particularly the South. This collection contains Dr. Drake’s lecture notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and Drake family history documents. Dr. Drake donated the family history portions of the collection. Dr. Michael Martin, Professor of History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette donated the rest.

Ducrest, Willis F. (1910-2004). Collection, 1940-2000, n.d.

Collection 320

2 feet, 2 inches; oversize
Willis Ducrest was the Head of the Department of Music (later the School of Music) at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) from 1947 until 1977.This collection consists of scrapbooks created by Mr. Ducrest that reflect his career in music and his great interest in family genealogy.

Dugas, Edmond A. (1940- ). Papers, 1934-2014, n.d.

Collection 248

8 feet, 8.5 inches
Dr. Dugas was an instructor in Health and Physical Education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). He served on the faculty from 1967 until 2001 in a variety of positions and ranks, including coordinator of Men's Physical Education, coordinator of Graduate Studies for the College of Education, and the Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education. This collection consists of personal files dating from the mid-1970s to 2002. The majority of this collection deals with Health and Physical Education locally and nationally and with the College of Education alumni chapter. Included are correspondence, conference programs, meeting agendas for various committees, and media files.

Dugas, Elena (1879- ). Oral History, 1976

Manuscript 197

1 folder
Oral History of Ms. Dugas was made at St. Antoine School during the Bicentennial year, 1976 with a grant sponsored by the Lafayette Bicentennial Commission. Produced during the First Black Heritage Exhibit, Art Center for Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA. Typescript. Donated by Frances Love.

Duhon, Theotice (1887-1957). Collection, 1868-1957

Collection 409

2.5 inches
Theotice Duhon (1887-1957). Primarily a collection of tax information, including receipts and notices. Contains information in regards to accounts paid as well as voter registration and Homestead Exemption Applications. This collection was donated by Isabel Duhon LeBlanc.

Dunbar Family. Records, 1833, n.d.

Manuscript 5

1 folder
Includes genealogies, a copy of a letter from Edmund Hawkins Martin to Marie Evelina Moore, 1833, and a brief biography of Henrietta Pearl Peckham Dunbar (1878-1962). Donated by Clarence P. Dunbar, 1963.

Duperier, Alfred (1826-1904). Speech, 1899

Manuscript 59

10 pages
Typescript of newspaper article (?) prepared on occasion for dedication of federal building - post office in New Iberia: "A Narrative of Events Connected with the Early Settlement of New Iberia and Contemplating Its Future Prospect." Same document in Weeks Family Papers, Collection 55.

Dupré, Edith Garland (1881-1970). Papers, 1886-1972, n.d.

Collection 43

8 feet, 2.5 inches
Edith Garland Dupré was an educator and member of the first faculty of Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) who began the first library on campus. She remained at SLII (later Southwestern Louisiana Institute) for her entire professional career, retiring in 1944. Miss Dupré is best known as an English professor, but she also served in many other capacities including registrar and chair of the Library Committee. This collection reflects Miss Dupré's life and the high regard in which she was held by the community. It contains personal papers, material referring to the early years of the University, and letters from her brother, Congressman Henry Garland Dupré. Most of the material in this collection was donated by Edith Garland Dupré, with later additions donated by Leonder Labbe and Camille Claibourne.

Dupré, Henry Garland (1873-1924). Papers, 1919-1960

Collection 21

10 inches
Lawyer, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, and U. S. Representative from Louisiana. Family correspondence and correspondence between Edith Dupré and W. H. Fulham concerning a biography of Dupré entitled The Gentleman from Louisiana (1965).

Dupré Family. Records, 1729-1929

Manuscript 36

2 folders
Genealogical records on the Dupré, Vanhille, and Lastrapes families (compiled by Gus E. Dupré). Miscellaneous other materials include letters, legal documents, portraits, etc. All material is photocopied. Donated by Ruth Robertson Fontenot.

Dupuy, P.A. ( - ). Collection, 1877-1879

Collection 484

2 volumes; 1 CD (148 Megabytes)
Paul Adonis Dupuy was a Civil War veteran who owned and operated the Dupuy dry-goods store on Main Street in New Iberia, Louisiana. This collection consists of a daybook (1877-1879) and index (1877), digitized from the original manuscripts and formatted in PDF for user access. Terry Dupuy loaned the collection for digitization and donated the digital copies.

duQuesnay, Maurice W. (1936-2021). Collection, 1919-2019, n.d.

Collection 435

4½ feet, Oversize
Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay was an English professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the director of the Flora Plonsky Levy Lecture Series. This collection contains materials related to the Flora Levy Lecture Series, including photographs, correspondence, articles, advertisements, and posters. Miscellaneous materials include photographs from the Levy and duQuesnay families, negatives, cassette tapes, DVDs, and books. The bulk of the materials in this collection were donated by Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay on February 19, 1999, with additional materials added later on.

duQuesnay and Related Families. Papers, 1439-1964, n.d.

Collection 393

10 feet; oversize
This collection contains papers related to the le Mercier du Quesnay and related families. Papers include nobility documents from France, correspondence, royal documents, financial papers, newspapers, photographs, and books, including several letter books and scrapbooks. There are also several plays written by Adolphe Le Mercier du Quesnay. Other family names included are Le Mercier, Dommartin (Dompmartin), Jumecourt, Grisolle, and Adams, or variations thereof. Dr. Alvina Bonnie Wheeler of Southern Methodist University, and wife of Jeremy duQuesnay Adams, donated this collection through Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay.

Dur, Philip F. (1914-2005). Papers, 1913-2002, n.d.

Collection 288

10 feet, 8 inches
While at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Dur extensively researched and wrote about the life of Ambassador Jefferson Caffery (1886-1975). Much of this collection stems from the research conducted by Dur in preparation for his publications and includes both originals and copies of material, primarily correspondence and photographs, created throughout Ambassador Caffery’s career. For more information about Ambassador Jefferson Caffery, view the Jefferson Caffery Papers (Collection 45) and the Caffery Photograph Albums (Collection 45A). In addition to material related to Ambassador Caffery, this collection contains research materials related to journal articles and other publications written throughout Dur’s career, covering a wide variety of topics including American education, Louisiana history, and French history. Collection donated by Philip Dur Jr. and his siblings, and Christopher Gilcrease.

Durand, Edward B. (1941-2018). Collection, 1955-1997, n.d.

Collection 437

2.5 inches
Edward Durand, a St. Martinville native, oversaw the Civil Defense Command Center at the St. Martinville Courthouse. This collection consists of civil defense material, including handbooks, course materials, and handwritten notes. Durand’s son, Howard Durand, originally donated the collection to the Bayou Teche Museum. It was later transferred to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection with the donor's permission through the efforts of Shane Bernard.

Durke Family. Papers, 1600s-1900s

Manuscript 178

2 folders
Genealogical records of the Durke families from 1600s-1900s. Pedigree chart of John Lee (Durke). Also included is a Certificate of Baptism from Church of St. Anne, Youngsville, Louisiana for Robert Lee Durke.

Duson, W. W. (1853-1929) Company. Records, 1884-1945

Collection 287