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Audio-Tribune, La Tribune des francophones Tapes

Manuscript 296

Audio-Tribune, La Tribune des francophones. Tapes, 1976

2.5 inches

La Tribune des francophones was a tri-annual publication from Lafayette, LA. It was a cultural, apolitical, and independent publication produced by the Institute of French Studies and was affiliated with Alliance Françaises. Beginning with their second edition, they included audio cassettes entitled Audio-Tribune.

This collection contains the first edition of Audio-Tribune, a reading of the second edition of la Tribune des francophones. La Tribune des francophones is also available in print in the Louisiana Room [Call Number LaRm PC 3680.U7L8]. A digital copy of this recording is also available in Special Collections.


296-01 Audio-Tribune 1, Cassette 1
Side 1: Beginning - Page 10
Side 2: Page 11-21
296-02 Audio-Tribune 1, Cassette 2
Side 1: Page 35-63
Side 2: Page 63, Paragraph 4 - End