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Deuxième concile œcuménique du Vatican Book

Manuscript 288

Deuxième concile œcuménique du Vatican. Book, 1963

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The second Ecumenical Vatican Council was convened by the Pope. It was an assembly of all the bishops of the Catholic Church who, in union with the Pope and all his authority, treated questions of faith, morality, discipline, and government ecclesiastical organization, defined dogmas, fixed laws, and drew up guidelines for Christian life and apostles across the world. Vatican II was held from 1962-1965. This book is the solemn ceremony opening the second session of the council.

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288-01 Deuxième concile œcuménique du Vatican: Cérémonie solennelle d’ouverture de la seconde session en la Basilique Saint-Pierre le 29 septembre 1963 (in French with mass parts in French and Latin)