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Coushatta Language Collection

Manuscript 156

Coushatta Language Collection, 1978, n.d.

8 folders

Papers on Coushatta linguistics written by Eugene Burnham and David Rising. Donated by The Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., Dallas, TX.

156-01 Burnham, Eugene. 1978, “A sketch of Coushatta phonology.” (Working paper). Photo copy with some notations. 22 p. [unpublished]
156-02 Burnham, Gene. n.d. “The deep and surface structures of Koasati sentences.” Photo copy with some notations. 11 p. [unpublished]
156-03 Rising, David. n.d. “Essay on Koasati word 'ma'”. Typed 2 p. [unpublished]
156-04 Rising, David. n.d. “Onter-clausal relationships in Koasati.” Computer print-out, 9 p. [unpublished]
156-05 Rising, David. n.d. “Koasate verb class requirements.” Computer print-out. 11 p. plus 3 p. of charts. [unpublished]
156-06 Rising, David. n.d. “The Koasati word “ommi”. Computer print out. 14 p. [unpublished]
156-07 Rising, David. n.d. “Orthography notes.” Typed. 1 p. [unpublished]
156-08 Rising, David. n.d. “Relative clause date.” Typed pages 12-30 only. [unpublished]