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Theaux/Delhomme Family Papers

Manuscript 153

Theaux/Delhomme. Family Papers, 1950s

1 folder

Lena Theaux Delhomme and her mother Flavie Landry Theaux wrote stories of their experiences living in the 1950s in Lafayette. They wanted to pass on their stories for their children, grandchildren, etc. Included is a typescript entitled ”Beadle’s Feed Store” by Lena Theaux Delhomme where she and her family once lived. Also included are handwritten details from Flavie Landry Theaux about her life.

Donated by Peggy Henshall, daughter of Lena Theaux Delhomme and granddaughter of Falvi Landry Theaux.

153-1 Photo: Scanned copy of Lena Theaux Delhomme and her family. February 1957. Included Lena, Johnnie, and children Peggy and Nancy.
Typescript: Beadle’s Feed Store. Story by Lena Theaux Delhomme beginning
in 1954 when she and her husband Johnnie got married.
Handwritten notes: Stories by Falvie Landry Theaux in January 1976. Photocopy.