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Elaine S. Edwards Papers

Collection 95

Edwards, Elaine S. (1929 - ). Papers, 1970-1978

5 inches

Elaine Schwartzenburg Edwards was born in 1929 in Marksville, Louisiana. She was the only daughter of Myrle Dupuy and Errol Swhartzenburg. She was a graduate of Marksville High School. At the age of 20 she married Edwin Edwards.

In August 1972, after the death of Louisiana’s beloved Senator Allen J. Ellender, she was appointed by her husband to complete the late Senator’s term. As a United States Senator, she served on the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry and the Senate Committee on Public Works. She took personal interest in the problems of all her constituents and provided constructive assistance whenever possible. She gave a great deal of time to the different civic organizations and charities.

This collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, speeches and other miscellaneous materials.


A. Biography 1-01
B. Press Release 1-02
C. Clippings 1-03 through 1-04
D. Correspondence 1-05 through 1-08
E. Speeches 1-09
F. Awards and Commendations 1-10


1-01 Biography: Elaine Schwartzenburg Edwards
1-02 Press Release: Elaine S. Edwards (Senatorial), 1972-1974
1-03 Newspaper Clippings: Elaine S. Edwards, 1971-1973
1-04 Newspaper Clippings: Elaine S. Edwards, 1974-1977
1-05 Correspondence: New Orleans Hospital, 1973-1978
1-06 Correspondence: Assistance Request, 1973-1979
1-07 Correspondence: Personal with notables, 1976, n.d.
1-08 Correspondence: Senatorial, 1972-1973
1-09 Speeches: Appointed U.S. Senate, 1972; Elaine Edwards Testimonial Dinner, 23 September 1971; Flood Control, Rivers and Harbor, 13 September 1972
1-10 Awards and Commendations: Elaine S. Edwards as Senator of Louisiana, 1 August 1972; [Proclamation] Crippled Children’s Hospital Fund Campaign, 1974; [Proclamation] Hurricane Fifi Relief Weekend in Louisiana, 1974; A concurrent resolution - to commend Mrs. Elaine Edwards, first lady of LA, for her heroic fund-raiser efforts on behalf of the Crippled children’s Hospital of New Orleans, 1974