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Emerson Bentley Papers

Collection 94

Bentley, Emerson (1850–1889). Papers, 1866–1900, n.d.

5 inches 1 microfilm reel

Bentley, Emerson, journalist. Born Columbiana County, Ohio, July 15, 1850. Editor of the St. Landry Progress, 1869; owned, edited, and published the Attakapas Register in Franklin, Louisiana, 1871-1873; represented St. Mary Parish in the General Assembly; later held the position of Division Superintendent of Public Education for the Third District before establishing permanent residency in New Orleans, where he was editorial writer for the New Orleans Chronicle and president of the New Orleans Typographical Union while working for the New Orleans Republican. Married, 1871, Joan Pursell of Carrollton. Six children. Member of the Kenilworth Lodge, Knights of Pythias, business manager of the New Orleans Southwestern Christian Advocate, organ of the Methodist Episcopal church. Died, New Orleans, September 25, 1889; interred Carrollton Cemetery.

[Narrative taken from The Dictionary of Louisiana Biography]

This collection consists of diaries and scrapbooks of Bentley.


A. Papers 1-01 through 1-02
B. Diary 1-03
C. Scrapbooks 1-04 through 1-05
D. Microfilm Microfilm #94


1-01 Research paper: McCullough, Lel H. "Emerson Bentley, 1866-1899 part II". n.d., 25 pp.
1-02 Research paper: Stielow, Frederick J., ed., with Denise Butkovich and Deborah Johnson. “Prologue to Violence in the Reconstruction Era: Excerpts from the Diary of Emerson Bentley”, n.d., 7 pp.
1-03 Diary: Emerson Bentley’s Diary, 1860-1888
1-04 Scrapbook: Emerson Bentley, contains newspaper articles, 1875-1882
1-05 Scrapbook: Emerson Bentley, Jr., n.d.
Microfilm Cabinet
1. Microfilm copy of the Emerson Bentley papers