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Charles A. McGowan Papers

Collection 9

McGowan, Charles A. (1849–1921). Papers, 1856, 1868–1922, 1965, n.d.

5 inches

This collection contains mainly business papers of Charles A. McGowan (1849-1921) who was a dentist, druggist, banker, merchant and civic leader in Jeanerette, Louisiana. Included are some articles on Jeanerette written by Florence Bussey McGowan, and diaries kept by her relatives in Mississippi in 1876. There is also a claim for property destroyed or confiscated by Union soldiers in Jackson, Mississippi in 1863. In addition, the collection contains a record book for the Sans Souci Club of Jeanerette, 1885-1887.


A. Biographical 1-01
B. Personal Papers 1-02 and 1-03
C. Business and Financial Papers 1-04 through 1-09
D. Legal Papers 1-10 through 1-13
E. Miscellaneous 1-14 through 1-16
F. Photographs 1-17 through 1-19


A. Biographical
1-01 Charles A. McGowan
    article written by Florence B. Fortier (granddaughter); clippings
B. Personal Papers
1-02 1874 - 1900
    correspondence; Masonic certificates; certificates confirming elections
1-03 1901 - 1922
    passport; certificates; notes of condolence following death; claim for property taken from Hugh McGowan during Civil War
C. Business and Financial Papers
1-04 Stocks, 1856-1918
    includes: Republic of Nicaragua, 1856; Bank of Jeanerette; Jeanerette Rice and Milling Company; Jeanerette Gulf Club Company; Louisiana Oil Company; Diamond Film Company
1-05 Promissory notes, 1872, 1885-1906, 1911-1916
1-06 Licenses, 1894-1895, 1906-1908
1-07 Tax assessments and receipts, 1889-1900, n.d.
    for both Charles A. McGowan and Florence Bussey McGowan
1-08 Correspondence and agreements, 189?-1913
1-09 Miscellaneous
    certificate for inspector of weights and measures, 1892; statement on condition of Citizens Bank of Jeanerette, 1898; miscellaneous bills and receipts
D. Legal Papers
1-10 Mississippi land deeds, 1866-1898
    includes: transcripts of deed searches made for Hugh McGowan and sale of his estate
1-11 Louisiana land deeds, 1880-1911, 1926
    for both McGowan and Mrs. McGowan; title search in 1926
1-12 Succession of Charles A. McGowan, 1922
1-13 Miscellaneous legal documents, 1874, 1898
E. Miscellaneous
1-14 Diaries
    Diary attributed to Marion "Himmie" Rader, 1876 - written on account book probably kept by John Rader, Henryville, Indiana, 1872-1873
    transcript of diary kept by Cora Bussey Hillis, October, 1875 - February, 1876
1-15 Record book of Sans Souci Club, Jeanerette, Louisiana, 1885 - 1887
1-16 Newspaper articles from The Jeanerette Express, 1965
    McGowan Memorial Methodist Church, March 24
    3-part series on history of Jeanerette by Mrs. C. A. McGowan: April 21, April, 28, May 5
F. Photographs
1-17 Charles A. McGowan
1-18 On cruises aboard S. S. Pennsylvania, 1910
    2 of McGowan stores in Jeanerette