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Edwin L. Stephens Papers

Collection 83

Stephens, Edwin L. (1872-1938). Papers, 1883-1938

Microforms: 17 reels

Stephens, Edwin Lewis, academic. Born Stephens Mill, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. November 27, 1872; son of Joseph Henry Stephens and Isabella Caroline Whitfield. Paternal grandfather, a pioneer lumberman had come to Louisiana from his native state of South Carolina in the early 1800s. Education: private teachers; private schools; public schools; Keachi College, a Baptist academy at Keachi, La.; Nacagdoches, Texas, from September, 1883 to June, 1888. Learned telegraphy from local railroad agent, summers of 1885-1887; became telegraph operator for Iowa Central Railroad. Entered Louisiana State University at the sophomore, master of Pedagogy, 1897; Ph.D., 1899. Did summer study Glenn Falls, N.Y., 1892; Cook County Normal School, Chicago, 1893; Harvard University, 1894 and travel-study in Europe, 1907. Professor, Latin and science, Louisiana State Normal, 1892-1896; professor, Louisiana State Summer Schools, Fort Jesup, 1897; Marksville, 1898; Alexandria, 1899; professor, Physics and Chemistry, Boys High School, New Orleans, 1899; professor, History of Education, Summer School of the South, Knoxville, Tenn., 1909. Served as president, LSU Alumni Federation, 1922-1926. When named president, January 3, 1900, at the age of 27, of the newly created Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute it had no campus, no faculty and no students. Married, July 14, 1902, to Beverly Randolph, Teacher of Drawing and Gymnastics at SLII. Children: Beverly Randolph (Mrs. Frederick Hard); Caroline Parham (Mrs. Crafton Harris); Margaret Fitz-Randolph (Mrs. Margaret Jochem). Retired as president emeritus, May 1938. Founded the unique Live Oak Society. President, Louisiana Teachers Association, 1903. Editor, Louisiana School Review, 1905-1908. Died, New Orleans, November 5, 1938.

[Narrative taken from "A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography"]

See also: Edwin L. Stephens president’s papers in the University Archives, which consists of a large collection of correspondence and other miscellaneous materials while he was president.

This collection is microfilm of materials donated to Louisiana State University by the Stephens family.


A. Manuscripts Reels 1 through 7
B. Clippings Reels 8 and 9
C. Pamphlets Reels 10 through 12
D. Invitations Reel 13
E. Miscellany Reel 14
F. MIscellany and Diary Reel 15
G. Edwin L. Stephens Papers Reels 16 and 17


Reel 1 Manuscripts December 1883 through June 1902
Reel 2 Manuscripts July 1902 through 8 October 1909
Reel 3 Manuscripts 9 October 1909 through 1 February 1918
Reel 4 Manuscripts 2 February 1918 through 10 January 1924
Reel 5 Manuscripts 11 January 1924 through 14 July 1926
Reel 6 Manuscripts 15 July 1926 through 5 April 1932
Reel 7 Manuscripts 6 April 1932 to end
Reel 8 Clippings 1884 through 1925
Reel 9 Clippings 1926 to end
Reel 10 Pamphlets 1844 through 1908
Reel 11 Pamphlets 1909 through 1930
Reel 12 Pamphlets 1931 to end
Reel 13 Invitations 1893 to end
Reel 14 Miscellany 1892 to 1938
Reel 15 Miscellany and Diary 1896 to 1899
Reel 16 Edwin L. Stephens Papers 1894 through 1910
Reel 17 Edwin L. Stephens Papers 1911 through 1937

[Note: for index to reels 1 through 3 see Margaret Stephens Jochem, "Edwin Lewis Stephens Papers", LaRm LD 3091 .L617 1901 .S3]