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Katie O'Bryan Conrad Papers

Collection 74

Conrad, Katie O'Bryan (1883–1973). Papers, 1906-1966

10 in.

Katherine A. “Katie” O’Bryan Conrad was born 12 August 1883 in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, the daughter of Clarence D. and Dora E. O’Bryan. In 1900 the family was living in Mouton’s Cove, Vermilion Parish. She resided most of her life in Abbeville, Louisiana, and taught in the public schools. Sometime between 1920 and 1930 she married Oliver Mason Conrad, an Abbeville storekeeper. The couple had no children. Mrs. Conrad died 29 August 1973 in Abbeville, and was buried in Graceland Cemetery.

This collection contains genealogy material on the O'Bryan-Perry and related families including correspondence, newspaper clippings, and legal documents. The notes are very fragmentary and kept on whatever paper happened to be handy such as envelopes, flyers, advertisements, etc. Most are handwritten. Other materials include World War II ration stamps, tax receipts, and a map of Governor Huey Long's plan for paved highways and free bridges.


A. Genealogy Records 1-01 through 2-03
B. Photographs 2-04
C. Correspondence 2-05 through 2-07
D. Newspaper Clippings and Issues 2-08 through 2-10
E. Miscellaneous 2-11 and Map Case 13-03


A. Genealogy Records
1-01 O'Bryan-Perry and related families genealogy
    includes notes; letter; notebook on Perry family
1-02 genealogy materials
    includes notes: Boudoin family tree; clippings
1-03 genealogy materials
1-04 genealogy materials
2-01 O'Bryan-Perry and related families genealogy
2-02 O'Bryan-Perry and related families genealogy
    notebooks [autograph book and receipt book filled with genealogy notes]
2-03 legal documents (copies); financial records; death notices; tax receipts; land record, 1829
    [very poor condition]; certificate appointing Kate O. Bryan [sic] as Special Commissioner for the registration of women in Precinct No. 2, Ward 8, Vermilion Parish per Resolution of State Council of Defense, 10 October 1917
B. Photographs
2-04 Photographs [2]
C. Correspondence
2-05 Correspondence: 1911, 1926, 1956, 1961-1965, n.d.
    Also many fragments and incomplete letters
2-06 correspondence: 1948-1966 [missing 3/97]
2-07 correspondence: 1948-1966 [missing 3/97]
D. Newspaper Clippings and Issues
2-08 Newspaper clippings [photocopied]
2-09 genealogy; local history; health issues; religion; etc. - from Abbeville, Lafayette, and New Orleans papers although most not identified
2-10 The Independent High School News, Abbeville. Feb. - June, 1906
E. Miscellaneous
2-11 World War II ration book
Map Case 13-03
  map: "Governor Huey Long's Plan for Paved Highways and Free Bridges [to be constructed by 1932]”, n.d.