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Jacob M. Valentine Papers

Collection 531

Valentine, Jacob M. (1917–2000). Papers, 1791–1997

19.5 feet; oversize

Jacob Valentine was a biologist based out of Lafayette Louisiana. A native of Racine, Wisconsin, he served in the U.S. Army in Louisiana, Australia, and New Guinea from 1941-1945. He received a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, majoring in zoology, botany, and wildlife management. In 1950, he entered the Fish and Wildlife Service and held the positions of Refuge Manager at Slade National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota (1950-1955); Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia (1955-1958); and South Florida National Wildlife Refuges (1958-1960). He served as Gulf Coast Management Biologist for Refuges in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas from 1960 to 1981 when he retired. During this time, he was also on the staff of the Biology Department at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Valentine has written papers on the cattle egret, marsh ecology, alligators, and the Mississippi Sandhill crane. One of his early assignments was an investigation into the effects of the building of Interstate 10 on the Sandhill Crane population in Jackson Country, Mississippi. With severe habitat decline and other problems, he realized the cranes were at great risk and called for a refuge. In the 1970s during the ensuing “cranes and lanes” controversy, stoppage of I-10 construction, and a case in federal court, his expertise, courage, and determination led to the creation of the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge. He continued his involvement with the cranes and refuge after his retirement in 1980, spanning over 30 years. He won the Walkinshaw Award for lifetime achievement in crane conservation in 1996.

This collection contains Valentine’s professional files that chronicle his work while in Louisiana. These files include notes, papers, news clippings, and photographs.

Dr. Thomas C. Michot, a colleague of Valentine’s, donated the collection.


A. Birds
  1. Geese, Swan, and Crane
    a) Canada Geese 1-01 through 1-06
    b) Whooping Crane 1-07 through 1-25
    c) Sandhill Crane 1-26 through 4-31
    d) Miscellaneous Geese, Swan, and Crane 4-32 through 5-05
    e) Crane Behavior 5-06 through 5-36
  2. Waterfowl 5-37 through 6-08
  3. Colonial Birds 6-09 through 6-18
  4. Miscellaneous Birds 6-19 through 6-23
B. Mammals  
  1. Rodent
    a) Nutria 6-24 through 6-33
    b) Other Rodents 6-34 through 6-38
  2. Big Game 6-39 through 7-07
  3. Canids 7-08 through 7-15
  4. Other Mammals 7-16 through 7-24
  5. Fur Trapping 7-25 through 7-30
C. Reptiles  
  1. Alligators 7-31 through 9-02
D. Amphibians 9-03
E. Fish and Marine Resources 9-04 through 9-10
F. Endangered Species 9-11 through 9-17
G. Ecology  
  1. Coastal Ecology 9-18 through 11-13
  2. Vegetation Ecology 11-14 through 11-28
  3. Field Observations 11-29 through 11-42
  4. General 11-43 through 12-03
H. Habitats and Refuges (Research and Reports)  
  1. Atchafalaya 12-04 through 12-12
  2. Loxahatchee 12-13 through 12-17
  3. Lacassine NWR 12-18 through 12-27
  4. Chincoteague NWR 12-28 through 12-30
  5. Gulf Coast NWR/Sandhill Crane NWR 12-31 through 13-09
  6. Sabine NWR 13-10 through 14-23
  7. Delta NWR 14-24 through 15-38
  8. Miscellaneous Refuges 15-39 through 16-16
I. Newsletters 16-17 through 16-27
J. Workshops 16-28 through 17-01
K. Maps and Photographs 17-02 through 17-14
L. Correspondence 17-15 through 17-26
M. Miscellaneous Materials 17-27 through 18-19
N. Oversize Box 19; Map Case 15-05


Valentine, Jacob M. (1917-2000). Papers, 1791-1997