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Alton E. Broussard Collection

Collection 509

Broussard, Alton E. (1911–1983). Collection, 1953–1983

3 feet, 8 inches

Alton Edmond Broussard was a newsman and professor of journalism. Born in St. Martinville, his journalism career began when he was in high school, where he established their first student newspaper. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Louisiana State University, both in journalism. Newspapers he worked for included the Lake Charles American Press, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and the Daily Advertiser. Starting in 1947, he joined the staff at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as the director of public relations. He then joined the faculty teaching journalism. After 37 years, he retired with the rank of associate professor.

Mr. Broussard published many different newspapers during his career. One such was a local paper called the Lafayette Guide, which he produced out of his own garage between 1962 and 1964. The paper covered stories on various topics, including the French Renaissance, race relations. Cajun culture, and police reports.

This collection contains the writings of Alton Broussard. The first volume is the entire Lafayette Guide newspaper. The two scrapbooks contain his articles from other newspapers, such as the Daily Advertiser. The list of “Points of Interests in the Lafayette Guide” were compiled by Sam Broussard.

Alton Broussard’s children, Mary Perrin, Sam, and Alton “Skip” II, and his son-in-law, Warren Perrin, donated this collection.


The Lafayette Guide, 1962-1964 Box 1
Scrapbook of Articles, 1953-1983 Box 2
Scrapbook of Articles, 1973-1980 Box 3

Points of Interest in the Lafayette Guide

    Pg. 2 - Cajun accent fails, Letter to the editor mentions Bunk Johnson who taught Louis Armstrong. Letter continues on…
    Pg. 2 - Cajun accent fails, Letter to the editor mentions Bunk Johnson who taught Louis Armstrong. Letter continues on…
    Pg. 7 - Mentions Bobby & Carol Fran, Bobby Charles & Bobby Brooks and others. Letter by Phil Comeaux, 317 Kim Dr. Maybe the pharmacist, grew up across the street from Alton Broussard.
    Pg. 6 - Police sergeant hurt second time.
    Pg. 2 - The unnecessary bookmobile problem.
    Pg. 1 - Officer hurt fourth time.
    Pg. 1 - Mystery lights again over city.
    Pg. 11 - Southsider re-discovers Louisiana playwright.
    Pg. 2 - About that Republican vote. “Few if any Lafayette citizens now think of Republicans as carpetbaggers, NAACP members, or wineheads.”
    Pg. 2 & 3 - Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker’s opinions.
    Pg. 7 - Bric-a-brac column, Guide takes credit for recognition of gang problem.
    Pg. 11 - Hams for Civil Defense, features John Scott.
    Pg. 1 - Guide passes first milestone; photographs of Alton Broussard, Bill Miller, Eugene Miller, Joy Miller (Bill’s wife), Mary Broussard (Alton’s wife), and John Scott.
    Pg. 4 - Continuation; photos of Mary Broussard, Barbara LeBlanc, Johnny Dupuis III, and Virginia deGravelles.
    Pg. 7 - Cajun girls set journey to Canada.
    Pg. 3 - Bishop says Catholic schools not to mix (integrate) now.
    Pg. 3 - Sports car gymkhana held. Photograph of Skip Broussard.
    Pg. 6 - USL flashback Photo pictorial.
    Pg. 5 - John Scott succumbs to cancer obituary Name given is John E. Phillips.
    Pg. 2 - Guide’s editorial platform.
    Pg. 5 - Negroes served at counters. Lafayette desegregates.
    Pg. 3 - Twenty-six cars vie in first John Scott races.
    Pg. 12 - Dream station comes true … KRVS is born. Photograoh of Skip Broussard.
    Pg. 6 - Photograph of Ronald Reagan in Lafayette.
    Pg. 8 - Photograph of Mary Broussard, Patricia Saloom, and Kathy Fehlman.
    Pg. 4 - Readers asked for support. Not getting the advertising needed.
    Guide Calls it Quits.