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Alexandre Marie Mehault Collection

Collection 486

Mehault, Alexandre Marie (1843–1904). Collection, 1868–2004, n.d.

2.5 inches

Fr. Alexandre Marie Mehault was born on June 28, 1943 in the French Breton village of Cossinade. His parents were Jean and LeRose Heriault Mehault. Mehault studied for the priesthood and as an ordained (candidate for ordination) at the seminary of the Archdiocese of Rennes. In 1865, he traveled to Louisiana with a fellow classmate. He continued his studies in New Orleans and was ordained on December 27, 1865.

His first parish assignment was at St. Landry Catholic church in Opelousas, Louisiana, a region most in need of priests. His first baptism was performed on January 5, 1868. In December of 1868, he transferred to Abbeville, Louisiana as parish pastor.

This collection consists of correspondence, documents, maps, and a biography written by Larry Gooch.

Larry Gooch donated this collection.


A. Biographical Information 1-01
B. Correspondence 1-02
C. Documents 1-03
D. Photographs 1-04
E. Maps 1-05


Box 1
1-01 Biographical Information: Writing by Larry Gooch; funeral card, etc., 1904, n.d.
1-02 Correspondence: 1865, 1983, 2004, n.d.
1-03 Documents: Diocese of Lafayette, 1884; birth information (handwritten); birth (handwritten), 1843
1-04 Photographs: Fr. A.M. Mehault, 1896 (photocopy); scanned photos in color (identified, FRANCE)
1-05 Maps: Cossinade, France, Bretagne, Parish