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Emmanuel Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana) Records

Collection 480

Emmanuel Baptist Church (Lafayette, Louisiana). Records, 1955-1989, n.d.

10 inches, 5 volumes

Emmanuel Baptist Church of Lafayette was organized on Sunday, April 17, 1955 by church members living south of the city limits along the Abbeville Highway. Until a permanent building was erected on property already purchased, meetings were held in the Morgan-Hall building in Arnold Heights.

The first Board of Trustees for the Church were H.B. Fletcher, Clyde R. Williams, Grady R Harris, Coy E. Upshaw, Roy A. Eaton, Charles L. Beck, and Thomas A. Durham. The first officers of the Church were H.B. Fletcher, chairman; Roy A. Eaton, secretary; Thomas A. Durham, treasurer.

This collection consists of articles of incorporations and bylaws, documents, minutes of meetings, general and financial records, and committee reports.

Dr. Michael S. Martin donated the collection.


A. Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws 1-01
B. Documents 1-02
C. Minutes of Meetings 1-03
D. General Records 1-04 thru 1-09
E. Correspondence 1-10
F. Financial Records 1-11 thru 1-14
G. Programs 1-15 thru 1-16
H. Publicity 1-17 thru 1-19
I. Photographs 2-01
J. History 2-02
K. Committees 2-03 thru 2-09
L. Miscellaneous 2-10 thru 2-13
Volumes 1 thru 5


Box 1  
1-01 Articles of Incorporations/Bylaws: 1955, n.d.
1-02 Documents: Cash Sale; Agreement to buy and sell; Contracts, etc. 1955-1967
1-03 Minutes of Meetings: 1955, 1960s, 1979-1980
1-04 General Records: 20th Anniversary Directory – 1979/80
1-05 General Records: Data Sheets, April 1965
1-06 General Records: Certificates, Sunday School Leadership Diploma. R.D. White; Mildred White, April 1979
1-07 General Records: Report on Committee on Committee; Committee and Council list, 1982; Committee list, 1985; Charter members, n.d.; Deacons and Wives, May 1982; Directory: General, department, and class officers and teachers, 1958-1959
1-08 General Records: Church wide visitation (sign in sheets), 1988-1989
1-09 General Records: Church logo; Church programing sets new sights in planning, n.d.
1-10 Correspondence: 1962 – 2004
1-11 Financial Records: Budget, 1980, 1982, 1987
1-12 Financial Records: Treasurer report, 1979, 1994; financial statement, 1958
1-13 Financial Records: Building finance, cash receipts and disbursements, building proposals, 1966-1967
1-14 Financial Records: Cooperative program for 1979; Spanish mission pastor’s salary and allowances, n.d.
1-15 Programs: Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1970s-1980s
1-16 Programs: Other churches, 1960s-1980s
1-17 Publicity: News clippings, 1955-1971
1-18 Publicity: News stories, Daily Advertiser, 1971-1972
1-19 Publicity: Baptist Association Newsletter, v.8, no.6, June 1980
Box 2  
2-01 Photographs: 1962, 1980. No date (includes negatives)
2-02 History: Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1955-2005
2-03 Committee: 25th anniversary of Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1980 (includes program, photographs, charter members, minutes of meeting, etc.)
2-04 Committee: Missions, includes minutes, report, correspondence, etc., 1964-1965
2-05 Committee: Nominating Committee, report, 1987-1988
2-06 Committee: Building Committee, includes specifications for church, Unit III, correspondence, 1958
2-07 Committee: Building Committee includes, correspondence, meeting agenda, blueprints, 1958 – 1962
2-08 Committee: Long Range Planning includes reports, statistics, correspondence, introduction material, n.d.
2-09 Committee: Personnel, minutes of meeting, 1983, memo, 1983
2-10 Miscellaneous: Leadership material including Sunday school and Bible Study, includes list of officers, program, list of members, 1979, 1985-1987
2-11 Miscellaneous: Note Burning Service, June 1982, includes newsletter, and handwritten outline
2-12 Miscellaneous: Life & Work Curriculum, 1965, includes 1965 hymn of the month correlation, program, 1965
2-13 Miscellaneous: Other, Home Missions Assistant Churches newsletter; Councilor Training for Local Church Crusades material, 1965, n.d.
1. 1955-1961: Resolution, business meeting minutes, correspondence, member directory material
2. 1960-1961: Meeting minutes, monthly reports, correspondence, proposal forms
3. 1961-1962: Correspondence, Committee reports, list of officers and committee members, meeting material
4. Deacon Minutes, v. 2. 1966
5. Planning for the Next Five Years in a Southern Baptist Church Manual