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Jane Elle Guillory Austen Collection

Collection 475

Austen, Jane Elle Guillory (1927– ). Collection, 1929, 1949–1995, n.d.

2.5 inches

Jane Elle Guillory Austen was born on March 30, 1927. She later married Alfred Austen and they had one son. She attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), University of New Orleans, and Tulane University in New Orleans. She was an educator.

This collection consists of her teaching certificates, transcripts, photographs, etc.


A. Family Records 1-01
B. Education 1-02 through 1-04
C. News Clipping 1-05
D. Photographs 1-06
E. Miscellaneous 1-07


1-01 Family Record: Daigle Family Record - Includes Jane Elle Guillory Austen and her family, n.d.
1-02 Education: Certificate, Louisiana State Department of Education, USL, 1949. B.A.; State of Alabama, Department of Education, 1996
1-03 Education: Transcripts, Tulane, New Orleans 1964-1969, 1986-1989; University of New Orleans, 1992
1-04 Education: Teacher Certification material and testing, Techer observation form, 1979; New Orleans Public Schools evaluation report, 1998; Individual Test Score Report, 1988, etc.
1-05 News Clipping: Jane Austen, “She Likes to Cook Now” Daily Advertiser, 1949 (1 item)
1-06 Photographs: 1929 or 1930; 1995
1-07 Miscellaneous: Letter, 2006; handwritten note; Program, Reminiscences Reflections on Robert Nathaniel Perry, Jr., Walter L. Cohen Senior High School, April 1976