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Elia Marie Moreau Collection

Collection 472

Moreau, Elia Marie (1890–1969). Collection, 1891–1968, n.d.

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Elia Marie Moreau was born on December 31, 1890 to Aurelis and Eleonore Moreau in Eunice, Louisiana. She received her early education in St. Landry Parish, attended Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) where she received a Bachelor of Arts, and later went to Louisiana State University where she received her Master’s Degree. Her first year of teaching was in Beauregard parish; the next 43 years she taught in St. Landry Parish. She retired in 1956.

Ms. Moreau was active in her community work. She was an active member of the St. Landry Retired Teachers Association and was President of the Opelousas Garden Club. The members of the Opelousas Garden Club presented a live oak tree to Opelousas Junior High School in Ms. Moreau’s memory. There is also a plaque bearing the inscription “The Elia Moreau Oak, January, 1970”.

This collection consists of her certificates, school records, news clippings, baptism record, photographs and other materials as well.

Donated by her niece Dr. Bonnie D. Belleau.


A. Correspondence 1-01
B. Biography 1-02
C. Diploma/Certificates 1-03 through 1-04
D. Photographs 1-05
E. School Records 1-06
F. News Clippings 1-07


Box 1
1-01 Correspondence: 1968 (invitation to commencement honoring its graduates of 50 years) Commencement program 1968 attached
1-02 Biography: Baptism Certificate: Elia Moreau, baptized on February 9, 1891; speech about E. Moreau, no author
1-03 Diploma: Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, LA, “Elia Moreau”, Bachelor of Arts, May 27, 1924
1-04 Certificates: Certificate of Membership and Prior Service, Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana, April 1, 1937; Certificate of Meritorious Service in the field of Education, St. Landry Parish, May 4, 1960; The University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA, Golden Anniversary Diploma, May 26, 1968
1-05 Photographs: Class of 1918 honored at the Golden Reunion, 1968; unidentified photographs
1-06 School Records: SLI, 1917-1922, Courses and grades. College of Education; St. Landry Parish School Board - Teachers Service Record, 1945-46; Teachers’ Retirement system of Louisiana, record, 1912-
1-07 News Clippings: E. Moreau, 1968