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Jean Schmidt Kiesel Collection

Collection 447

Kiesel, Jean Schmidt (1951– ). Collection, 2007, 2014

12 inches

Jean Schmidt Kiesel received her BA in History at Macalester College in 1973 and her MA in Librarianship from the University of Denver in 1974. She went on to receive her MA in History from Montana State University. Her thesis was titled: “Copper Kings, Populists and Log-rollers: The 1893 Session of the Montana State Legislature.” She worked in Minnesota and Montana before coming to the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1985. She was the Reference Archivist (formerly Louisiana Room Librarian) at Edith Garland Dupré Library.

She retired in June 2017 after 32 years at the University. During her tenure, in addition to working in the Louisiana Room (now Special Collections), she wrote many book reviews, published and edited newsletters, gave many presentations at conferences, and wrote numerous grants.

She also published two publications in the “Images of America” series from Arcadia Publishing.

She was a member of the American Library Association, Society of American Archivists, Society of Southwest Archivists, Louisiana Library Association, Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, Louisiana Historical Association, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This collection consists of research material compiled to publish her two books: “Images of America: Lafayette” (2007) and “Images of America: Evangeline Parish” (2014), the latter being co-written by Jane F. Vidrine.

This collection was donated by Jean S. Kiesel.


A. Images of America: Lafayette 1-01 through 1-34
B. Images of America: Evangeline Parish 1-35 through 1-66


Box 1
  A.Images of America: Lafayette
    1-01 Cover photos: Photo cover and news clipping, 2007
    1-02 Chapter 1: Vermilionville, The Early Years, photos and captions
    1-03 Chapter 2: The Progressive Years, photos and captions
    1-04 Chapter 3: The Middle Years, photos and captions
    1-05 Chapter 4: Postwar Growth, photos and captions
    1-06 Chapter 5: Boom 2nd Bust, photos and captions
    1-07 Chapter 6: Lafayette Today, photos and captions
    1-08 Notes: A - B, research material
    1-09 Notes: C - D, research material
    1-10 Notes: D - F, research material
    1-11 Notes: G - H, research material
    1-12 Notes: I - K, research material
    1-13 Notes: L - M, research material
    1-14 Notes: Lafayette, A - M, research material
    1-15 Notes: Lafayette, L - Z, research material
    1-16 Notes: N - P, research material
    1-17 Notes: Q - S, research material
    1-18 Notes: T - V, research material
    1-19 Notes: W - Z, research material
    1-20 Notes: Miscellaneous notes
    1-21 Lafayette Remembered Centennial Album, news clippings
    1-22 L.M. Griffin, research material
    1-23 Lafayette Photos, research material
    1-24 Lafayette Advertiser, research material
    1-25 John Stephan Photos, permission to publish form, notes
    1-26 E.L. Stephens Albums, Louisiana Digital Library photos and information about photos
    1-27 Chapter 6 (old), Louisiana Digital Library photos and news clippings
    1-28 Images and captions, research material on various photos
    1-29 Page proofs - corrected, photos and captions
    1-30 Bibliography
    1-31 Acquisitions Editor (correspondence to/from)
    1-32 Images of America: Lafayette (Book proposal)
    1-33 Arcadia documents, author’s guidelines, correspondence, résumé, etc., author’s guidelines, correspondence, résumé, etc.
  B. Evangeline Parish
    1-34 Evangeline Parish, history
    1-35 Basile, history
    1-36 Baou Chicot, history
    1-37 Chataignier, history
    1-38 Chicot State Park, history
    1-39 Mamou, history
    1-40 Pine Prairie, history
    1-41 Turkey Creek, history
    1-42 Ville Platte, history of parish
    1-43 Notes: A - E, research material
    1-44 Notes F - K, research material
    1-45 Notes L - P, research material
    1-46 Notes Q - T, research material
    1-47 Notes U - Z, research material
    1-48 Notes: Miscellaneous
    1-49 Bibliography
    1-50 Images: Communities
    1-51 Images: People
    1-52 Images: Churches
    1-53 Images: Schools
    1-54 Images: Agriculture
    1-55 Images: Businesses
    1-56 Images: Recreation, Cotton Festival
    1-57 Images: Recreation, Mardi Gras
    1-58 Images: Recreation
    1-59 Permission to publish photographs (sample form)
    1-60 Photographs, miscellaneous
    1-61 Contract
    1-62 Sample photos and captions
    1-63 Arcadia Publishing, miscellaneous
    1-64 Notes from donors
    1-65 Photos and captions