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Whitney L. Broussard Collection

Collection 442

Broussard, Whitney L. (1943 - ). Collection, 1861-1990s, n.d.

1 foot, 10 inches; 8 volumes

This collection consists of documents, Broussard genealogy, photographs, records, correspondence, publicity of the Broussard family, Abrom and Jack Kaplan and their Irrigation Company material, and Amanda Hanks material. There are also scrapbooks of Broussard family material from Vermilion Parish. Other scrapbooks include material on Abrom Kaplan (founder Kaplan, Louisiana), genealogy information, news clippings, typescript material, and others.

Donated by Whitney Broussard.


A. Documents 1-01 thru 1-02
B. Broussard Genealogy 1-03 thru 1-07
C. Photographs 1-08 thru 1-13
D. General Records 2-01
E. Records 2-02
F. Correspondence 2-03
G. Publicity 2-04 thru 2-10
H. Miscellaneous 2-11 thru 2-13
I. Oversize Box 3
J. Binders  


Box 1
1-01 Documents: Successions of Lastie Broussard & Perpetine Mayard. No. 832, Vermilion Parish. July 5, 1911. Photocopy
1-02 Documents: Irving Irrigation Company to Jack M. Kaplan. Cash Deed. September 7, 1957. Purchase if Irving Irrigation Company. Copy
1-03 Broussard Genealogy: Typed script material, n.d.
1-04 Broussard Genealogy: Pedigree charts, certificate of marriage, news clippings, etc., 1861-1995
1-05 Broussard Genealogy: Letters, 1893. Photocopy
1-06 Broussard Genealogy: Ruth Broussard and Justin John Broussard, pedigree chart, death announcement, timeline, typescript material, letters, 1878 – 1980s. Photocopy
1-07 Broussard Genealogy: Broussard Family History. “First Broussard family reunion in Broussard, La. August 3-4, 1991. Published by Harvy Broussard, Maxine Duplechain Duhon, Letrise Arceneaux Page. Copyright 1991. Broussard Genealogy Society
1-08 Photographs: Amanda Segrara Hanks, buildings, cemetery photos, etc.
1-09 Photographs: Some identified, buildings, people, etc., n.d.
1-10 Photographs: Old house, unidentified, n.d.
1-11 Photographs: Homes, interior and exterior, other exterior buildings, etc., n.d.
1-12 Photographs: “The Kaplans”, couples, groups, negatives included, etc., n.d.
1-13 Photographs: Kaplan High School – 1927, Broussard Home, Opelousas, Rene’ Broussard Residence, 1902
Box 2
2-01 General Records: Programs, certificate, name tags, etc. 1976-1978, n.d.
2-02 Records: Irving Irrigation Company, Lots sold by company, 1937-1951. Photocopy
2-03 Correspondence: 1978, n.d.
2-04 Publicity: News clippings, Amanda Hanks, 1994, 1998
2-05 Publicity: News clippings, Kaplan High School children, Broussard family, 1967, n.d.
2-06 Publicity: News clippings, Kaplan’s, 1940s-1970s, n.d.
2-07 Publicity: Articles, (Jews), 1990, 1993
2-08 Publicity: Newsletters, Kaplan Sentinel, 1989: January-December
2-09 Publicity: Newsletters, Kaplan Sentinel, 1990: January-December
2-10 Publicity: Newsletter, Kaplan Sentinel, 1991: January-April
2-11 Miscellaneous: Joe Jefferson, Jefferson Island, Louisiana. Poem “Lake Simonette” dedicated to Joe Jefferson (1829-1905)
2-12 Miscellaneous: National Register of Historic Homes “Elrose” Lafayette, LA. Nomination and registration form
2-13 Miscellaneous: Cassette tape: Brian Kaplan – The Rice Industry of Southwest Louisiana. Interviewed by Whitney L. Broussard, July 26, 1988
Box 3
  1. Certificate of Twenty-Five Years Membership: The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana. “Jack Mayer Kaplan” of Crowley, Lodge No. 243. April 30, 1923
  2. Photograph: Abrom Kaplan
  3. News clipping: “Kaplan’s rice industry classic success story. “Jack Kaplan”. Laminated
No. 1: Abrom Kaplan: The Early Years, 1872 Through the Founding of Kaplan in 1903. By Whitney Lynn Broussard (presented for the Annual Caffery Competition, 1998-1999)
No. 2: René and Mercedes Broussard: Contains photographs, certificates, news clippings, typescript material (Broussard family)
No. 3: J.G. Broussard and Hattie Sutton: Contains typescript material, news clippings, Vermilion Parish. (Broussard family)
No. 4: Broussard Family: Pedigree charts, Coat of Arms; Guillotte family: Pedigree charts, Coat of arms, n.d.
No. 5: Kaplan Family: Photographs, articles, correspondence, news clippings, 1940s-1987
No. 6: Whitney L. Broussard: Accomplishments of Whitney Lynn Broussard during Intern and Special Project Courses, spring and Summer of 1998. USL
No. 7: Broussard Family: Certificates, photographs, 1920s-1950s, identified
No. 8: Ledger: Irving Irrigation Company, 1902-1917. Original