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Maurice W. duQuesnay Collection

Collection 435

duQuesnay, Maurice W. (1936 - ). Collection, 1919-2017, n.d.

2 feet, 3½ inches; Oversize

Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay was born in New Orleans in 1936. He earned his Bachelors in English and Philosophy at Marquette University and his Ph.D. at Louisiana State University in 1978. He is currently an Associate Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His teaching and research areas are in psychoanalytic criticism and American literature.

Dr. duQuesnay is also the director of the Flora Plonsky Levy Lecture Series. Flora Levy (1904-1981) was the daughter of Mose and Gussie Plonsky Levy, who ran a general merchandise store in Lafayette at the turn of the last century and owned property downtown. Flora Levy worked as the auditor for the First National Bank of Lafayette. She left her estate to the University to fund the lecture series, an annual event that invites distinguished intellectuals in the arts and humanities to give a lecture to the University and community. Past lecturers include writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, psychiatrist Ian Stephenson, and Sophie Freud, granddaughter of Sigmund Freud. The Flora Levy Lecture Series began in 1980. Also funded by the Flora Levy Foundation is the journal Explorations, an interdisciplinary journal of essays on the arts and sciences. Dr. duQuesnay is the general editor of this journal. The journal occasionally publishes lectures from the Flora Levy and George Rodrigue series.

This collection contains materials related to the Flora Levy Lecture Series, including photographs, correspondence, articles, advertisements, and posters. Miscellaneous materials include photographs from the Levy and duQuesnay families, negatives, cassette tapes, DVDs, and books.

The bulk of the materials in this collection were donated by Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay on February 19, 1999, with additional materials added later on.


A. Flora Levy Lecture Series 1-01 through 4-04
B. George Rodrigue Lecture Series 4-05 through 4-06
C. Personal 4-07 through 4-13
D. Miscellaneous 4-14 through 5-03
E. Photographs 5-04 through 5-11
F. Audiovisual Materials Box 6
G. Oversize Map case 38-08 through 38-11


Box 1
  A. Flora Levy Lecture Series
    1-01 Correspondence, 1988-2003
    1-02 Publicity, 1984-1993
    1-03 Clippings, 1981-1998
    1-04 Daniel Pearl Foundation, 2008
    1-05 Photographs: Levy Lectures and Receptions, 1980-1982
    1-06 Photographs: Levy Lectures and Receptions, 1983-1989
    1-07 Photographs: Levy Lectures and Receptions, 1990-1996, undated
    1-08 Levy/duQuesnay Fund, 1948, 1952, 1978, 1983-1987, 1992, n.d.
    1-09 Finances, 1973-1995
    1-10 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1984-1986
    1-11 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1987-1989
    1-12 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1990-1991
    1-13 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1992-1993
    1-14 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1994-1995
    1-15 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1996-1997
    1-16 Finances: Flora Levy Account, 1998-1999
Box 2  
    2-01 Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1963-1983, 1997, n.d.
    2-02 Acadiana Arts Council Info, March-April 1983. Review of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “My Personal Conception of Religion”, p.7
    2-03 Sophie Freud, 1983
    2-04 Ian Stephenson and William Sorum, 1988-1989, n.d.
    2-05 Sally Robbins, 1998
    2-06 Robert Coles, 1981, 1983
    2-07 Funding for Joseph Riehl Research, by Mrs. Ruth Miller and Judge Minos D. Miller, Jr., 1984-1988
    2-08 Flora Levy Memoriams, 1981-1983
    2-09 Correspondence and Minutes, 1980, 1984, 1991, n.d.
    2-10 House Fund, 1984-1986
    2-11 Jimmy Feibleman Information, 1994
    2-12 Father Dulles, n.d.
    2-13 Avery Dulles, 1989-1994
    2-14 “John Foster Dulles: His Religious and Political Heritage”, by Avery Dulles, S.J., 1994
    2-15 Copy of Avery Dulles Lecture, 1994
    2-16 Bruno Bettelheim, 1980-1985, n.d.
    2-17 Cleanth Brooks, 1987-1989
    2-18 David Allen Brown on Leonardo da Vinci, n.d.
Box 3  
    3-01 Peter Gay, 1986-1994
    3-02 Jason Berry, 1986, 1990, n.d.
    3-03 Garic Kenneth Barranger, 1974, n.d.
    3-04 Lewis Simpson, 1986, 1989-1991
    3-05 Louisiana Libraries and Animals, 1987
    3-06 Allen B. Wheelis, M.D., 1990, 1992
    3-07 Walter Wangerin, 1992
    3-08 Diana Trilling, n.d.
    3-09 “Dombey and Son: Into the Maw of the Monster”, by Barbara Stuart, n.d.
    3-10 Antoine Vergote, 1991
    3-11 Materials for “Explorations”, 1997-1998
    3-12 Miscellaneous Materials Related to “Explorations” and Other Journals, 1997
Box 4  
    4-01 Louis L. Martz (1 of 2), 1985-1986, n.d.
    4-02 Louis L. Martz (2 of 2), 1985-1986, n.d.
    4-03 José Arguelles, 1986
    4-04 Stephen E. Ambrose, 1991
  B. George Rodrigue Lecture Series
    4-05 Poster, 2016; Booklet, 2000
    4-06 008 Magazine, Nov. 2017. Photo spread from Rodrigue Lecture featuring Kathleen Blanco, p.100
  C. Personal
    4-07 Flora Levy: Newcomb College Transcript, 1928
    4-08 Flora Levy: Last Will and Testament, 8 June 1981
    4-09 Gussie P. Levy: Last Will and Testament, 11 June 1956
    4-10 Order form for Civil War service records of Lazarus Levy, 1981
    4-11 duQuesnay family, 1852, 1940-1963, n.d.
    4-12 Virgin’s Garden, New Orleans, 1938-1994, n.d.
        Marie Philomene “Mémé” Abadie and Pauline “Popo” Abadie
    4-13 Virgin’s Garden, New Orleans: Photographs, n.d.
  D. Miscellaneous
    4-14 Address books, n.d.
    4-15 Eugen Adler: Compensation for property in Germany, 1947-1957
    4-16 Michael Blanchad, Naming the Silence: New and Selected Poems. 2017
    4-17 Bookcrafters, 1977
    4-18 Maurice duQuesnay, 1991-2004, n.d.
    4-19 Educational booklets, 1962, n.d.
    4-20 Jews, 1979, n.d.
    4-21 Louisiana Composers, 1991, n.d.
Box 5  
    5-01 LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction, 1995
    5-02 National Council of College Publications Advisors: Who’s Who, 1967
    5-03 Temple Rodeph Sholom/Temple Sholom, Lafayette, 1976, n.d.
  E. Photographs
    5-04 Women on steps of U.S. Capitol, n.d.
        Flora Levy at far right
    5-05 Portraits
        Howell Cobb, C.S.A.
        Ernest LeMercier duQuesnay
        Emma “Mae Mae” “Mamere”
        Ernest duQuesnay
        Marie Andry
        Mary Cobbe
        Aunt Olga LeBreton as a little girl
        Flora Levy
        Julian Levy
        Essie Castetters, 9/25/39, 1 yr. old
        9 unidentified
    5-06 Personal, identified and/or dated
    5-07 Personal, unidentified, n.d.
    5-08 Personal, unidentified, n.d.
    5-09 Color, unidentified
    5-10 Artwork
    5-11 Negatives
Box 6
  F. Audiovisual Materials
    6-01 DVD: Spring 2017 Flora Levy Lecture in the Humanities. "Transcendence in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens" by George Lensing, Jr. (UNC-Chapel Hill), March 16, 2017
    6-02 DVD: Thelma Toole talking about her son, John Kennedy Toole, Sept. 1981
    6-03 DVD: Craig Girouard, 3 assignments on 17th century, 18th century, Henry Thoreau & Emerson. n.d. (2 copies)
    6-04 Floppy Disk: German translator #2: Rodden – Schindler’s List; Orwell & Trilling
    6-05 Cassette Tape: Trilling, Wordsworth and the Rabbi
    6-06 Cassette Tape: Cassette 7, n.d.
    6-07 Cassette Tape: New York Times Book Review, 7 Apr 2002
    6-08 Cassette Tape: New York Times Book Review, 26 May 2002
    6-09 Cassette Tape: New York Times Book Review, 7 Sept. 2003
    6-10 Cassette Tape: N.Y. Review of Books, n.d.
  Map case:
    38-08 Julian Levy (brother of Flora Levy). Certificates (4), 1919-1928
      Photograph: Flora Levy
      Photograph: Southwestern group panorama, n.d.
        Front row, 16th from left: Young woman in dark dress with medallion might be Flora Levy
      Certificate of Confirmation for Flora Levy, 1918
    38-09 Newspaper: The Times of Acadiana, Vol. 18, No. 35, May 20, 1998
    38-10 Posters for Flora Levy Lectures
        Sophie Freud Loewenstein, 1984
        Ian Stevenson, 1989
        Moshe Halbertal, 2010
      Cover art for Explorations: The Twentieth Century, Vol. VIII, 1998
    38-11 Posters for Flora Levy Lectures
        Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1980
        Robert Coles, 1981
        Walker Percy, 1982 (2c.)
        Shirley Ann Grau, 1983 (2c.)
        Sophie Freud Loewenstein, 1984
        Cleanth Brooks, 1988
      Poster for Deep South Writers Conference, 1981 (2c.)
      Genealogy chart for descendants of Jean Hanus
      Genealogy chart: “Parenté avec la famille de Thuy” and “Paranté avec les familles duBreuil, Siller, Lefevre, Perier, Braconnot, Schirmer, d’Osmond, Jeanpierre, de Bourques”
      Inscription on upper tablet, Famille du Quesnay tomb, St. Louis Cemetery No.1, New Orleans