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Frank W. Bardell Diary

Collection 430

Bardell, Frank W. (1873–1947). Diary, 1899–1910

Digital copy

Frank W. Bardell was born on January 26, 1873 in Freeport, Illinois. He was the son of John Bardell and Mary Hirth. He came to Louisiana in the wave of Midwestern immigrants drawn to the rice fields of Southwest Louisiana in the early years of the twentieth century, residing in Welsh and Jennings. Besides farming, he tried his hand at a number of other lines of work to support his family. He passed away at the age of 74 on May 8, 1947 in Jennings.

This collection consists of a digital copy of a diary kept by Bardell. He made daily entries from 1899 to 1910. Besides recording his activities each day, he often recorded the wages he was paid for various jobs and the prices he paid for goods.

This collection was donated by Scott Longon of Lafayette, Louisiana.


A. Diary


DVD of digitized version of Diary, 1899-1910: Frank W. Bardell (daily entries) handwritten.