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Young Men's Business Club Collection

Collection 416

Young Men’s Business Club. Collection, 1879–1940, n.d.

5 inches

The Lafayette unit of the Young Men’s Business Club was formed in March 1933. The primary purpose of the Club was to encourage and assist in the material, civic, and economic progress and prosperity of the city of Lafayette. Specifically, it looked to improve the city through projects within the community. Examples of past projects include: awarding an annual Civic Cup to the area’s “most outstanding” person, the formation of the Junior Police to aide school children in crossing the streets near their schools, sponsoring scrap metal drives, and sponsoring an annual farmer’s barbecue held in cooperation with Southwestern Louisiana Institute.

This collection was donated by Barbara Walley, Lafayette, Louisiana.


A. Plays and Programs 1-01 through 1-02
B. Play Scripts 1-03
C. Photograph 1-04


Box 1    
1-01 Plays/Programs
    The Toastmaster (1905)
    Wehman’s Burnt Cook, or The Amateur Minstrel (1881)
    The Dust on the Earth (1929)
    Monday Morning in Short Circuit Court (1933)
    Denison’s Blackface Plays (1929)
    The Big Time Minstrel Book (1929)
    Wehman’s Minstrel Sketches: Conundrums and Jokes (n.d.)
    Denison’s Vaudeville Sketches: Trouble of a Hotel Clerk (1929)
    The Minstrel Encyclopedia (1926)
    How To Put On A Play (1939)
1-02 Plays/Programs
    Bakers Specialties - The Old Maids’ Convention (1899)
    The Princess of the Mohawks (1932)
    Bones: His Gags and Stump Speeches (1879)
    The Jealous Wife (1908)
    Brother Orchid (1940)
    George Has a Grouch on Sisters (1913)
    The Calamity Howler (1927)
    All on a Summer's Day (1916)
    The Toastmaster (1905)
    Don’t Miss It! Thos. W. Jackson Telling all the Late Ones (n.d.)
1-03 Play Scripts
    Role Sheets
    The Old Maids' Convention
    And the Villain Still Pursued Her
    Loose Copy Plays
    Egghead Jokes
    Jazzy Justice Play
1-04 Photograph
    Smokey to Sid Ory (Sidney C. Ory was President of the Lafayette Young Men’s Business Club in 1952)