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Sarah Brabant Collection

Collection 415

Brabant, Sarah (1932– ). Collection, 1976–1996, n.d.

10 inches

Sarah Brabant was born in LaGrange, Georgia on November 18, 1932. She married in 1953 and has three children. She attended Memphis State University in Tennessee and received her B.A. in 1966 majoring in Sociology. Dr. Brabant went on to receive her Masters and her Ph.D. in 1973. She was employed at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as a professor of sociology. She retired in 2001.

In 1997, Dr. Brabant and others founded the Grief Center in Lafayette. This Center allows children to share their grief with others. It provides networking opportunities for area professionals working with grieving persons and it creates awareness and education on grief issues. The Grief Center is the only one of its kind in the state.

Dr. Brabant was one of the founders of the Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women and designed and developed both the first battered women’s shelter and the first rape crisis center in the area.

This collection consists of correspondence, news clippings, public hearings, bylaws and resolutions, information on programs on the development of women, etc., plus an addition of 44 issues of Daughters of Sarah, a Christian Feminist magazine, November-December 1986 through Winter 1996.

Dr. Sarah Brabant donated this collection.

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A. General Records 1-01 through 1-02
B. Bylaws/Resolutions 1-03
C. Correspondence 1-04 through 1-09
D. History/Speech 1-10 through 1-12
E. Publicity 1-13 through 1-17
F. Public Hearings 1-16 through 1-20
G. Women's Programs 1-21 through 1-22
H. Conference 1-23
I. Miscellaneous 1-24 through Box 2


Box 1
1-01 General Records: List of committees; Commission on the Status of Women, n.d.
1-02 General Records: “Highlights” typed listing with additions, 1976-1979
1-03 Bylaws/Resolutions: By-laws: City Charter, Section 7-09, status and needs of women in the city, parish, and state, etc.; Resolution: No. R-679, establish a Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women, City Council of the City of Lafayette, October 19, 1976.
1-04 Correspondence: Brabant, incoming, 1976-1977
1-05 Correspondence: Brabant, incoming, 1978-1979, n.d.
1-06 Correspondence: Brabant, outgoing, 1976-1977
1-07 Correspondence: Brabant, outgoing, 1978, n.d.
1-08 Correspondence: reference to Commission of Status of Women, 1976-1977
1-09 Correspondence: reference to Commission of Status of Women, 1978-1979
1-10 History: Louisiana Bureau on the Status of Women, Fact sheet; typescript; n.d.
1-11 History: History of the Lafayette Mayor’s Commission on the Needs of Women, written by Sarah Brabant, n.d.
1-12 Speech: handwritten, “Rape”, n.d.
1-13 Publicity: News clippings: 1976-1978
1-14 Publicity: Congressional Record: volume 124, no.57, April 24, 1978
1-15 Publicity: Press/Immediate Releases: News: Congressman George Miller, April 25, 1978 “Sub committee approves Miller Bill for Aid to Domestic Abuse Victims”; Baton Rouge Mayor-President’s Commission on the Needs of Women, “Urging the State Department of Corrections to hire a Qualified woman as Warden at the Women’s Prison at St. Gabriel, February 15, 1978; Office of the White House, “Remarks of the President at a Reception for International Women’s Year”, The East Room, March 22, 1978.
1-16 Publicity: “The Vermilion”, 1979: March 30; April Fools Issue March 30; April 6
1-17 Publicity: “Rape, A Directory of Services. LAFASA, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, Inc., Pineville, Louisiana. 1985
1-18 Public Hearing: Women and the Law: April 8, 1978, flyer
1-19 Public Hearing: Rape, June 10, 1978, flyer, Evaluation, handwritten notes, testimony, Sylvia Roberts notes
1-20 Public Hearing: Impact of Louisiana community property laws, the enforcement of child support and the lack of protection afforded battered women and children: correspondence dated March 3, 1978, March 15, 1978
1-21 Women’s Programs: miscellaneous flyers, Topic Suggested for Women’s Program, Agenda Items and Supplemental Information, May 8, 1979 (2 copies), Agendas, Organizational meeting for Committee on the Development of Women’s Programs, September 7, 1979 (2 copies), Minutes, October 7, - Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Women’s Programs
1-22 Women’s Programs: Proposal for a Women’s Center at the University of Southwestern Louisiana; Headcount Enrollment Report vs. Women 25 Report, summer Session, 1979
1-23 Conference: flyer: National Federation of Student Social Workers, 10th Annual Conference, February 22-25, 1978, New Orleans, LA; women’s Conference: Program, March 4, ?
1-24 Miscellaneous: Pamphlet: Directory of Elected Officials for the voters of Lafayette Parish, League of Women Voters of Lafayette; Proposal for H.E.W. ($200,000) budget, program proposed; Insurance Seminar, October 11, ?
Box 2 Miscellaneous: Daughters of Sarah, 44 issues, November/December 1986 through Winter 1996