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I. Bruce Turner Collection

Collection 412

Turner, I. Bruce (1946–2016). Collection, 1924–2019, n.d.

2 feet, 5 inches; Oversize

Dr. Ian Bruce Turner was born on July 4, 1946, in Monmouth, IL. His parents were Lynn Warren and Vera Kathryn Arbogast Turner. He obtained a B.A. in history with a minor in music from Otterbein College where his father was president and presented his diploma. He continued his education and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in American history from the University of Illinois. From 1971-72, he served as the president of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society. He also received a Master’s of Library Science at the University of Kentucky, where he received the Colonial Dames Fellowship from 1976-77 and became a member of Beta Phi Mu, National Library Science Honor Society. He was married to Sue Ann Steck Turner and they had three daughters: Kristin, Jessica, and Kathryn.

In 1977, he began working as the Head of Special Collections and Assistant Librarian at the State University of New York at Oswego. In 1983, he accepted a position at Edith Garland Dupré Library at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as Associate Professor of Library Sciences and Head of Archives and Special Collections. During his 33 years at the University, he rose to the rank of Professor, became the Assistant Dean of Special Collections Services, published over 26 articles in six different journals, curated 30 exhibits, wrote multiple grants, and participated in numerous committees. From 1998-2001, he was the recipient of the Friends of the Edith Garland Dupré Library Board of Regents Support Fund Professorship. He was an active member of the Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association (LAMA) and the Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA), serving over the years as president, present-elect, vice president, and boar and committee member for both organizations. With the Louisiana Historical Association, he was a member of the archives and membership committees. During his career, he traveled to many conferences throughout the U.S. to gain and share knowledge of history and the archives.

While his love for history was a predominant part of his life, he also had an eclectic mix of other interests: the arts, reading, traveling, and most recently, Facebook. He sang bass with Chorale Acadienne since 1997, sang tenor and bass with the Acadiana Syphone Chorus, and was a faithful member of the church choir, sometimes being featured as a cantor and soloist. He played cello with the Acadiana Symphony from 1984-1997 and continued to play with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Symphony Orchestra and the Lafayette Community Strings for many years. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, where he was an ordained elder. He served on numerous committees including the session (the governing body of the church), taught Sunday school classes, and was considered a cherished leader. Being a University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty member and a man of strong faith, he strove to share these attributes with the students there through the Wesley Campus Ministry. He served as president of this organization and frequently volunteered his time and wisdom. He also volunteered weekly for the Meals on Wheels program delivering meals.

This collection consists of his working files as the University Archivist. There are correspondence files, files on all committees he worked on, state and national conference material he was officers for, writings, awards, etc.

This collection was donated by Sue S. Turner, wife of Dr. Turner.


A. Personal Files 1-01 through 1-11
B. Office Files  
  a. Correspondence 1-12 through 1-37
  b. Exhibits 1-38 through 1-66
  c. Conference Material 1-67 through 2-06
  d. Archives of Louisiana 2-07 through 2-08
  e. Committees 2-09 through 2-30
  f. Grants 2-31 through 3-04a
  g. Other 3-05 through 3-06
C. Audiovisual Box 4
D. Certificates Map Case 13-10


Box 1
  A. Personal
    1-01 General records: Résumé, LSHR: identification card, annual report of professional activities for Friends of Edith Garland Dupré Library/BORSF Professorship, 2001/2001, general information, etc.
    1-02 Photographs and clippings, 1986-2002
    1-03 Correspondence: 1965-1990
    1-04 Correspondence: 1991-1999, no date
    1-05 Correspondence: 2000-2015
    1-06 Awards and Certificates, 1995-2007
    1-07 Writings: Newsletter, books reviews, etc. 1998-2002
    1-08 Writings: News clippings, newsletters, 1992-1999
    1-09 Writings: Church notes, no date
    1-10 Presentations: Notes on presentations
    1-11 Memorial Service: August 20, 2016, obituary, program, etc.
  B. Office Files
    a. Correspondence
    1-12 1924-1983
    1-13 1984
    1-14 1985
    1-15 1986
    1-16 1987
    1-17 1988
    1-18 1989
    1-19 1990
    1-20 1991
    1-21 1992
    1-22 1993
    1-23 1994
    1-24 1995
    1-25 1996
    1-26 1997
    1-27 1998
    1-28 1999
    1-29 2000-2001
    1-30 2002-2003
    1-31 2004
    1-32 2005-2007
    1-33 2008-2013
    1-34 No date
    1-35 Centennial anniversary - 2000, correspondence, 1994-1998
    1-36 Louisiana Room: Correspondence, 1976-1988
    1-37 Louisiana Room: Correspondence, 1989-2008
    b. Exhibits
    1-38 “African Americans in Southwest Louisiana”, no date
    1-39 “President Ray P. Authement”, miscellaneous dates
    1-40 “Basketball”, no date
    1-41 “Blacks in Louisiana”, no date
    1-42 “Civil War”, no date
    1-43 “Dormitories”, no date
    1-44 “Dupré, Edith Garland”, no date
    1-45 “President Lether E. Frazar”, no date
    1-46 “Full Sports”, no date
    1-47 “Dr. Ernest J. Gaines”, no date
    1-48 “Integration comes to SLI”, no date
    1-49 “Mardi Gras”, no date
    1-50 “Performing Arts”, no date
    1-51 “Live Oak Society”, no date
    1-52 “Names and Maps”, no date
    1-53 “Paintings and Portraits”, no date
    1-54 “Presidents”, no date
    1-55 “Rice”, no date
    1-56 “Rickels”
    1-57 “Spring Sports”, no date
    1-58 “Dr. Edwin L. Stephens”, no date
    1-59 “Dr. Edwin L. Stephens Family”, no date
    1-60 “Summer Activities”, no date
    1-61 “UAAMC & Rare Books”, no date
    1-62 “Welcome to the Library”, no date
    1-63 “Women and the University”, no date
    1-64 “Women”, no date
    1-65 “Women at University”, no date
    1-66 “Women’s Organization”, no date
    c. Conference Material
    1-67 LAMA, Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, 1994
    1-68 LAMA, Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, 1995
    1-69 LAMA, Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, 2004-2009
    1-70 SSA, Society of Southwest Archivists, 1998
    1-71 SSA, Society of Southwest Archivists, 1999-2000
    1-72 SSA, Society of Southwest Archivists, 2001-2002
    1-73 SSA, Society of Southwest Archivists, 2003
Box 2
    2-01 SSA, Society of Southwest Archivists, 2000-2005
    2-02 LHA, Louisiana Historical Association, 2004-2006
    2-03 SAC, Southwest Archives Conference, 1996
    2-04 SAC, Southwest Archives Conference, 2004
    2-05 SAC, Southwest Archives Conference, 2006
    2-06 LAMA, Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association, 1991-1993
    d. Archives of Louisiana
    2-07 Friends of Archives of Louisiana, 1990
    2-08 Surveys: Archives, Louisiana Room, 1988-1994
    e. Committees
    2-09 Publicity, 1985-1986
    2-10 Library Grants Committee, Meeting Minutes, 2002
    2-11 Audio Visual Policy, 2002
    2-12 Policy report, 2005
    2-13 Religious Activities, 2000
    2-14 Staff Lounge Policy, no date
    2-15 Digitization - CONTENTdm, no date
    2-16 AAUP - Grievance (University), 2001
    2-17 CoSA, Council of State Archivists, no date
    2-18 LHRAB, LA Historical Records Advisory Board, 2004-2006
    2-19 LHRAB, LA Historical Records Advisory Board, 2001-2003
    2-20 LHRAB, LA Historical Records Advisory Board, 1998-2000
    2-21 LHRAB, LA Historical Records Advisory Board, documents, 2008
    2-22 Louisiana: Historical Records Survey, article from Louisiana History. “Notes and Documents, Inspecting the Records of the Louisiana Historical Records Survey by Glenn L. McMullen, no date
    2-23 LHRAB, other states, 1994-1999
    2-24 LHRAB, bylaws, 2005
    2-25 Gift Policy, 1989-2006
    2-26 Friends of the Library, 1997-1998
    2-27 Friends of the Library, 1998
    2-28 LaLINC, Disaster Preparedness Committee, 2000-2003
    2-29 LHA, Louisiana Historical Association, 2000
    2-30 Disaster Planning, 1986
    f. Grants
    2-31 LEQSF, Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund, USL Oral History Project; Computerized Index to Robert R. and Edwin S. Broussard Papers and Office of President’s Records, 1900-1937 (Stephens) 1995-1996
    2-32 LEQSF, Oral History Project, Computerized Index to Robert R. and Edwin S. Broussard Papers, 1995-1996
    2-33 LEQSF, Cajun Creole Archives 1996-1997
    2-34 Folklore, 2003
    2-35 LEH, Presenting and Preserving Memories of Veterans, 2004
    2-36 LEH, Presenting and Preserving Memories of Veterans, 2006
    2-37 STEP Grant, Digitizing 16 mm Film in Special Collection, 2006
    2-38 BoRSF, John Stephans Photographs, 2002
    2-39 NHPRC, Edwin & Robert Broussard Papers, 1988-1989
    2-40 Oral History Project of Northeast Louisiana, no date
    2-41 Notes, miscellaneous, 2002
    2-42 DLB, Dictionary of Louisiana Biography, 1996
Box 3
    3-01 Veterans Oral History Project, 2006
    3-02 LEQSF, Acadian and Creole Folklore, 1997-1999
    3-03 NHPRC, Hurricane Recovery Grant, Disaster Assessment and Response, 2005-2006
    3-04 NHPRC, Disaster Assessment and Response, 2006-2008
    3-04a The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: Talk “American Civil War”, by Judith Gentry, 20 March 2014
    g. Other
    3-05 Event: 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the founding of the Southwestern Archives and Manuscripts Collection, October 13, 2015
    3-06 Academy of Certified Archivists, 2006
    3-07 “Reminiscence, 40 Years of Musical Excellence, 1979-2019.” Special Thanks to [Donor] Dr. Charles Triche III (dedicated to the memory of Bruce Turner), 2019
Box 4
  C. Audiovisual
    1. Building New Programs at Mid-Sized Institutions, Chair: David Richards
    2. Archival Implications of Recent Developments is Copyright, Chair: Peter Hirtle
    3. The Dynamics of Donor Relations: Learning from Development Professionals, Chair: Kathryn Neil
Map Case: 13-10
  D. Certificates
    Certificate: State of Louisiana, Executive Department Named Bruce Turner, Member, Louisiana Historical Records Advisory Board, June 30, 1998