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Theotice Duhon Collection

Collection 409

Duhon, Theotice (1887–1957). Collection, 1868–1957

2 ½ inches

Theotice Duhon (1887-1957). Primarily a collection of tax information, including receipts and notices. Contains information in regards to accounts paid as well as voter registration and Homestead Exemption Applications.

This collection was donated by Isabel Duhon LeBlanc.


A. Financial Records 1-01 through 1-08
B. General Records 1-09 through 1-11
C. Correspondence 1-12


Box 1
  A. Financial Records
    1-01 Tax Receipts (1868-1899)
    1-02 Tax Receipts (1902-1935)
    1-03 Tax Receipts (1936-1951)
    1-04 Tax Receipts (1951-1959)
    1-05 Tax Notices (1949-1958)
    1-06 Accounts Paid (1883-1916)
      Information regarding accounts for home and vehicle improvement.
    1-07 General Receipts (1886-1942)
      Payment information regarding medical bills, a war book, and miscellaneous payments made by Duhon.
    1-08 Expense Reports (1946, 1948)
      Within farm account book: information regarding labor, land leases, and lumber costs, etc.
  B. General Records
    1-09 Voter Registrations (1930-1953)
      Certifying Theotice Duhon as a registered voter
    1-10 Homestead Exemption Applications (1937-1953)
      Contains information about the total value of the Duhon homestead
    1-11 Church Ephemera (1957)
      Information about the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish in Scott, LA.
  C. Correspondence
    1-12 Correspondence (1888-1935)
      Incoming and outgoing