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Cecile M. Judice Collection

Collection 407

Judice, Cecile M. (1909–2007). Collection, 1928–1979

2.5 inches

Cecile M. Judice was born May 15, 1909 to Sydney Judice and Regina Thomas Judice in St. Martin Parish. She graduated in 1929 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). In 1942, she received her Bachelor of Science in Library Science, and served as a Librarian at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette until her retirement. Ms. Judice lived most of her life In Lafayette and passed away on January 17, 2007; she is buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Lafayette.

This collection contains the degrees of Cecile M. Judice from Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Louisiana State University, and a degree from Southwestern Louisiana Institute for her sister Amelie M. Judice. The collection also consists of a LSU Alumni life membership certificate, USL Golden Anniversary certificates, commencement program, a list of the graduating class of 1928, speeches from 1978 and 1979 graduation, and photographs with descriptions of the 1928 graduating class.

Frances Morvant, niece of Ms. Judice, donated the collection.


A. General 1-01
B. Photographs 1-02
C. Certificates 1-03 through 1-04


A. General
  1-01 Speeches, 1978-79.
    Commencement Program USL, 1979.
    List of 1928 SLI Graduating Class.
B. Photographs
  1-02 Photographs of 1928 Graduating Class, 1978-79.
    News Releases with names of people in photographs, 1978-79
C. Certificates
  1-03 Cecile M. Judice; Southwestern Louisiana Institute Bachelor of Arts in Education, 1929.
    Louisiana State University Bachelor of Science in Library Science, 1942.
    Louisiana State University Life Membership of Alumni Certificate, 1945.
    University of Southwestern Louisiana Golden Anniversary Diploma, 1978-79.
  1-04 Amelie M. Judice; Bachelor of Arts in Education Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 1931.