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Joseph E. Urban Collection

Collection 403

Urban, Joseph E. (1951 - ). Collection, 1983-2000

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Joseph E. Urban was born on September 2, 1951 in Miami, Florida. He is married with one child. Urban received his B.A. in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1973. He then attended the University of Iowa, receiving his M.S. in Computer Science in 1975. He then attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana where he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1977.

He began working at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1983. This collection consists of his curriculum vitae, conference papers, articles and book chapters that he authored or coauthored, and material on workshops and newsletters pertaining to computer science.


A. Curriculum Vitae 1-01
B. Conference Papers 1-02
C. Articles and Book Chapters 1-03
D. Workshops and Newsletters 1-04


Box 1
1-01 Curriculum Vitae, 1986
1-02 Conference Papers, 1984-1985
    International Symposium on Logic Programming, Baily’s Park Place Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 6-9, 1984
    Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Data Engineering Conference, Los Angeles, CA, Utilizing an Executable Specification Language for an Information System by Susan D. Urban, Joseph E. Urban, and Wayne D. Dominick, April 24-27, 1984
    Proceedings of the 2nd Software Engineering Conference, Nice, France, An Executable Specification Language for Abstract Data Types by Boumediene Belkhouche and Joseph E. Urban, June 4-6, 1984
    The First International Conference on Computers and Applications, Beijing (Peking), China, A Method for Evaluating Front-End Life Cycle Tools by Lucinda S. Edmonds and Joseph E. Urban, June 20-22, 1984
    IEEE Computer Society Conference on Ada Applications and Environments, Sheraton Midway Hotel, St. Paul, MN October 15-18, 1984
    Proceedings of the First Pacific Computer Communications Symposium, Seoul Korea, A Software Engineering Methodology for Distributed Software Development by Joseph E. Urban and Patrick Bobie, October 21-23, 198?
    Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Data Typing for Data Base Management Systems by Suzanne N. Delcambre, Patricia A. Nanartowich and Joseph E. Urban, 1985
    Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Automates Technology Transfer within a Software Engineering Environment by Joseph E. Urban, David H. Burlingame, Motasim Najeeb, and Patricia A. Nanartowich, 1985
1-03 Articles and Book Chapters, 1983-1986
    The Human Resources Task Area by Charles E. Oglesby and Joseph E. Urban, n.d.
    Handbook of Software Engineering, Chapter 9 Computer Languages by Joseph E. Urban, n.d.
    Ada Environments and Tools, by Joseph E. Urban and David A. Fisher, 1985
    Transactions on Software Engineering Volume SE-12, no.5, Director Implementation of Abstract Data Types from Abstract Specifications by Boumediene Belkhouche and Joseph E. Urban, 5/1986
1-04 Workshops and Newsletters, 1999-2000
    Office of Research and Sponsored Workshop and Seminar Announcement. 9/22/1999
    Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Free Grant Writings Workshop Announcement, 9/28/1999
    LCCA “Le Roux,” Louisiana College Counseling Association Newsletter, 11/1999
    Southwest Theatre Association Conference Program, 1999; Louisiana Historical Association Newsletter, n.d.
    Lagniappe, Louisiana Athletic Trainers’ Association, volume 6, issue 1, spring 2000