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Allen "Chuck" Budden Collection

Collection 399

Budden, Allen “Chuck” (1902–1994). Collection, 1927

2 ½ inches

Allen “Chuck” Budden, was born in Palmetto, Louisiana in 1902. Palmetto, Louisiana was flooded when the Atchafalaya River broke through the levee at Melville. He was 24 years old when the flood of 1927 took place. In 1934, he opened his own business in Palmetto, “Budden’s General Merchandise Store.” Budden passed away in 1994 at the age of 91.

This collection consists of photographs taken during the flood of 1927 in Palmetto. His brother-in-law “Swan” Williams, who was with the U.S. Coast Guard, took most of the photographs. The rest of the photos were collected over the years from other people. These photographs are digitized and copied to a CD.

Donated by Bertha Reed, daughter of Mr. Chuck Budden.


A. Photographs: Thumbnails 1-01
B. Photographs: CD 1-02


List of photographs with details
  1. Refugee children leaving Simmesport, May 12, 1927
  2. Refugees being evacuated from Simmesport LA Railway & Navigation RR (LR&N)
  3. Refugees gathering on railroad tracks at Simmesport
  4. LR&N RR at Simmesport looking toward Point Coupee before the flood
  5. “Rum Guardians” on rescue duty at Simmesport
  6. Rescue boats at Simmesport
  7. Refugees close to Simmesport
  8. “Rum Chasers” at Simesport
  9. Rescuing refugees near Simmesport
  10. Seaplane on scout duty around Simmesport
  11. LR&N Bridge looking East from Simmesport on May 12, 1927
  12. Bayou des Glaises close to Longbridge around Cottonport
  13. Backwaters from Bayou des Glaises
  14. Backwaters from Bayou des Glaises
  15. Bayou des Glaises, May 12, 1927
  16. Bayou des Glaises looking toward Simmesport from N end of LR & N bridge
  17. Levee Board employees at Bayou des Glaises
  18. Bayou des Glaises
  19. Rosewood looking toward Moreauville on the Simmesport Road
  20. Driving stock out of flood at Rosewood just below Hamburg May
  21. Driving stock at Rosewood
  22. Driving stock
  23. Highway near Boarderlonville just before “Crevasse”
  24. Government levee between Moreauville and Boardelonville
  25. Woodside engineers with sandbags May 13
  26. Highway to Simmesport
  27. Melville; Texas-Pacific RR Bridge across the Atchafalaya River
  28. Ferry at Melville
  29. Texas-Pacific Bridge Melville
  30. Texas-Pacific Bridge Melville
  31. Melville
  32. Texas-Pacific Bridge Melville
  33. Melville RR Bridge on Pointe Coupee side of river
  34. Allen Budden on bridge where one span fell out; July 3
  35. Texas-Pacific Bridge
  36. Melville
  37. Melville
  38. Melville
  39. Unidentified
  40. Melville
  41. Melville
  42. Texas-Pacific RR Depot at Melville
  43. Rowboat going through the “Crevasse” at Melville
  44. Melville July 3
  45. Melville sandbars
  46. Waterworks at Melville; artesian well overflowing
  47. Melville waterworks
  48. Main street of Melville
  49. Melville postcard
  50. Melville postcard
  51. Budden on ferry ramp at Melville, July 3
  52. Budden standing in “the Crevasse” at Melville
  53. Melville Standard Oil Plant; Budden on left June
  54. Gatehouse on SO plant; Budden on R; flood and fire killed two
  55. Texas-Pacific gooseneck; Melville motorboats wrecked; Bill Rogers killed
  56. Texas-Pacific gooseneck just West of Melville
  57. Debris alongside bridge
  58. Melville; sandbars formed by flood; V.E. Harris Store, July 3
  59. Able Hotel in Melville; telegraph on 2nd floor; dried money from bank here
  60. Melville Able Hotel postcard
  61. Pointe Coupee
  62. Melville ferry on Pointe Coupee side of river; May
  63. Driving cattle from flood on Jefferson Hwy between Melville and Palmetto May
  64. Driving cattle between Melville and Palmetto
  65. Unloading sandbags between Palmetto and Melville
  66. Mexicans working on the RR near Palmetto; May
  67. Mexicans sandbagging the RR between Melville and Palmetto
  68. Unloading sandbags
  69. Unidentified
  70. Main Street in Palmetto
  71. Texas-Pacific RR work train near Palmetto
  72. Palmetto during flood; cotton gin is across RR tracks
  73. A “Palmetto flapper” Mary Sliman (Burkhead)
  74. Allen Budden’s home, Palmetto
  75. Allen Budden’s home, Palmetto
  76. Palmetto just before flood; high school is in the center
  77. Main street Palmetto “Buffalo” is boat Budden used in gathering dead animals
  78. Palmetto Sliman’s Store
  79. Palmetto; back of Charlie Joseph’s Store ® and Goudeau’s Meat Mkt (L)
  80. Palmetto; cars Budden helped to move to RR depot platform
  81. Palmetto; L to R Mary & Blanche Budden Marys Habib & Sliman in front of Benhard’s
  82. Sawmill; Brewer-Nienstedt office and commissary outside of Palmetto
  83. Unidentified
  84. J.H. Benhard’s home
  85. Palmetto Benhard’s home
  86. Rescue boat on Bayou Jack Hwy Palmetto
  87. Rescue boat Bayou Jack
  88. Bayou Jack outside Palmetto waiting for rescue boat
  89. Faulkner’s Ferry Soileau’s house
  90. Faulkner’s Ferry
  91. J.A. Carter’s home Bayou Rouge near Palmetto on June 7
  92. J.A. Carter’s home
  93. Working on the levee
  94. Equipment used to reinforce the levee
  95. Refugees
  96. Refugees
  97. Unidentified
  98. Unidentified
  99. Close to floating pavilion near New Roads
  100. Unidentified
  101. Unidentified
  102. Unidentified
  103. Deserted chicken on fence, June 27
  104. Unidentified
  105. U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Ship
  106. Unidentified
  107. Rescue boat to the left of the picture
  108. Unidentified
  109. Unidentified
  110. Unidentified
  111. Hamburg on the morning of the Crevasse
  112. Unidentified
  113. Working on the levee
  114. Unidentified
  115. Plaquemine area debris
  116. Unidentified
  117. Unidentified
  118. Unidentified
  119. Unidentified
  120. Unidentified
  121. Mules working
  122. Unidentified
  123. Unidentified
  124. Unidentified
  125. Unidentified
  126. Unidentified
  127. Unidentified
  128. Unidentified
  129. Unidentified
  130. Unidentified
  131. Unidentified
  132. Unidentified
  133. Unidentified
  134. Rice growing near Eunice, June 27
  135. Rice fields near Opelousas, June