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Philip B. Clerc Collection

Collection 397

Clerc, Philip B. (1918–2005). Collection, 1880–2003

2 ½ feet; Map Case 10-06

Philip B. Clerc, Sr. was born January 3, 1918 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the son of Rene Clerc, Sr. and Florence Carstens Clerc. He married Ann Hill Clerc. They were married 63 years and they had three daughters. Clerc attended Tulane University in New Orleans and served in the Signal Corps and the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. He worked for over 40 years at South Central Bell Telephone Company in New Orleans and later as a District Engineer in Lafayette and Lake Charles. Clerc passed away on March 12, 2005 at the age of 87.

Clerc was a member of Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette City and Regional Planning Commissions, Chairman of the Lafayette Parish Juvenile Detention Home Planning and Building Committee, Board of Directors of the Lafayette Junior Achievement, and member in the Civital Club.

This collection consists of letters to Florence Carstens Clerc, photographs of the Clerc and Carstens families, Florence Carsten’s school material, and genealogy research of the Clerc and related families.

This collection was donated by Judy Clerc Wood Henry.

Folders 1-01 through 1-05: RESTRICTED
Box 3: No. 4: RESTRICTED


A. Letters 1-01 through 1-05
B. School Material 1-06 through 1-07
C. Miscellaneous Material 1-08 through 1-09
D. Genealogy Research 1-10 through 1-26
E. Photographs 2-01 through 2-05
F. Oversize Box 3; Map Case 10-06


Box 1
  A. Letters (RESTRICTED)
      1-01 Rene Clerc to Florence Carstens: August 15, 1898 - October 10, 1898
      1-02 Rene Clerc to Florence Carstens: October 11, 1898 - December 1898
      1-03 Rene Clerc to Florence Carstens: 1899
      1-04 Rene Clarc to Florence Carstens: 1900-1904
      1-05 To Florence Carstens, August 9, 1898-1930, n.d.
  B. School Material
      1-06 Exams: Florence Carstens, 1890, 1892
      1-07 Homecoming program honoring classes of 1889-1909; Class of 1889, list of students (mailing addresses); news clipping “A Southern Summer Night” by Adaline M. Terrell, (no other information provided)
  C. Miscellaneous
      1-08 Greetings card: Christmas, n.d.; Souvenir “Mission, given by the Redemptorist Fathers”; “Practical Prescriptions”, ready reference, n.d.
      1-09 New Iberia: History, news clipping, New Iberia Enterprise, 1931
  D. Genealogy Research
      1-10 Clerc Family Reunion, 1986 (booklet); Pedigree chart of Clerc family
      1-11 Church records: Cemetery records, news clippings, obituaries, “The Basilica on Jackson Square, history of the St. Louis Cathedral and its predecessors, 1727-1965”, by Leonard V. Huber and Samuel Wilson, Jr., etc.
      1-12 Carstens; obituaries, news clippings, correspondence, auctioneers licenses, city directories, New Orleans listings, Coat of Arms - “Carstens”, etc., 1913-1993
      1-13 Clerc: Coat of Arms - “Clerc”, correspondence, news articles, family group records, 1970-2001, n.d.
      1-14 Correspondence, greeting cards, post cards, writings, 1960-1970s, (some from Europe), Joubert, Simon families as well, n.d.
      1-15 Clerc family, correspondence, pedigree charts, (Switzerland to New Iberia), Berset families, etc., n.d.
      1-16 Clerc, Claude family (Switzerland), correspondence, writings, 1911, 1970, n.d.
      1-17 Clerc, Charles Francois, (Switzerland, New Orleans, New Iberia), pedigree charts, correspondence, articles, handwritten notes, etc. 1980s, n.d.
      1-18 Clerc, Charles, (Lake Charles), news clipping, notes, n.d.
      1-19 Clerc, Philip Burton, Sr., pedigree chart, writings, correspondence, 1993-1994, n.d.
      1-20 Clerc, Rene Ferdinand, pedigree charts, obituaries, correspondence, resolution - City of New Orleans as a member of Public Belt Railroad Commission, 1931, etc.
      1-21 Colomb family, material, correspondence, written notes, n.d.
      1-22 Gandolfo family, correspondence, writings, maps, 1970, n.d.
      1-23 Joubert family, news articles, photographs, writings, correspondence, etc., 1975, n.d.
      1-24 Rieux-Vanier family, correspondence, writings, notes, etc., 1916, 2003, n.d.
      1-25 Simon family, pedigree charts, correspondence, New Orleans city directories information, photographs, etc., 1985, n.d.
      1-26 Theaux, Pierre families, note cards, certificate of marriage, articles, 1888, n.d.
Box 2
  E. Photographs
      2-01 Carstens, 1842-1907, identified
      2-02 Carstens, 1847-1907, identified
      2-03 Clerc, ca. 1870-1805, identified
      2-04 Clerc, ca. 1870-1950, identified
      2-05 Joubert, Rourke, Gandolpho, Theaux, n.d., identified
Box 3
  F. Oversize
      1. Charles Francois Clerc
      2. Josephine Simon Clerc with daughter Irma, ca. 1862 (photographs taken by Simon Photography operated by her brother)
      3. Framed photographs, some identified
      4. Correspondence: July 30, 1900, To Florence Carstens from Rene Clerc (RESTRICTED)
      5. Cassette: Carstens Gathering - Genealogy
Map Case 10-06
Diploma: Florence Lucie Carstens: New Iberia Graded Public Schools, General History, 31 May 1897