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Samuel Kinchen Collection

Collection 396

Kinchen, Samuel ( – ). Collection, 1867–1912, 1985, n.d.

2 ½ inches

This collection contains biographical information on the Kinchen family, cattle brand of Samuel Kinchen, marriage licenses, correspondence, receipts, and other miscellaneous materials as well. All materials are from St. Mary Parish, particularly the Baldwin area.


A. Personal 1-01 through 1-04
B. Correspondence 1-05
C. Financial Records 1-06
D. Miscellaneous 1-07


Box 1
1-01 Personal: Children of Elijah Kinchen, handwritten, n.d.; Register’s office, Parish of St. Mary, Armstead Kinchen, qualified Elector, 1867
1-02 Personal: Cattle Brand, Samuel Kinchen, registered St. Mary Parish, 1871
1-03 Personal: Marriage Licenses, Kinchen family, 1880
1-04 Personal: Document, Memorandum, The Orphan Home Society of Louisiana and Armstead Kinchen, 1873
1-05 Correspondence: 1985 [1 item]
1-06 Financial Records: Receipts from members of Kinchen family, 1870s-1910
1-07 Miscellaneous: Part of postcard, Certificate of death of slave, return envelope, n.d.