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duQuesnay and Related Families Papers

Collection 393

duQuesnay and Related Families. Papers, 1439–1964, n.d.

10 feet; oversize

The duQuesnay family has a long rich history, dating back to medieval times in France. The family originates from Normandy, where there is a hamlet called Le Quesnay. The le Mercier du Quesnay family settled in the New World with a plantation in St. Domingue, now Haiti, until the Haitian revolution. Along with many people fleeing Haiti, the family settled in Jamaica for roughly 50 years before moving to New Orleans. Many members of the duQuesnay family who lived in Louisiana were buried in St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans.

This collection contains papers related to the le Mercier du Quesnay and related families. Papers include nobility documents from France, correspondence, royal documents, financial papers, newspapers, photographs, and books, including several letter books and scrapbooks. There are also several plays written by Adolphe Le Mercier du Quesnay. Other family names included are Le Mercier, Dommartin (Dompmartin), Jumecourt, Grisolle, and Adams, or variations thereof.

Collection Note: All files are in French unless otherwise notated.

Dr. Alvina Bonnie Wheeler of Southern Methodist University, and wife of Jeremy duQuesnay Adams, donated this collection through Dr. Maurice W. duQuesnay.


A. Letters 1-01 through 1-210
    10-01 through 10-82
1. Business Letters 2-01 through 2-22
B. Documents 2-23 through 3-160
    10-83 through 10-120
1. Royal/Government Documents 4-01 through 4-48
C. Financial Papers 4-49 through 4-146
D. Newspapers 4-137 through 5-09
E. General 5-10 through 5-39
F. Photograph 5-40 through 5-54
G. Books 5-55 through Box 6
H. Oversize 7-01 through 9-59


duQuesnay and Related Families. Papers, 1439-1964, n.d. (PDF)