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Joseph N. Abraham Collection

Collection 392

Abraham, Joseph N. ( – ). Collection, 1929–2005, n.d.

2 feet, 7.5 inches; Oversize

Joseph Nicholas Abraham is a physician in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has practiced medicine for over 30 years. He graduated with honors from Tulane University School of Medicine in 1986. Abraham collected memorabilia on Southwestern Louisiana Institute (later, the University of Southwestern Louisiana; now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). A large part of the collection deals with sports.

This collection was donated by Dr. Joseph Abraham.


A. Published material 1-01 through 1-05
B. Sports memorabilia 1-06 through 1-11; Box 2
C. General memorabilia Boxes 2 through 4
D. Oversize Map Case 13-06


A. Published material
1-01 “The Meaning of Harold and Myrtle Bigler, An Atchafalaya Basin Story”, by Greg Guirard, 1997, 1998
1-02 The Fever of Being, poems by Luis Alberto Urrea. West End Press, 1994 (winner of the 1994 Western States Book Award for Poetry)
1-03 Sports Illustrated (articles featuring Dwight “Bo” Lamar”)
    “Good Times Come to Cajun Country”, December 20, 1971, pp. 20-21
    “It’s the Tip-Off for UCLA’s Invitation”, March 20, 1972, pp.16-23
1-04 Time Magazine (on cover: Christian Keener Cagle)
    “Cagle & Co.”, September 23, 1929, volume 14, number 13 p. 71
1-05 Discover magazine (article autographed by editor)
    “Me Chimp, You Man”, by Paul Hoffman (from the editor), November 1996
B. Sports memorabilia
1-06 Baseball: Season Tickets, 2007 (2); UL Lafayette baseball schedule, 2005
Box 2 Baseball: UL Lafayette cap - autographed, 80 Cajuns!
1-07 Basketball
    USL Ragin’ Cajuns, Ruler, n.d.
Ticket, USL vs. Ohio State, Wednesday, December 17, 1997
UL Lafayette Men and Women’s basketball schedule, 2004/2005 season (1 copy)
UL Lafayette Men and Women’s basketball schedule, 2005/2006 season. (2 copies)
UL Lafayette Men and Women’s basketball schedule, 2006/2007 season. (3 copies)
UL Lafayette basketball schedule, 2006/2007 season, postcard size. (2 copies)
1-08 Basketball: Cards
    Graylin Warner, forward, 1981-1984 (1 card)
Kevin Brooks, forward, 1987-1991 (23 cards)
Sydney Grider, guard, 1987-1990 (3 cards)
Byron Starks, guard, 1990-1994 (6 cards)
1-09 Football
    USL “token” from homecoming festivities, 1970
“Pin”, Ragin’ Cajun helmet, “Flashing Spirit Pin” unopened, n.d.
UL Lafayette photograph, 4 x 6 (magnet) #15, autographed, n.d.
1-10 Football: Cards
    Rafael Septien, kicker, 1970s (3 cards)
Todd Scott, 1987-1990, defensive back (6 cards)
Clarence Verdin, wide receiver, 1980s (33 cards)
1-11 Football: Cards
    James Atkins, tackle, 1990s (1 card)
Jake Delhomme, quarterback, 1990s, (15 cards)
Orlando Thomas, safety, 1990s (6 cards)
Brian Mitchell, quarterback, 1990s, (41 cards)
Brandon Stokley, wide receiver, 1990s, (9 cards)
Box 2 Football: Apron
    “A Classic Weekend”, Cajun FunTime & USL Ragin’ Cajuns vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys, September 5-6, 1986; Red and white
Box 2 Other
  Team Tatoos “USL Ragin’ Cajuns” (3)
  Bulldog Pin (red and white): UMGAHWA! We Got That Coonass Power
  Wrist Band (red and white) Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns (sponsored by Popeyes and Buffalo Wild Wings
  Wristbands (red and white) USL Ragin’ Cajuns
  Wristbands (white with red letters) Cajuns (in a sealed bag)
  Sports towel: Road dogs, USL
  Team shirt: (white with red letters) Cajuns!
  Team plastic cups
    USL Ragin’ Cajuns (Ragin’ Cajun Fight Song) (1 cup)
    USL Ragin’ Cajuns, also included are Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Arkansas State, Vanderbilt University, Mississippi State (mascots for all) (1 cup)
    University of Southwestern Louisiana - football, cheerleaders, band, wrestling, basketball, baseball (3 cups)
C. General memorabilia
Box 2 Bumper Sticker: LSU Delenda Est
    After the Second Punic War, Cato the Elder was an emissary on a diplomatic trip to Carthage. Horrified to see how quickly the Carthagians had rebuilt after the war, he took upon himself to warn his fellow Romans of the growing Carthagian threat. For the rest of his life, whenever he addressed the Senate, whatever the topic at hand, he always finished his speech with the now famous phrase: ‘CARTHAGO DELENDA EST”—Carthage must be destroyed. (typed note attached)
  Ink Pens: Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns (assorted colors and styles) 6 pens
  License plate cover: Ragin’ Cajuns, member 1998-99
USL Club Member, Geaux Cajuns!
  Bumper stickers: USL Ragin’ Cajuns (3)
  Iron-Ons: USL Ragin’ Cajuns (1)
  Folder: red, University of Louisiana Lafayette
  Intercollegiate Athletic & Oratorical Association (IA & OA): medal (1)
  Film: unprocessed (2007)
  Wooden stamp: university seal
  Token: 29mm, 1950 Lafayette, LA, Leblanc Corp., HADACOL
  Can huggies: A Century of Service, Lafayette Alumni Association. (3)
  Plaque: small, Centennial Club, alumni Annual Fund, 1997
  6 pack, bottles of coke in a carton, UL Lafayette, 100 years old
  Telephone: USL Ragin’ Cajuns, Geaux Cajuns!
  Canvas Bag: white bag with USL and university seal printed on bag
  Silver medal (very small) University with seal. In a foam case
  Postcard (in color) scene from SLI, 1951
Box 3 Footballs
  1. Game ball - victory over Texas A & M
  2. Commemorative ball signed by team members
Box 4 University of Southwestern Louisiana Watch
  University Pins (5)
  The Times - Ten Years Pin
  Phi Beta Sigma Pin
  Button for The Othello Project, 2003-2004
D. Oversize
Map case 13-06
  “Risen Star” Photo: New Orleans, 1988 Eclipse Award Winner…3 Year Old Champion 14-3/4 length victory at the 1988 Belmont Stakes. Time - 2:26:2/5 for 1 ½ miles. Second Fastest Time only to His Sire Secretariat. (color photo)
  “Ballad of Risen Star”. Lyrics by Ronnie Lamarque, Co-Owner, Risen Star
  SLI Banner, n.d.