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Frans C. Amelinckx Papers

Collection 381

Amelinckx, Frans C. (1932–2010). Papers, 1963–2006, n.d.

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Dr. Frans Carl Amelinckx was born on 23 September 1932 in Sint Niklaas, Belgium, and spent his childhood in Lille, France with his grandparents. After their deaths, he enlisted in the Belgian Armed Forces and served in Korea. Afterwards, he moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where he met his wife, the future Dr. Carol Cedar Amelinckx. They were married in Pollock, SD in 1959.

Dr. Amelinckx completed a B.S. with High Honors at Northern State Teachers College in Aberdeen, SD in 1964, his M.A. in French in 1966, and his Ph.D. in French Literature in 1970 from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA. Under the guidance of Dr. Alexandre Aspel, he completed his dissertation, “Les structures artistiques et les structures de l’imaginaire dans l’itinéraire de Paris à Jérusalem de F.R. de Chateaubriand”.

Dr. Amelinckx worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Iowa while completing his graduate studies, and then moved on to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where, from 1969-1983, he taught as an instructor (1969-70), an Assistant Professor (1970-1975), and finally an Associate Professor (1975-1983), receiving tenure on 18 August 1975.

In 1983, Dr. Amelinckx was hired by the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) as a full Professor and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, tenured 6 January 1983. In 1987, he was promoted to Professor of French and Francophone Studies, a position he held until his retirement in 2003, after which he became Professor Emeritus. From 1999 to 2002, he was also an Endowed Laborde-Neuner/BORSF Professor in Francophone Studies.

Professionally, in addition to English, Dr. Amelinckx was a native speaker of French, nearly native speaker of Spanish, and could read and speak fluently in German, Italian, and Dutch. Throughout his career, Dr. Amelinckx was a member of a wide variety of domestic and international academic organizations dedicated to the study of literature, the French language, and the teaching of French, among other things.

Personally, Dr. Amelinckx and his wife raised three children (two sons and a daughter), and lived in Lafayette, LA until his death on 28 March 2010.

This collection primarily consists of Dr. Amelinckx’s research notes, written works, and personal/professional correspondence, but also contains class materials, graduate student work, and conference materials. The majority of materials in this collection are in French. To see his curriculum vitae, see a Special Collections staff member.

This collection was donated by Dr. Carol Cedar Amelinckx.


1. Correspondence
    a. Persons 1-01 through 1-22
    b. Organizations 1-23 through 1-26
2. Research Materials  
    a. Michel Séligny 1-27 through 1-30
    b. Camille Thierry 2-01 through 2-03
    c. Other Creole Authors and Literature 2-04 through 2-11
    d. Pauline Roland 2-12 through 2-13
    e. Other 3-01 through 3-04
3. Works  
    a. Books 3-05 through 3-09
    b. Articles 3-10 through 3-12
    c. Papers Presented 3-13 through 4-05
    d. University Work 4-06 through 4-07
4. Students/Student Work  
    a. M.A. Students 4-08 through 4-15
    b. Ph.D. Students 4-16 through 4-20
5. Professional Materials  
    a. Class Materials 4-21 through 4-24
    b. University Materials 4-25 through 5-01
6. Conferences/Organizations  
    a. Conferences 5-02 through 6-02
    b. Organizations 6-03 through 6-04
7. Miscellaneous  
    a. Works 6-05 through 6-10
    b. Notes 6-11 through 7-01
    c. Other 7-02 through 7-06
    d. Floppy Disks Box 8
8. Photographs  
    a. Prints/Negatives 7-07 through 7-11
    b. Slides Box 9


Box 1
  1. Correspondence: Persons
      1-01 Ancelet, Dr. Barry Jean; 3 Aug. 1995
      1-02 Aron, Paul; 1991-1995
      1-03 Bassan, Fernande; Mar.-Apr. 1999
      1-04 Bertrand, Jean-Pierre; 1999-2000
      1-05 Clement, Elaine; 30 Apr. 1997
      1-06 Connell, Kim; 17 Feb 1997
      1-07 Fonck, Edgar; 19 June 2002
      1-08 Friedman, Donald F; 1994-1998
      1-09 de Haes, Frans; 1992-1994
      1-10 Kirkconnell, Thomas W; 3 Mar 1996
      1-11 Libert, Béatrice; 18 Mar 1999
      1-12 Linkhorn, Renée; 1993-1997
      1-13 Linkhorn, Renée; 1998-2000
      1-14 Mbom, Clement; 15 Oct 2004
      1-15 Mermier, Guy; Feb-Nov 1993
      1-16 Paque, Jeannine; 1996-1999
      1-17 Peters, Hugues; 1995-1998
      1-18 Rittner, Leona; 11 Jun 1996
      1-19 Smyth, Elaine B; 27 Jun 2002
      1-20 Spède, Lucy; Jan-Aug 1998
      1-21 Van de Schueren, Eric; 1994-1997
      1-22 Wilwerth, Evelyne; 1997-1999
    Correspondence: Organizations
      1-23 Consulat Général de France á la Nouvelle-Orléans; 22 Jun 1995
      1-24 Neuner-Laborde/BORSF Professorship; Oct-Nov 1999; Correspondence concerning Dr. Amelinckx’s receiving the endowed professorship
      1-25 Taylor, Helen; 1998-1999; Correspondence between Dr. Amelinckx and Ms. Taylor, speaking on behalf of the University of Warwick, regarding an upcoming conference hosted by the University
      1-26 Université Laval Press; 1998-2000; Correspondence concerning the publication of Dr. Amelinckx’s book on Séligny
  2. Research: Michel Séligny
      1-27 Handwritten notes, correspondence; 2001-2004
      1-28 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      1-29 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      1-30 Handwritten notes; n.d.
Box 2
    Research: Camille Thierry
      2-01 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-02 Handwritten notes, thesis: “L’Union and the New Orleans Tribune and Louisiana Reconstruction” by Finnian P Leavens; 1966, n.d.
      2-03 Notebooks; n.d.
    Research: Other Creole Authors and Literature
      2-04 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-05 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-06 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-07 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-08 Handwritten notes; n.d.
      2-09 Handwritten notes, correspondence; Apr-Aug 1999, n.d.
      2-10 Handwritten notes, typed article: “French Literature in Louisiana” by Doris Landry Caffery; n.d.
      2-11 Handwritten notes, documents; n.d.
    Research: Pauline Roland
      2-12 Letters, translated by F. Amelinckx and V. Baker; 2000-2004
      2-13 Handwritten notes, correspondence; 2000-2004
Box 3
    Research: Other
      3-01 Handwritten notes, correspondence, typed essay: “Eugène Sue’s Impact and Influence on 19th Century Louisiana Literature”; topic: Eugène Sue; 2003, n.d.
      3-02 Handwritten notes; topic: female authors: n.d.
      3-03 Handwritten notes; topic: Jules Vallès; n.d.
      3-04 Handwritten notes; topic: slave transport n.d.
  3. Works: Books
      3-05 Reader’s copy: Michel Séligny: écrivain de couleur de la Nouvelle-Orléans; 1993
      3-06 Proof: Michel Séligny: écrivain de couleur de la Nouvelle-Orléans; 1997
      3-07 Final proof: Michel Séligny: écrivain de couleur de la Nouvelle-Orléans; 1998
      3-08 Typed short stories with edits, from Michel Séligny: écrivain de couleur de la Nouvelle-Orléans; n.d.
      3-09 Excerpts, introduction, from Les Vagabondes by Camille Thierry, trans. Frans Amelinckx, May Waggoner; n.d.
    Works: Articles
      3-10 Typed article, « La littérature louisianaise au XIXe siècle : perspective critique »; 1993
      3-11 Typed article, “Social Christianity in Short Stories and Novellas of Michel Séligny”; 1998
      3-12 Handwritten notes, typed article, “The Mirror Motif: Money, Sex, and Morality in Zola’s La Curée”; 2003
    Works: Papers Presented
      3-13 Typed article, “French Romantic Narratives of Travel to the Middle East,” Camargo Foundation; May 1976
Box 4
      4-01 Typed article, “French Literary Influences in the Works of Michel Séligny and Camille Thierry,” Louisiana Historical Assn.; 18 Mar 1994
      4-02 Typed article, “Le roman populaire français et la littérature franco-louisianaise au XIXe siècle,” XIVth Congress of Comparative Literature ; 15-20 Aug 1994
      4-03 Typed article, “Littérature des Creoles de couleur néo-orléanais: témoignage de solidarité, d’aspiration, et de mentalité française républicaine,” 48e Congrès de l’Institut d’histoire de l’Amérique française ; 20-21 Oct 1995
      4-04 Typed article, “19th Century gens de couleur libre in France and Louisiana,” Race, Sex, and Murder in Multicultural Louisiana; 22 Feb 2003
      4-05 Typed article, “La representation des jeunes dans le roman africain d’expression française,” n.d.
    Works: University Work
      4-06 Typed paper, “The Watery Glass,” Prose Writing 21, Northern State Teachers College; Fall 1963
      4-07 Typed paper, “The Special Meignee of God,” Chaucer, Northern State Teachers College; May 1964
  4. Students/Student Work: M.A. Students
      4-08 Typed paper; Marie Ginette BAILLARGEON, French 532; May 1986
      4-09 Typed paper; Erik CHARPENTIER; n.d.
      4-10 Typed paper (French 532), M.A. exam; Menoyot FABRICE; 1986, 1987
      4-11 Typed paper, M.A. thesis; Christian HOMMEL; 1999-2000
      4-12 Typed paper; Ines LORMAND, French 532; May 1986
      4-13 Handwritten paper; Isabelle MEEHAN, XIXeme Siècle; Fall 1982
      4-14 Typed article; Julia PRICE; Spring 2001
      4-15 M.A. exams; various students; 1970, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2000
    Students/Student Work: Ph.D. Students
      4-16 Dissertation committee forms, other forms; Frederick ADAMS; 2000, 2001
      4-17 Dissertation committee forms, mastery exam forms, other forms, dissertation proposal; Cornelie HIBBELER; 2001
      4-18 M.A., Ph.D. exams, plan of study; Thanh-Xuan NGUYEN; 1994, 2000
      4-19 Dissertation proposal, plan of study; Amy Jo PURL; 2000, 2001
      4-20 Ph.D. exams; various students; 2001, 2002, n.d.
  5. Professional Materials: Class Materials
      4-21 Syllabi, exams, and student work; FRENCH 382; Spring 1990
      4-22 Final exam; FRENCH 472/872; n.d.
      4-23 Syllabi, lecture notes, and student work; FRENCH 492/502; Fall 2001
    Professional Materials: University Materials
      4-24 Correspondence, notes; USL Summer School in France; 1989, 1990
      4-25 Correspondence, notes, materials; Department of Modern Languages concerning graduate students and graduate programs; 1999-2001
Box 5
      5-01 Correspondence; Graduate Appeals Committee meeting, writing from various parties in support of graduate appeals; Aug 2000
  6. Conferences/Organizations: Conferences
          1. CODOFIL: Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
      5-02 Handouts, correspondence, other materials; 1987, 1994
          2. ISSEI: International Society for the Study of European Ideas
      5-03 Handouts, correspondence, abstracts, papers, other materials; 1994, 1996, 1997
          3. ICLA: International Comparative Literature Assn.
      5-04 Handouts, correspondence, papers, notes; 1994
          4. WSFH: Western Society for French History
      5-05 Correspondence, notes, other materials; 1996-2000
          5. NAHE: National Assn. for Humanities Education
      5-06 Handouts, correspondence, papers, publication; 1997, 2000
          6. CIEF: Conseil International d’Etudes Francophones
      5-07 Correspondence, other materials; 1998-2003
      5-08 Handouts, correspondence, papers; 1998-2003
          7. AFI: L’Anée Francophone Internationale
Box 6
          8. LHA: Louisiana Historical Assn.
      6-01 Papers, programs, notes; 2002-2006
          9. Consortium on Revolutionary Europe
      6-02 Submission guidelines, style guide; 2003
    Conferences/Organizations: Organizations
          1. Association Amis du Roman Populaire
      6-03 Correspondence, program; 1996
          2. CCIP: Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris
      6-04 Correspondence, exam forms, articles, etc.; 2001
          7. Miscellaneous: Works
      6-05 Project proposal; “Femmes écrivains de Suisse Romande,” Nadine Bordessoule; n.d.
      6-06 Typed article; “Places publiques et voies intimes:…” no author; n.d.
      6-07 Typed articles, book reviews; Reino Virtanen, A. Aspel, Svend Larson, etc.; 1970-1982, n.d.
      6-08 Correspondence, book reviews, copyright forms, newspaper articles; materials relating to the release of Dr. Amelinckx’s book on Michel Séligny; 1998
      6-09 Letters, other materials; “Catharine Cole’s Louisiana Outings,” no author; n.d.
      6-10 Short stories; collection of French short stories possibly translated by Dr. Amelinckx; n.d.
  7. Miscellaneous: Notes
      6-11 Notes; n.d.
      6-12 Notes; n.d.
Box 7
      7-01 Notes; n.d.
    Miscellaneous: Other
      7-02 Newspaper article, research request form; University of Nebraska-Lincoln; 1982
      7-03 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, playbills; “Les Attakapas,” various materials from the production of the play “Les Attakapas,” featuring Dr.Amelinckx, as well as letters and articles from friends congratulating him on his performance; 1988
      7-04 Correspondence, notes, official materials; Rotaract; materials from Rotaract, an organization with which Dr. Amelinckx was involved; 1994-1995
      7-05 Notes; candidate evaluations, purpose unknown; n.d.
      7-06 Notes, correspondence, newspaper article; Genealogy; notes on Dr. Amelinckx’s genealogy as well as Dr. Cedar Amelinckx’s; n.d.
  8. Photographs: Prints/Negatives
      7-07 Prints; CIEF Casablanca; Jul 1993
      7-08 Prints; foreign countryside; 1997
      7-09 Prints, negatives; conference (unknown); n.d.
      7-10 Prints; David Barry’s birthday; n.d.
      7-11 Prints; house party; n.d.
Box 8
    Miscellaneous: Floppy Disks
      8-01 Red Fujifilm; untitled
      8-02 Black Imation; “document Microsoft”
      8-03 Black 3M, orange label; “la fille du prête (backup) ”
      8-04 Black 3M, orange label; « la fille du prête »
      8-05 Black 3M, green label ; « Templolt letter (sic) CIEF en tête / Programme 1999 Lafayette »
      8-06 Black 3M, green label ; « Revue / Adamton - Levasseur-Comeaux / Caguon- échange »
      8-07 Grey Verbatim, green label; “BulletinMASTERCOPY2.mcw / Reservation.mcw / MAC VERSION Word 5.1 for Macintosh (*.mcw)
      8-08 Grey Verbatim, blue label; “POST-BULLETIN.doc / FORMULAIRE DE COTISATION D’INSCRIPTION.doc”
      8-09 Black Imation, green label; “CIEF - information session”
      8-10 Grey Maxell, yellow label; “Problèmes / French Syllabi & Exams / Humanities / Mathé”
      8-11 Grey Verbatim, no label; “Allain Backup”
      8-12 Black Imation, red label; “Assistantships”
      8-13 Green Imation; “Working / Bary 2005 workload”
      8-14 Black Imation, orange label; “Congrès du CIEF / Excursion Vermyllionville / Préprogramme note”
      8-15 Black Imation, yellow label; “CIEF 1998 / Comité de réélection 1997”
      8-16 Grey Fujifilm, blue label; “bulletinMASTERCOPY2.doc / Reservation.doc / PC VERSION / Microsoft Word for Windows 97”
      8-17 Black 3M, blue label; “Le Vieux Salomon / pas terminé”
      8-18 Grey 3M, yellow label; « Braclinate forms / Braclinate committee »
Box 9
    Photographs: Slides
      9-01 Assorted slides; 1980s, 1990s, n.d.