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Amos E. Simpson Papers

Collection 380

Simpson, Amos E. (1925–2014). Papers, 1929, 1960s–1997, n.d.

2 feet; Oversize

Amos Edwin Simpson proudly served in the United States Navy during WWII as a naval radio reconnaissance operator in the Marshall Islands. He earned a Ph.D. in Modern German History from the University of California at Berkeley and served on the faculties at the San Francisco State University and the University of Arkansas before joining the Department of History in 1956 at Southwestern Louisiana Institute (became University of Southwestern Louisiana; now University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

Dr. Simpson chaired the USL Department of History from 1966-1971 and served as Assistant to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He was a co-founder of the Center for Louisiana Studies and was the Frank A. Godchaux Honor Professor of History until his retirement in 1995. He was married to Vaughn Baker for 33 years and had one daughter, Thetis Cusimano. He passed away in 2014 in Lafayette and is buried in Lafayette Memorial Park Cemetery.

Dr. Simpson was the author of several books and historical articles and a former president of the Louisiana Historical Association, the Southwestern Historical Association, the Southwestern Social Science Association, and the European History section of the Southern Historical Association. He also taught abroad with the University of New Orleans summer program in Innsbruck, Austria, co-founded the UL-France Study Abroad Program, and was a Fullbright Scholar in India and China.

This collection consists of material from his military years, correspondence, certificates, and working files. Vaughn Baker donated the collection.


A. Personal 1-01 through 1-04
B. Military 1-05 through 1-15
C. Certificates 1-16 through 1-17
D. Education 2-01
E. Class Material 2-02 through 4-02
F. Writings 4-03 through 4-10
G. Speeches/Talks 4-11 through 4-14
H. News Clippings 4-15 through 4-16
I. Correspondence 4-17
J. Committees 4-18 through 4-23
K. Other 4-24 through 4-25
L. Oversize Box 5


Box 1
  A. Personal
    1-01 Chas. Simpson, scrapbook. News clippings, etc., 1929, n.d.
    1-02 Greeting Card, “Thank you” from step kids, n.d.; recipe for chocolate cake
    1-03 Photographs, family, assorted dates
    1-04 Photographs: Family, 1960s-, Class reunion, 1999
  B. Military
    1-04.1 Thetis Cusimano: “Fulbright Statement”, n.d.
    1-05 Aviation Notes, handwritten, n.d.
    1-06 Aviation Maps, n.d.
    1-07 Aviation Maps, n.d.
    1-08 Aviation Maps, n.d.
    1-09 Aviation Maps, 1969
    1-10 Aviation Maps, 1969
    1-11 Aviation Maps, n.d.
    1-12 Owner’s Manual: Model 150; Model 1972 and Skyhawk, 1968
    1-13 Pilot’s Preflight Checklist; Aviation Logs, some blank, n.d.
    1-14 Pilot Flight Record and Log Book, 1967-1968
    1-15 Aviation Assorted Rules, etc.
  C. Certificate
    1-16 The Southwestern Social Science Association: Amos Simpson for leadership as President of the Southwestern Historical Association for 1985-1986; The University of Southwestern Louisiana is deeply indebted to Dr. Amos E. Simpson, for service in the First Annual USL Combined Fund Drive from Alumni and Friends, n.d.
    1-17 The University of Southwestern Louisiana, Certificate of Honor awarded to Dr. Amos Simpson, presented on your retirement, 2 May 1995.
Box 2
  D. Education
    2-01 “The Cardinal”, Farmington High School Class Reunion for classes of 1948, 1949, 1950 (scrapbook souvenir)
  E. Class Material
    2-02 History 101 - Lecture outlines, n.d.
    2-03 History 102 - Exams, quiz, n.d.
    2-04 History 102 - Tests (originals), n.d.
    2-05 History 103; History 441 - Exams, n.d.
    2-06 History 105 - Lecture notes, n.d.
    2-07 History 222 - Tests, Spring 1968
    2-08 History 222 - Exams, n.d.
    2-09 History 371 - “Women in Western Society”, Spring 1976
    2-10 History 441 - Lecture, n.d.
    2-11 Honors 216 - “A Contemporary Situation”, n.d.
    2-12 Honors 216 - “Culture of a Man”, n.d.
    2-13 “China, Japan, the Confusian World”, n.d.
Box 3
    3-01 Christian Church, 16th - 17th Century, n.d.
    3-02 East Central Europe, n.d.
    3-03 England, n.d.
    3-04 Europe, n.d.
    3-05 Europe, n.d.
    3-06 England, n.d.
    3-07 Europe, n.d.
    3-08 Student Guide - Europe, n.d.
    3-09 Europe, n.d.
    3-10 Europe, n.d.
    3-11 Europe Today, n.d.
    3-12 Feudalism, n.d.
    3-13 France; British, n.d.
    3-14 France, 1918-1940, n.d.
    3-15 French Revolution & Napoleon, n.d.
    3-16 German History Exam, Spring 1976
    3-17 Germany, n.d.
    3-18 Germany 1818-1914, n.d.
    3-19 Germany, 1918-1939, n.d.
    3-20 The Lesser National Monarchies, n.d.
    3-21 Life in Urban Society, n.d.
    3-22 Manorialism, n.d.
    3-23 Papacy, n.d.
    3-24 Post World War II, n.d.
    3-25 Reformation Era, n.d.
    3-26 Russia, n.d.
    3-27 Russia, n.d.
    3-28 Russia; Publications, 1997
    3-29 Russia; Background to World War II, n.d.
Box 4
    4-01 17th Century Scientific Revolution, n.d.
    4-02 Spain, n.d.
  F. Writings
    4-03 College Papers, 1940s
    4-04 Progressive Blue Book, “Diplomatic Europe”, 1949
    4-05 Simpson/Vaughn Baker
    4-06 Simpson, 1977, n.d.
    4-07 Simpson and Paul T. Nolan, n.d.
    4-08 Baker and Jean T. Kreamer
    4-09 Baker, 2001, n.d.
    4-10 Book Review by Simpson, n.d.
  G. Speeches/Talks
    4-11 Honors Night Address, n.d.
    4-12 Graduation Address, Judice High School, 1964
    4-13 Arkansas Rhodes Scholars, n.d.
    4-14 “Teaching History”, also Baker showing slides, n.d.
  H. News Clippings
    4-15 Simpson, 1975, 1995
    4-16 Baker, 1993
  I. Correspondence
    4-17 Correspondence, 1970s-1980s
  J. Committees
    4-18 Southwestern Historical Association: Call for Papers, 1984
    4-19 Southwestern Historical Association: Nomination Letter for Vice President (Simpson)
    4-20 Southern Historical Association: Papers, n.d.
    4-21 Fulbright-Hays Seminar, China: Handwritten notes, 1985
    4-22 Louisiana Council on Human Relations: Brochure, papers, 1983
    4-23 Southern Social Science Association, Fort Worth, TX, 21-24 March 1984: Correspondence, program material, etc.
  K. Other
    4-24 Hotel Postcards
    4-25 Postcards: “Souchow”
Box 5
  L. Oversize
    1. Certificate: Greetings, Dr. Amos Simpson, 17 March 1972, made an Honorary Citizen of New Orleans, The International City
    2. Drawing: “Female”, signed by author. Only 100 drawings made