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Elodie Comeaux Collection

Collection 374

Comeaux, Elodie (1909–1996). Collection, 1940s

2.5 inches

Elodie Comeaux attended Lafayette High and graduated from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). She was a sixth grade teacher at Judice High School in the 1940s. Miss Comeaux was also the Jr. 4-H Club leader.

This collection consists of assignments from her sixth grade students including papers written about their lives. It also includes copies of the high school’s publication The Scribbler which includes articles written by Miss Comeaux’s class.


I. Student Work 1-01 through 1-03
II. Publications 1-04
II. Letters 1-05


I. Student Work
1-01 My Life Story Assignment
1-02 My Life Story Assignment
1-03 Safety Sayings
II. Publications
1-04 Judice High School Scribbler
III. Correspondence
1-05 Student Letters