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Marie Caillet Papers

Collection 371

Caillet, Marie (1915-2010). Papers, 1940-2007, n.d.

5 inches, 1 volume

Marie Caillet was born in Texas in 1915. She attended Texas State College for Women, receiving her B.A. in Clothing and Textiles in 1937 and her M.A. in 1939. From 1940 to 1972 she taught Home Economics at Southwestern Louisiana Institute/University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). She then moved back to Texas, where she resided until her death at the age of 94.

Caillet was one of the founding members of the Society for Louisiana Irises. Growing irises for most of her life, she served for many years as an officer and on many committees.

This collection contains personal information, correspondence, photographs, and material on the Society for Louisiana Irises.


A. Personal 1-01
B. Correspondence 1-02
C. Photographs 1-03 through 1-04
D. News Clippings 1-05
E. Society for Louisiana Irises 1-06 through 1-12, Volume 1


1-01 Personal: Employment at Southwestern Louisiana Institute
    Consists of correspondence appointment renewal, Professional Personal records, etc., 1940-1972
1-02 Correspondence, 1941-2007, n.d.,
    re: Society of Louisiana Irises
1-03 Photographs: Irises, 2003, n.d.
1-04 Photographs: people, some unidentified, 1963, 2004, n.d.
1-05 News clippings: 1962, 1963, n.d.
    Iris article, obituary of Melva Ann Dugas, Southwestern Louisiana Institute clippings – some of Dr. T.J. Arceneaux clippings, etc.
1-06 Society for Louisiana Irises: Newsletter: SIGNA (Species Iris Group of North America), Spring 2006, no.76; Spring 2007, no.78
1-07 Society for Louisiana Irises: Newsletter: Bayou and Marsh (Greater New Orleans Iris Society), Fall 2001, No.1; Fall 2002, No. 4
1-08 Society for Louisiana Irises: history, “Society for Louisiana Iris”, typed, no author, no date (general information about the Society)
1-09 Society for Louisiana Irises: history, “A Century of Iris Development”, by JKM, Handwritten material (history of the development of irises in Louisiana), n.d.
1-10 Society for Louisiana Irises: articles: “ Down Under – Okie Style”, by Perry Dyer, nd.; “Contemporary Views – 1991”, by Perry Dyer, n.d.
1-11 Society for Louisiana Irises: article, “Growing SLI, Our Evolving Society, and Its Future Trajectory", by Patrick O’Connor, n.d.
1-12 Society for Louisiana Irises: other, handwritten notes, Marie Caillet, Fall 2001/2002, 2004; Bloom, drawings of flower beds
Volume 1: Society of Louisiana Irises: Slides of Louisiana Irises and Gardens. Taken by Marie Caillet