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West Feliciana Parish Civil Records

Collection 370

West Feliciana Parish Civil Records, 1811–1855

Microfilm: 4 reels (16mm, negative)

This collection contains civil parish records from 1811 to 1855, although the dates vary for each series. The records include successions, notarial records, partitions, marriage licenses, Police Jury minutes, poll tax records, and a book of oaths.

The records were filmed by the Center for Louisiana Studies in 1976, as an extension of the Colonial Louisiana Records Collection. That collection was transferred to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection in 2013.


Reel 1 Successions Index, 1811-1900
  Successions Box 1
Reel 2 Police Jury Records, 1824-1825
  Partition Record, 1821-1826
  Marriage Licenses, 1837-1839
  Notarial Acts A, 1811-1818 (typed transcripts)
  Notarial Acts B, 1819-1824 (part)
  Poll Tax Records
  Book of Oaths, 1824-1851
  Executors of Estates, 1815-1824
  Curators’ Accounts, 1813-1828, 1837-1845
  Marriage Book Index and Supplement, 1791-1935
Reel 3 Notarial Records Book B, 1818-1824 (continued from Reel 2)
  Notarial Records Book AA, 1824-1828
  Notarial Records Book C, 1828-1830
Reel 4 Notarial Records Book D, 1830-1833
  Notarial Records Book E, 1833-1836
  Notarial Records Book F, 1836-1839
  Notarial Records Book G, 1839-1841
  Notarial Records Book H, 1841-1844