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Bayou Teche Project Collection

Collection 363

Bayou Teche Project. Collection, 1870–1985, n.d.

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The Bayou Teche Project was conducted by the Department of Architecture at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) during the Fall 1985 semester. Edward J. Cazayou, Head of the Architecture Department, and Professor Russel Dupuis worked with fourth and fifth year architecture students to study the soil, vegetation, fish and wildlife, climate, and history of the bayou. The group also looked at the bayou’s historical role as a transportation route. The towns and villages along Bayou Teche are Morgan City, New Iberia, Franklin, Loreauville, Baldwin, St. Martinville, Parks, Breaux Bridge, and Jeanerette.

This collection consists of material related to the project. There are materials from students and faculty, government reports, and historical information such as maps, news clippings, and brochures.


I. Materials from Students and Faculty 1-01 through 1-09
II. Government Reports 1-10 through 2-03
III. General material 2-04 through 2-15
IV. Geological information 2-16
V. Published materials 2-17 through 2-22


I. Materials from Students and Faculty
1-01 Field book of Bayou Teche, by Gail B. Wagner, n.d.
1-02 Student artwork and reports, assorted material, n.d.
1-03 Students notes, Bayou Teche Project, Industrial Division, by Gail B. Wagner and Jim Fontenot, October 15, 1985; reference maps; Civil War Battles on the Bayou Teche
1-04 Student notes, Bayou Teche Project; Progress Report and Supplemental Material from Bayou Teche Documentary Study, Patricia Y. Barker, October 14, 1985; other miscellaneous notes included, n.d.
1-05 Students notes, Bayou Teche, Architecture VII class, presented by Joel Cognevich, cities along the Teche, research notes, etc.
1-06 Geological and Geographical studies, A Study of the Bayou Teche, research notes, n.d.
1-07 Gathered historical material, material on Berwick, Breaux bridge, Arnaudville, Evangeline
1-08 Student created maps, Breaux Bridge, Bayou Teche, Centerville, Patterson, etc.
1-09 Newspaper articles about USL and the project, 1985, n.d.
II. Government Reports
1-10 Photocopied material: Soil analysis, Baldwin silty clay loam, Oct. 1981
1-11 Photocopied material: Land use, Alligator Clay (Aa), n.d.
2-01 Photocopied material: Survey of Bayou Teche, 1870
2-02 Photocopied material: Survey of Bayou Teche, 1970 (domestic waste and industrial section)
2-03 Photocopied material: Report on Obstructions within Bayou Teche, handwritten report, 1870; Fishery Statistics for Louisiana 1938-1969
III. General Materials Including Maps, Historical Information and News Articles
2-04 Location on Bayou Teche: Morgan City, Morgan City, Berwick and Patterson, Statistical review, n.d.
2-05 Location on Bayou Teche: New Iberia, includes map, articles, etc., n.d.
2-06 Location on Bayou Teche: Franklin, includes articles, map
2-07 Location on Bayou Teche: Loreauville, includes map
2-08 Location on Bayou Teche: Baldwin, includes maps, newspaper clipping, general Information, n.d.
2-09 Location on Bayou Teche: St. Martinville, includes newspaper clippings, articles, maps, etc., 1983-1985, n.d.
2-10 Location on Bayou Teche: Parks, includes map, n.d.
2-11 Location on Bayou Teche: Breaux Bridge, newspaper clipping, map, articles, n.d.
2-12 Location on Bayou Teche: Jeanerette, includes map, historical information, etc., n.d.
2-13 News clippings on Bayou Teche Project, 1985, n.d.
2-14 General historical information: articles about villages and towns in the Bayou Teche area, etc., n.d.
2-15 General historical information including articles on early towns, beef cattle production statistics, outdoor recreation survey material, etc.
IV. Geological Information
2-16 Geological description of Louisiana, statistics, articles, etc.
V. Published Materials
2-17 Government Documents: city maps, map of Acadiana (the workers on the project marked off different features of interest to the project)
2-18 Government Documents: Soil Association Maps, St. Mary Parish; Proposed Multiuse management Plan for the Louisiana Coastal Zone, n.d.
2-19 Government Documents: Studies, Clean Water and the Dairy Products Industry; Clean Water and the Cane Sugar Industry; Clean Water and Agriculture.
2-20 Government Documents: Studies, Soil Interpretations, St. Mary Parish, LA, 1969
2-21 Tourist Material: brochures, St. Martin Parish, assorted brochures
2-22 Tourist Material: brochures, Franklin, LA, assorted brochures