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St. Mary Parish Civil Records

Collection 359

St. Mary Parish. Civil Records, 1807–1952

Microfilm: 158 reels (35mm)

This collection contains civil records from St. Mary Parish from the 18th and 19th centuries, including Conveyances, Estates, Successions and Probate Records, a District Court Minute Book, Suits, and Marriage Records.

The records were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, Utah, during 1971 and 1972. The film was acquired by the Center for Louisiana Studies as an extension of the Colonial Louisiana Records Collection. That collection was transferred to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection in 2013.


I. Conveyances
Reels 1-4 Vendor to Vendee Index, 1807-1952
Reel 5-8 Vendee to Vendor Index, 1807-1952
Reels 9-66 Conveyances, Book A-1 through 3-C, 1811-1911
II. Estates, Successions, Probate Records
Reels 67-119 Original Estates, Volumes 1 through 78, Numbers 48 through 2515, 1811-1885
Reel 120 Index to Successions, 1811-1965
Reels 121-133 Probate Records, 1832-1885
Reels 134-138 Probate Court, Volumes 1 through 6
III. Court Records
Reel 139 District Court Minute Book, 1836-1844
Reels 140-142 Suit Books, 1826-1835, 1859-1883
IV. Marriage Records
Reels 143-144 Index to Marriage Records, 1807-1952
Reels 145-149 Marriage Licenses, Books 1 through 5, 1807-1869
Reel 150 Baptismal Record, ca. 1860-1948