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William G. Richards Jr. Collection

Collection 340

Richards, William G., Jr. ( – ). Collection, 1785–1969, n.d.

3 feet, 6.5 inches; Map Case

This is a miscellaneous collection that contains the following materials:

1. George S. Kausler of New Orleans from 1850 to 1901
2. Photograph albums of old sugar plantations, homes, and early images of New Orleans, Louisiana taken by Col. C. Robert Churchill
3. A photograph of E.V. Richards, Jr. and others with Dwight Eisenhower
4. Publications related to the moon landing in 1969
5. Historical newspapers

William G. Richards, Jr. of Lafayette, Louisiana donated the collection.

Note: Use CD when requesting photograph albums.


A. Documents 1-01 through 1-05
B. Letters 1-06 through 1-07
C. Photographs 1-08
D. Other  
  1. Handwritten Note 1-09
  2. News Clipping 1-10
  1. Photograph Album (original and scanned copy) Box 2
  2. Publications  
    a. Life Magazine Box 2
    b. New Orleans States-Item Box 2
    c. Historical Newspapers Map Case


A. Documents
1-01 Marriage License: George S. Kausler of New Orleans and H.H. Snyder of Morgan City, 13 July 1850 [original]
1-02 U.S. Army: G.S. Kausler, Sr. , occupation by U.S. Army (handwritten), no date
1-03 Lease Agreement: G.S. Kausler of City of New Orleans agrees to lease Mr. Shaffer of New Orleans, the property known as yard No.2 for the amount of $6,000 until 30 November 1865. Signed on 6 December 1864 by all parties. [original]
1-04 Agreement: made on 9 February 1901 between Harriet H. Kausler, widow of George S. Kausler, George S. Kausler, Jr. and Mary Kausler of New Orleans, are sole owner of the Frerett Cotton Press of New Orleans. John W. Butterfield and Richard DeGray (attorneys) for the use and occupation of the Cotton Press situate in the City of New Orleans by the military authorities of the United States from the summer of 1862 to the beginning of 1866 and for damages done to property.
1-05 Mandat de Payment, New Orleans for services, 1785, 1896, 1810, 1816
B. Letters
1-06 Letter: 16 February 1887, to Mr. G. H. Kausler, OFFICIAL LETTER, invitation to Annual Reception and Ball (Department of the Lord High Chamberlain, by Order of the King, New Orleans)
1-07 Letters: 1863, to Harriet and Children from George; 1887, to Mrs. Kausler condolences about the loss of her husband. (handwritten from a friend); Feb., 1903 to Mr. Hunter C. Leak, General Agent, I.C.R.R. from George S. Kausler, Jr., indicating that the company has no right to pass through the family property (railroad building additional tracks through property).
C. Photographs
1-08 Photograph: The Fifty Annual National Armed Forces Day Dinner, Under the Joint Sponsorship of the Navy League of the U.S.; The Military Order of World Wars; The Air Force Association, May 14, 1954 - Hotel Statler - Washington, D.C. Left to right: Major Omer W. Clark, Commander-In-Chief, Military order of the world Wars; E.V. Richards, Jr. President, Navy League of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States, General George E. Kenny, USAF (Ret), President of the Air Force Association, Honorable Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission.
D. Other
1-09 handwritten note;
Newsprint on wallpaper during Civil War, 1861-65;
Data re: Cotton Press Property of G.S. Kausler, Sr.;
Ulster County Gazette and Ireland printed in 1800 - re: death of Geo Washington.
(Precious things Geo S. Kausler kept in Metal Box in tight proof vault)
1-10 News clipping, n.d. “FOURSCORE” and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, ……(re: Civil War)
1. Photo Album: Col. Robert Churchill’s collection of pictures of Old Plantation Homes. Also pictures of Old Sugar Mills and scenes of Old New Orleans, and Pictures of Typical Old Louisiana Negroes. Many of these Homes have since been destroyed by fire, or the Mississippi River has taken them in. Several of the pictures appear in Mr. Harnett T. Kane’s book Plantation Parade.
    (This album of photographs has been digitized)
2. Life magazine: “To The Moon and Back”, special edition, 1969
3. New Orleans States-Item, Monday, July 21, 1969 issue. “Moon Heroes Blast Off” (entire issue)
Map Case
1. The Ulster County Gazette, 4 January 1800
2. Vicksburg Daily Citizen, 2 July 1863
3. New Orleans States, 8 May 1945