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Warren A. Perrin Papers

Collection 339

Perrin, Warren A. (1947– ). Papers, 1973–2020, n.d.

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Lawyer and author Warren A. Perrin was born near Erath and lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. He holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Louisiana State University School of Law. As an undergraduate he was captain of the weightlifting team at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette). From 1994-2010, he was president of CODOFIL and an adjunct professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Perrin is also the founder and cultural director of the Acadian Museum in Erath, Louisiana, and an advocate for human rights.

A proud Cajun, Mr. Perrin is very well known for starting a petition to get an apology from Queen Elizabeth II for the Acadian Deportation. Beginning in 1988, Perrin threatened to sue the Queen if the British government did not acknowledge the illegal expulsion of the French-speaking Acadians from Nova Scotia beginning in 1755. On December 9, 2003, a Royal Proclamation acknowledging England’s wrongdoings was signed.

This collection contains files of Perrin’s correspondence with foreign governments, testimonies from Acadian descendants, numerous speeches and newspaper articles, and the Official Proclamation by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England recognizing the injustice done to the French Neutrals (The Acadians) in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from 1755 through 1763, commonly known as the Grand Derangement.

Mr. Warren Perrin donated this collection.


A. Correspondence and Testimonies
    a. A - C 1-01 through 2-15
    b. D - H 2-16 through 3-16
    c. J - M 3-17 through 4-06
    d. O - W 4-07 through 5-11
B. Articles, Proposals, and Reports 5-12 through 6-07
C. Newspaper Articles 6-08 through 7-77, Box 22
D. Speeches 7-78 through 8-24
E. More Newspaper Articles and Speeches 8-25 through 8-51
F. Acadian Museum and Acadian Heritage & Cultural Foundation, Inc.  
    a. Books 8-52 through 11-16
    b. A - C 11-17 through 13-07
    c. D - I 13-08 through 13-35
    d. J - M 13-36 through 14-44
    e. N - W 14-45 through 16-31
G. Francophone Files 17-01 through 18-07
H. CODOFIL Files 18-08 through 20-36
I. Scrapbook Box 21


Perrin, Warren A. (1947- ). Papers, 1973-2020, n.d. (PDF)