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Junior League of Lafayette Collection

Collection 338

Junior League of Lafayette. Collection, 1957–2015, n.d.

90 feet; Oversize

The Junior League of Lafayette is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

The Junior League of Lafayette began in 1957 as the Service League of Lafayette. Seventeen women organized the Service League. In 1974, the Service League was admitted into the Association of Junior Leagues and officially became the Junior League of Lafayette.

The League has trained volunteers for community service in areas of local needs including child health/development education, health/well-being, social services, substance abuse prevention, teens/juvenile justice, voluntarism, and the arts.

First members listed: Mrs. Bella Nickerson Abramson; Mrs. Emelie Cogys, Jr.; Mrs. Margaret Ramsey Copeland; Mrs. Azalie Crain; Mrs. Geraldine Fontenot; Mrs. Malise Foster; Mrs. Jean Frazell; Mrs. Martha Greer; Mrs. Frances Wallace; Mrs. Barbara Hartwell; Mrs. Irene Hetherwick; Mrs. Susie Hughes; Mrs. Janelle Morgan; Mrs. Wodthrow Meeker; Mrs. Lucille Copeland; Mrs. Mary Ann Sadler and Mrs. Martha Smith. Three Honorary members:
Mrs. W.W. Hawkins; Mrs. Donald Labbe; and Mrs. Bennett Voorhies; this group formed the charter membership.

This collection contains presidential papers, organizational and financial documents, PEP material, community service projects, membership material, photographs, framed photos, plaques, and other materials.

Members of the Junior League of Lafayette donated this collection.


I. Presidential Papers 1-01 through 9-10
II. Organizational Documents 9-11 through 9-32
III. Financial Documents 9-33 through 21-12
71-12 through 73-07
IV. Project Evaluation and Preparation (PEP) 21-13 through 26-10
60-01 through 65-10
76-24 through 78-08
V. Community Service Projects 26-11 through 33-18
VI. Subject Correspondence 34-11 through 35-03
VII. Membership 35-04 through 35-26
VIII. Publications 36-01 through 36-28
IX. Miscellaneous 37-01 through 37-09
X. Photographs 37-10 through 40-02
XI. Multi-Media 41-01 through 47-12
XII. Oversized 48-01 through 59-01
XIII. Recording Secretary 65-11 through 71-11
XIV. Communications VP 73-08 through 74-05
XV. Community VP 74-06 through 76-21
XVI. Headquarters Files 78-09 through 81-13
XVII. Petit Potpourri 81-14 through 85-01
XVIII. Fundraiser Files 85-02 through 85-27
XIX. Something to Talk About Cookbook 85-08 through 86-20
XX. Culinary Classic 86-21 through 89-42


Junior League of Lafayette. Collection, 1957-2015, n.d. (PDF)