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Joseph F. Brennan Papers

Collection 318

Brennan, Joseph F. (1931–2017). Papers, 1964–2012, n.d.

10 inches

Rev. Joseph Francis Brennan was born on February 15, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were Francis and Kathryn Ann Brennan, and he had a brother, Daniel, who was seven years younger. Father Brennan attended St. John Seminary in Little Rock, AR and was ordained to the priesthood on May 7, 1959. He was a tireless evangelist and minister to the faithful of Acadiana, dedicating much of his life’s work to the causes of spiritual renewal and Christian charity.

He began as Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Lafayette. His numerous successive pastoral assignments included terms as Associate Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Ville Platte (1966-70) and as Pastor of St. Peters at Four Corners (1970-72), Queen of All Saints in Ville Platte (1972-79), Our Lady of Assumption in Franklin (1979-82), and St. Genevieve in Lafayette (1982-96).

During much of this period, Father Brennan also served as director of the Cursillo Movement (1974-79) and of Operation Rice Bowl (1974-84). He was a personal friend of Mother Teresa and visited Calcutta, India three times. A former member of the Council of Priests and a Diocesan consultant, Father Brennan has authored several works including “The Kingdom of Darkness” (July 1989) and a series of meditation tapes titled “Listening Through Prayer”, “On the Way Home”, and “A Walk with Jesus”. He retired in May 1996, but remained involved in the work of the Church. Father Brennan collaborated with Jim Bradshaw in writing his memoirs. In 2011, he did an oral history interview with Head of Special Collections Dr. Bruce Turner and Special Collections Librarian Vivica Pierre of the Edith Garland Dupré Library, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

This collection contains material on Charlene Richard, Mother Teresa, Church Parish material, biographical information and video tapes.

Father Joseph Brennan donated the collection.


A. Charlene Richard 1-01
B. Mother Teresa 1-02 through 1-06
C. Church Parishes 1-07 through 1-14
D. Biographical 1-15 through 1-22a
    1. 50th Anniversary of Ordination, 2009 1-23 through 1-27
E. Video Tapes Box 2


A. Charlene Richard
1-01 Newspaper articles, 2009, n.d. (2 items)
    Both by Bruce Brown in Lafayette Daily Advertiser; both laminated with picture of Fr.Brennan
B. Mother Teresa[some items annotated by Fr. Brennan]
1-02 Letters and notes, 1976-1991, handwritten (5 items); typed notes, n.d. (2 items)
1-03 Prayer cards, 1976, 1991, n.d. (5 items)
    Several have notes written on back
1-04 Clippings
    Visit to Lafayette, 1986 (2 items)
    Death (interview with Fr. Brennan), 1997 (1 item, 2 copies)
    Relics in Lafayette, 2010: Clippings and publicity (5 items)
1-05 Photographs (5 items)
    At St. Genevieve during 1986 visit to Lafayette (4)
    Mother Teresa and Fr. Brennan (1) [handwritten note about how and where they met]
1-06 Publication: Mother Teresa, A Friend Remembered, by Father Joseph Brennan., 2002
C. Church Parishes
1-07 Our Lady of Fatima
    Photographs of Blessing of CYO Center, 1964 (3 items)
1-08 St. Pius X
    Photograph of groundbreaking for Parish Hall, 1964 (1 item)
    Photograph of 1st Communion, 1965 (1 item)
1-09 St. Peter the Apostle [Four Corners]
    1st Pastorate Confirmation, n.d. (4 photos)
    1970 mass (2 photos)
1-10 Our Lady Queen of All Saints [Ville Platte]
    Parish Council at groundbreaking, 1973 (5 photos)
    Dedication, 1973 (1 photo)
    1st Rectory in Ville Platte (1 photo)
1-11 St. Genevieve: Newsletters (3 issues)
    May, 1989: 60th Anniversary of St. Genevieve and 30th anniversary of Fr. Brennan’s ordination
    January, 1996: Fr. Brennan retires
    May, 2009: Fr. Brennan’s letter of thanks for 50th anniversary ceremony
1-12 St. Genevieve: Clipping
    4 May 1996: Fr. Brennan retires
1-13 St. Genevieve: Photos (3 items)
    1995 - 1996
1-14 St. Genevieve: Teurlings High School
    Rebel Rouser, Summer, 2010
D. Biographical
1-15 Clippings
    "Satanism", n.d.; "Christianity in Action: The People’s Parish", 1974; tribute, 2006; last book, 2010
1-16 Hibernia Parade, 1998
    Clipping, letter, bulletin
1-17 George W. Bush
    Letter to (copy) n.d. [c. 2002]; congratulatory form, signed 2009
1-18 Homily for Richard Baudouin’s memorial service, 2000
1-19 Decree Conferring Title of Pastor Emeritus, 2012 (copy)
1-20 Other
    “Father Joseph Brennan: A Man, a Miracle, a Master of Prayer,” (2009), 9 pp. [Note: Written by a friend for a journalism class at LSU] search results for Father Brennan and Diocese of Lafayette, n.d.
1-21 Photographs
    1962 in Rose Garden with John F. Kennedy (1 item)
    Fr. Brennan with Sisters of Charity, n.d.
    Fr. Brennan signing book, 2006
    Dogs: B.J. (7) and Danny Boy (1) (8 items)
1-22 Transcription of oral history interview, 2011
1-22a Correspondence: Missionaries of Charity, 1978-1979
D-1. 50th Anniversary of Ordination
1-23 Program and announcements
1-24 Letters and proclamations
1-25 Prayer; homily by Fr. W. Curtis Mallet
1-26 News article: Father Joseph Brennan - 50 years a priest for the diocese honored at Special Mass.Acadiana Catholic, June 2009, page 8.
1-27 Binder
E. Video Tapes
“Bill Elder’s Journal on Satanic Worship”, July - August, 1988 [VHS]
Interview about satanic worship with Dee Stanley on Channel 10, 13-15 February 1989 [VHS]
“Larry King Live”, 31 October 1990 [VHS]
“Listening Through Prayer”, 1991 [CD]
“People and Places in Acadiana”, Channel 10 segment, n.d. [c. 2003] [VHS]
Various TV programs featuring Fr. Brennan, 1987 - 1989, n.d. [VHS]
Fr. Joseph Brennan, Prime Time Tape, n.d.