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Ernest Jackson Whisler Collection

Collection 31

Whisler, Ernest Jackson (1870s–1958). Collection, 1901–1967, n.d.

5 inches

This collection contains literary material of Ernest Jackson Whisler, a turn-of-the-century writer of plays and folk stories under the name of Jack Whisler. His career appears to span the first half of the 20th century. Born in Rochester, Pennsylvania in the 1870s, Whisler's family later settled in Tucson, Arizona because of his parent's health. Whisler died in 1958 of a heart attack in his home in Burlingame, California.

Also included in the collection are ads and flyers, plays, folk stories and news-clippings.

Lois Whisler of Tucson, Arizona, with the aid of Paul Nolan, donated this collection.


A. Lyrics 1-01
B. Ads and Flyers 1-02
C. Plays 1-03 through 1-09
D. Folk Stories 1-10 and 1-11
E. Clippings 1-12


A. Lyrics
1-01 Lyrics, n.d.
    Wynken, Blynken and Nod (Ladies' Voices), Eugene Field and E. J. Whisler, music and lyrics, 8 pp.
B. Ads and Flyers
1-02 Ads and flyers, 1901, 1908, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1921, 1935, n.d.
    includes material for:
      His Brother The Private Tutor
      The Sacred Lion At the Postern Gate
      The Matador Officer 666
      Curtain Call The Ghost of Adam
      Oh Gosh Tommy's Brides
C. Plays
1-03 The Private Tutor: A Farce in Three Acts. Walter H. Baker Company (Boston); copyright 1907 by E. J. Whisler, copyright 1912 by Walter H. Baker & Company, 59 pp.
1-04 Lexington: A Drama of the Revolutionary War in Four Acts, Founded on The Ride of Paul Revere. T. S. Denison & Company (Chicago), copyright 1912 by Eben H. Norris, 60 pp.
1-05 Alias Brown: A Satirical Farce in Three Acts. Walter H. Baker & Company, Boston, 1914, copyright 1914 by E. J. Whisler, 66 pp.
1-06 Alias Brown, copy 2
1-07 Tommy's Brides: A Comedy in Three Acts. Walter H. Baker & Company, Boxton, copyright 1924, 1925 by E. J. Whisler, 73 pp.
1-08 Tommy's Brides, copy 2
1-09 Curtain Call
    carbon copy of typewritten manuscript, copyright 1934 by E. J. Whisler, bound with paper covers, 101 pp.
D. Folk Stories
1-10 Hopeless Tubbs and His Trade Ants
    carbon copy of typewritten manuscript with pencilled-in corrections, unbound, 14 pp., dated 1934
1-11 The Parson and the Dance Hall Lady
    typewritten manuscript with handwritten corrections, bound with paper covers, unpublished, 108 pp., n.d.
E. News Clippings
  Clippings, 1901, 1908, 1912, 1967, n.d.
    mainly reviews