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Glen A. Pitre Collection

Collection 284

Pitre, Glen A. (1955– ). Collection, 1981–1986, n.d.

1 foot, 2 ½ inches; Oversize; Original film: 3 Reels

Glen Anthony Pitre is a motion picture screenwriter and director from Cut Off, LA. He worked his way through Harvard by fishing shrimp each summer. By age 25, American Film magazine dubbed him “father of the Cajun cinema” as his low-budget, French dialect “gumbo westerns” broke house records in bayou country theaters. With the help of the Sundance Institute, his internationally-lauded 1986 film Belizaire the Cajun became his first English-language production. Since then Pitre’s works in a variety of media, frequently in collaboration with his wife Michelle Benoit, often about life in his native Louisiana wetlands, have earned him numerous awards, including an honorary doctorate and a knighthood from France. In a 2006 book, America’s most famous film critic, Roger Ebert, acclaimed Pitre “a legendary American regional director.”

This collection consists of extras’ contracts, director’s notes, script drafts, photographs, and promotional material all pertaining to Glen Pitre’s movie Belizaire the Cajun. It includes numerous drafts of the script, including a portion of a draft in French, and handwritten pieces of drafts. The film used mostly local Acadiana talent for work as extras. There are also director’s notes on camera angles, as well as hand drawn set maps. Media coverage of Glen Pitre and Belizaire the Cajun and photographs from the movie are also included.

Glen Pitre donated this collection. The 35 mm film reels were originally donated to the University Media Center. Later, Center Director Jean T. Kreamer transferred the reels to the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection.


A. Extras’ Contracts 1-01 through 1-07
B. Director’s Notes 1-08 through 1-11
C. Script Drafts 1-12 through 1-25
D. Photographs and Slides 1-26 through 2-03
E. Promotion 2-04 through 2-05
F. Media Coverage 2-06
G. DVD 2-07
H. Oversize Reels 1 through 3;
Map Case 13-08


A. Extras' Contracts
1-01 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: February - April 19
1-02 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: April 20
1-03 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: April 25-27
1-04 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: May 2-13
1-05 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: May 13
1-06 Extras’ Contracts: 1985: May 14-August 30, n.d.
1-07 List of Extras, n.d.
B. Director's Notes
1-08 Director’s Notes: Set Drawings and Maps, n.d.
1-09 Director’s Notes: Camera Directions, handwritten notes, n.d.
1-10 Director’s Notes: volume 1: bound volume, script supervisor’s daily report, Day 1-16
1-11 Director’s Notes: volume 2: bound volume, script supervisor’s daily report. Day 17-36
C. Script Drafts
1-12 Script Drafts, in French, typed, n.d.
1-13 Script Drafts, notes, handwritten, n.d.
1-14 Script Drafts, notes, handwritten, n.d.
1-15 Script Drafts, notes, handwritten, n.d.
1-16 Script Drafts, notes, handwritten, n.d.
1-17 Script Drafts, revisions, typed, n.d.
1-18 Script Drafts, revisions, typed, n.d.
1-19 Script Drafts, first draft, handwritten, n.d.
1-20 Script Drafts, third draft, typed, 1 September 1982
1-21 Script Drafts, fourth draft, typed, English version, 14 March 1984
1-22 Script Drafts, fifth draft, typed, English version, 1 August 1983
1-23 Script Drafts, sixth draft, typed, English version, 25 December 1984
1-24 Script Drafts, seventh draft, typed, English version, 20 April 1985
1-24.1 Script Drafts, seventh draft, revised, typed, English version, 7 May 1985
D. Photographs and Slides
1-25 Photographs: Extras, (deputies, towns people), with descriptions, n.d.
1-26 Photographs: Extras, (Jonathan, Parran family, executioner, card players, Priest, Oz Guidry, Perry Ranch hands, China Berry boys, Slaves, Wash Women, and Wagon Driver), with descriptions, n.d.
2-01 Photos: Extras, (Boy with red flag, Guidry Dance, Wagon Followers, A.M. towns people, Acadians towns people, Courthouse, Widow Comeaux, Exiles), with descriptions, n.d.
2-02 Photos: scenes, 8 x 10, 1985
2-03 Slides: movie, colored with descriptions, 1985
E. Promotion
2-04 Promotion: Flyers and ticket stubs, 1986
2-05 Promotion: Educational, “Teaching Guide for Belizaire the Cajun” (2 copies)
F. Media Coverage
2-06 Media Coverage: news clippings, 1981-1986 (photocopies)
2-07 Media Coverage: DVD: “Home Front”, copyright 2001
H. Oversize
35mm Original Film: Reels 1 & 2: Belizaire the Cajun
35mm Original Film: Reel 1: Cote Blanche Productions, Modern Language Film Festival
13-08 Map Case
Poster: Belizaire the Cajun (Promotional poster for movie)